The Guy Started Dating Another: What To Do

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The Guy Started Dating Another: What To Do
The Guy Started Dating Another: What To Do

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the guy is dating another
the guy is dating another

How long ago and how intensively there have been meetings with another girl, whether the guy was in a relationship or was on a free flight. For some girls, all this is not important, because pain, bewilderment and jealousy merge into a hellish cocktail and begin to eat away from the inside. Conflicting feelings are normal when a guy starts dating someone else. But feelings often make it difficult to understand how to act in this situation.

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If feelings have cooled down long ago - let go __8212

It is not uncommon for a couple to break up, but their communication as friends continues. And sometimes such relationships take on a rather dangerous direction in the eyes of the girl. The point is that the guy is perceived as property and no one intends to share his attention with another applicant.

Playing the role of a dog in the manger is an extremely tedious and thankless task. Most importantly, it does not bring joy to anyone. Therefore, if the love relationship ended long ago, you need to let go and stop holding something that is no longer needed around you.

After parting, the guy may remain a good friend who is always ready to help. But considering such courtesies as an attempt to renew a relationship is not prudent. Yes, there are times when the couple has reunited again after breaking up. However, so far this has not happened for the guy the status of "just a friend" and no obligations forcing to sacrifice his personal life for the whim of another.

Dropped and thrown

Were in a relationship or were dating, but the guy started dating another and left. The situation is also far from new. More often than not, if a girl wants to return, the guy is advised to show himself in all his glory, "press" on sentimental memories, try to bring him to a frank conversation. But the only right thing to do would be to step aside and not interfere with doing whatever he sees fit with his life.

This option is the only correct one because if you think logically, the guy left for a reason. This means that for some reason the girl became at least not interesting, or maybe she did everything with her behavior to turn the guy away from herself. What will she achieve if she insists on continuing communication? That's right, irritation and desire to send away. Therefore, you do not need to return anyone. In the end, the guy is not a brainless calf on a string - where they pulled him there and went. The choice of the other person must be respected.

The guy started dating another
The guy started dating another

If the insult burns from the inside and you want a terrible and fierce revenge, there is one proven way. You need to take care of yourself, do what is interesting, live happily. You can warm yourself up with the thought that the ex-boyfriend will someday find out about what kind of clever and beautiful woman he has lost. Even if he never finds out about it, it will be enough that life without him has become quite interesting and happy.

From bed to bed2

Did the guy find another right after the breakup? That's who you can definitely sympathize with because it's his chosen one, well, a little to him. Most often, such a relationship has no future and exceptions only confirm the rule. Usually, such connections appear for several reasons: fear of loneliness, out of revenge and so that the "boyfriend's ex-girlfriend" realizes what treasure she has lost (the girls are sticking).

Whatever the motives of the act, the result is the same - bitter disappointment and loss of useful time. It will also spoil the life and self-esteem of another girl. Therefore, the correct course of action is again only one - forget and score.

There is no mercy to the traitor

Already beginning to seem that all the advice boils down to letting things go? But no! There is one case when it is possible and necessary to act very decisively and quickly. This is the case when a guy started dating another without ending the previous relationship. Generally simple and corny changes. Oh, there should be no excuse or mercy for such a bastard.

Sometimes grief experts recommend finding out how far the relationship has gone, how long the meetings have been taking place. Another would be advised to check how deeply he penetrates into it and at what angle. It doesn't really matter. The very fact that a man, being in a relationship, began dating another is important. What can be done here?

The guy started dating another
The guy started dating another

It's funny, but you need to find out if a relationship really takes place. And then for many, sex is not a reason for dating, and 5 years of "civil marriage" is not a reason to consider themselves married. True, it's best to find out before a rival appears on the horizon.

The second question that needs to be resolved is whether there is a desire to continue any relationship with this subject. If a guy tries to influence the result of these reflections, he begins to put pressure on pity and hide behind the fact that he was seduced at all and he has nothing to do with - not succumb to provocations.

Then act in accordance with your desires. If you want to keep it to yourself, make strict demands to end the relationship and not repeat this again. If you are convinced that it is better to leave, cut off all ends and never return to this issue.

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