Will Ignoring Help: The Girl Is Fooling Her Head. All About Girls

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Will Ignoring Help: The Girl Is Fooling Her Head. All About Girls
Will Ignoring Help: The Girl Is Fooling Her Head. All About Girls

Video: Will Ignoring Help: The Girl Is Fooling Her Head. All About Girls

Video: Will Ignoring Help: The Girl Is Fooling Her Head. All About Girls
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girl showing tongue
girl showing tongue

Sometimes the girl does not get out of her head and behaves incomprehensibly. And it seems to men that the girl is fooling around. And the more they try to figure out the meaning of her behavior, the more they think about her. And the more they think, the more they fall in love. And then it can be extremely difficult to throw it out of your head.

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  • 1 Does ignoring a girl like that help?
  • 2 Who is she?
  • 3 What to do?

In fact, she feeds on the attention of other people, plays with the feelings of these guys, the attention of many men, and thus has emotional power over them. She feeds on this sense of power.

Sometimes this relationship model looks like this. A girl can behave very warmly for a day, and the next day it is cold, sometimes disappear while a man runs after her and hopes to meet. He holds on to the hope she leaves him. When a man stops caring about her, she begins to go crazy, provoke some kind of conflict, arouses emotions in order to unbalance him, so that he again runs after her, begs, gets nervous, worries, reflects, tormented, tormented his loved ones, and at this time she feeds on his energy.

Does ignoring a girl like that help? I

Judging by the statistics of searches in Google, this question is often asked by guys. Often. How do you get her interested if she's acting vaguely? For example, she may reject his offers repeatedly, saying that there is no time, that she is busy. And as soon as he leaves her alone, she appears and from the doorway declares how bored she is. The man begins to feel emotions for her again, does not understand why the girl is fooling her head? Someone is trying to ignore this in order to arouse her interest.

However, ineptly ignoring a girl in order to arouse interest in her has nothing to do with seductive behavior. This experienced manipulator will solve one or two things. As a rule, strange things help, which have a positive effect on the girl, as they increase her curiosity at meetings. His strange and unusual behavior makes her miss her boyfriend between dates.

Who is she? 2

If there is a feeling that a girl is fooling her head, she is almost certainly an energy vampire. Why is she doing this? This is an underappreciated child, with a mania for attention, she plays with the feelings of people, mixes them in the heads of others.

the girl ignores the guy
the girl ignores the guy

Such a vampire will not stop being in a man's head, because she plays with the feelings of other people, feeds on the attention of many guys, plays them like pawns, and thus has power, and the fact that someone ignores a girl of this type gives nothing … Sometimes she has several men up her sleeve, and she does not pay much attention to one of them.

She feeds on conflict, drama, reactions, because this person depends on provocations, causing extreme degrees of emotion in men in order to gain attention, to gain control. Small children do the same. They scream, cry, jump, run around the house to attract attention. So does such a woman, an energy vampire. Such a person cannot work normally, behave normally, live in tranquility, peace. Can not!

She must all the time nourish other people's hopes, whip up drama, power, is the most valuable to her - she gives her energy. She needs to feed herself the attention of a lot of guys.

girl ignores
girl ignores

And do not think that the girl is fooling her head out of stupidity. Today one has become a free donor of attention, tomorrow someone else, or maybe not. Such women always have a lot of fans, they register on dating sites, where they also receive their doses of attention, where more and more new fans are waiting for them. Ignoring a girl does not help when she plays as a man.

What to do? 3

With such energy vampires, keep your distance and politely avoid them. They sometimes do not want to lose their victim off the hook, do not want a man to give up, so they can fuel his hopes.

Of course, such a woman will always keep him uncertain. If she gave the man the confidence that nothing would happen to her, she would lose the donor of attention. Therefore, the best thing to do when a girl is fooling her head is:

  • Do not react to it;
  • Don't give her any attention;
  • Avoid her;
  • Refuse meetings;
  • Take care of yourself and normal, mentally healthy women;
  • Don't listen to her;
  • Stop admiring her appearance.
what to do if a girl ignores
what to do if a girl ignores

You can imagine that spoiled blood flows in her veins, and she is a broken, stupid person to the core, who wants to offend. This will help to quickly get rid of thoughts from her.

If you abandon the girl in this way, this vampire will eventually leave his victim alone and stop playing with his feelings. It is worth studying new, normal women and spending time only with those who are genuinely interested in communication, avoiding toxic people. Thanks to this, you can save precious years of your life, nerves and money. You can follow a 12 date plan to identify the girl who is fooling around.

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