Poll Results: Never Do It On Your First Date

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Poll Results: Never Do It On Your First Date
Poll Results: Never Do It On Your First Date

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don't do it on the first date
don't do it on the first date

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  • 1 Using meaningless quotes
  • 2 Window dressing in the photo
  • 3 Poor literacy
  • 4 Poor dental hygiene
  • 5 Ordinary outfit

Dear friends! You already know that a first date can be especially awkward, given that you are going out with a stranger. Nevertheless, the first impression is our everything. One wrong step and it’s all gone.

But what are the wrong steps? What are the correct steps? Head is spinning. The dating game is damn complicated and confusing for absolutely everyone.

Fortunately for us, the dating site Match com decided to help single people and tell them about the most ridiculous actions that can only be performed at a cherished meeting. They surveyed 5,000 Americans.

Using meaningless quotes

The first thing to know about first dates is that dating starts even before you meet in person - thanks to the amazing thing like social media. More than 42% of the respondents said that they carefully study the page of their passion in the social network. They study her posts. This is stupid. After all, all these “deep” and inspiring quotes mean nothing at the most. Just stay away from these quotes. For your own good.

Show-off on photo2

Do you know what is also worth fearing? Your photos. Approximately 42% of those surveyed reported that they are skeptical of those who exhibit “inconclusive” photos. We are talking about a photo, for example, next to a sports car that clearly does not belong to you, images with money and expensive jewelry that make you look like a braggart with megalomania.

Mentally, the "red" light comes on when you see your photos in the gym. Just don’t. Selfies without a shirt evoke similar feelings. This is all condemned and taken with hostility. Neutral images are the best social media profile design.

Dos and Don'ts on a date
Dos and Don'ts on a date

Poor literacy3

The next item on the list of things to never do is to show your illiteracy (of course, it's even worse to try to show a big mind when you don't have one). Approximately 39% of survey participants said that lame spelling in correspondence or speech with dubious literacy is very repulsive, even if the interlocutor is outwardly very attractive.

If you say “lay down” instead of “lay down”, use jargon, or use frequent vernacular, be sure that the first date will be the last. Read a couple of books, brush up on your fifth grade grammar, and you will be happy. Although, in some cases, low education may turn out to be your advantage, provided that she is also a narrow mind.

Poor dental hygiene4

Of course, if you have the purest white teeth with fresh breath, and have a dirty head, she is unlikely to fall in love with you. However, researchers have found that the first thing women pay attention to is their smile and how it looks. Plaque and bad breath are unacceptable.

First date
First date

Ordinary outfit5

This does not mean that you need to look as rich and elegant as possible. It's enough that the man looks neat. For 35% of women, this is strategically important when they first meet. Plain jeans, a sweater, or an ironed T-shirt are all it takes to look neat. Of course, don't forget about shoes. Her appearance can greatly influence a lady's opinion of you.

Knowing all of this can help you make a good impression and build a lasting relationship. Good luck men!

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