What If A Girl Finds Condoms From Her Boyfriend?

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What If A Girl Finds Condoms From Her Boyfriend?
What If A Girl Finds Condoms From Her Boyfriend?

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If a girl found condoms from her boyfriend, then what should she do in such a situation? How to proceed? The decision must be balanced, since misunderstanding in such a difficult life situation can lead to a scandal, quarrels and even a break in relations.

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  • 1 How should a girl react in such a delicate situation?
  • 2 How can a girl act in this case?
  • 3 Little revenge or breakup?
  • 4 Is it worth breaking off the relationship in this case?
  • 5 Boyfriend's first reaction to finding he has a condom

How should a girl react in such a delicate situation? I

First, you need not to flog a fever and not immediately grab a rolling pin and other female labor tools, because if a girl found condoms from her boyfriend, this is not the same as catching her beloved on a naked woman. First, you need to carefully consider your find, like a police dog with drugs.

After all, these may well be the condoms that the guy uses just during sex with her. And then there is absolutely nothing to worry about. And many guys carry condoms with them "just in case", which they often just flatter themselves.

And in fact, many guys carry condoms with them, because the promotion of the danger of various sexually transmitted diseases is quite effective.

And in the most extreme case, if treason has occurred, it is worth rejoicing that at least there is no risk of infection. Still, replacing one lover with another is easier than being treated.

How can a girl act in this case?

If, nevertheless, the girl found those condoms that they do not use during sex, or even use other types of protection against unplanned pregnancy, then you need to decide: is it worth destroying the relationship.

However, all the same, no girl can pretend that she has not found anything. And the girl should immediately understand that if she was cheated on, then the point is not that she is somehow not like that and deserves such a deception.

No, as practice says, you can be able to put on condoms with your mouth, do a blowjob with a swallow, have a huge bust, adore sex in all positions and attract the attention of men with one glance. And yet, even such a super-woman can face cheating. And, of course, you should talk to the man and listen to his version of finding condoms in his things.

A little revenge or a breakup? 3

In such a difficult situation, a woman must decide what is more important to her: a partner, albeit - perhaps - cheating, or self-respect. If no one calls or is silent, there is nothing suspicious in the husband's mobile phone, and all the money is spent on the family, you can believe the man that a friend gave him condoms, they gave him condoms in the store, or somewhere in the mall there was an action from health care or a company that advertises its product.

what to do if I found a guy's condoms
what to do if I found a guy's condoms

Of course, the situation itself does not bring anything good to the relationship. But it is very important to understand the relationship and decide: whether to trust a partner or follow his every step, like a spy on an enemy of the people. For revenge on a girl, you can even ask for half of the condoms for yourself - what if they come in handy? It will be a nice little revenge.

In addition, if the condoms were found after the husband's trip on a business trip, then this may mean that he really counted on walking with someone, but no one gave him.

In any case, no man directly admits that he was cheating. Unless he really values ​​his woman at all or believes that she is ready to endure everything. And it's not worth destroying a relationship just because of speculation.

You can also lightly mark the box of condoms and track whether the "collection" is growing, that is, whether they are used as intended, and not in your bed, before starting a big scandal.

Is it worth breaking up in this case?

Condoms can be quite innocent and not involved in anything criminal, like treason. It can be a gift, bragging rights, unused for years with a long expired shelf life.

if you find condoms from your boyfriend
if you find condoms from your boyfriend

Also, friends can give condoms after a business trip so that their wives do not "burn". They are, however, sometimes given out for free as part of the fight against AIDS.

Or the guy could buy them drunk, and then not remember what he did on this troubled evening. So you shouldn't call your husband right away and threaten with divorce with such a find. Especially if the relationship is generally good, there is a family and a child.

No, of course, to be submissive and silent, to swallow everything is not worth it. But you shouldn't immediately show the guy not the best character traits. First, you need to understand the situation, and then arrange an Armageddon of the local spill.

Guy's first reaction to finding he has a condom 5

If you are still very worried about the idea of ​​treason, then it is worth talking to your partner. And first of all, you need to observe the expression on the face, the reaction of the body.

And, in any case, to decide something, even in the case of proven betrayal, is worth relying not only on resentment and feelings of betrayal.

if you found a guy's condoms
if you found a guy's condoms

And if a guy and a girl don't even have any conversations about marriage, then in this situation he himself may want to leave. Indeed, often men themselves do not file for divorce and do not break off relations, because they simply do not want to do all this. And then the reason will appear.

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