How To Start A Conversation With Any Person? TOP 3 Secrets

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How To Start A Conversation With Any Person? TOP 3 Secrets
How To Start A Conversation With Any Person? TOP 3 Secrets

Video: How To Start A Conversation With Any Person? TOP 3 Secrets

Video: How To Start A Conversation With Any Person? TOP 3 Secrets
Video: 3 Easy Ways to Start A Conversation With Anyone 2023, June
how to talk to a person you like
how to talk to a person you like

Getting a conversation with a new person is always difficult. And if we are talking about who is sympathetic? Guys, standing in front of a sultry beauty, begin to blush, crumple and carry all sorts of nonsense. The girls are also not far away - a fluttering and confident lady, seeing an attractive macho, immediately stumbles over the curb, and all her airiness evaporates somewhere.

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  • 1 Communication difficulties
  • 2 Ask for a favor
  • 3 Ask a question
  • 4 Express your opinion

How to start a conversation with the person you like? How to "break the ice" and make a good impression on the interlocutor? We will talk about this today.

Communication difficultiesi

Talking to a stranger is doubly difficult - it is always alarming. Moreover, this tension can be of different types:

  • Social fears.
  • Excitement about communicating with the opposite sex.
  • Fear of getting closer.
  • Fear of rejection.
  • Lack of understanding of their desires.
  • Inability to talk about personal needs.
  • Poor understanding of the role of body language in communication.

And besides all these reasons, it is difficult to start a conversation also because a person in this process opens up to external assessments. In fact, any of his messages contains the idea: “Hi, I like you. What do you think about me? . What fool would willingly put himself in a helpless position? That is why many women prefer not to approach men first, but simply try to attract them. So that on occasion - well, what if he's not that good - throw him off the top of his pedestal, while maintaining his self-esteem in order.

Fortunately, there are more humane means of communication. And it is quite possible to start a conversation without opening yourself up to external assessments.

Ask for a favor2

You don't have to wait for another person's mercy - ask him to do something for you. It could be a little thing like "Can you get me a cocktail tube?" And when this supposedly very necessary item is in your hands, you should smile sweetly and demonstrate all your charm.

How to talk to the person you like
How to talk to the person you like

This technique is known in psychology as the "Benjamin Franklin effect": when a person does something for another, he automatically considers him more attractive and worthy of all kinds of attention.

Ask a question3

Yes, the sacramental phrase "How to get to the library?" is still valid. Unless you can think of a more modern version of it. For example: "Excuse me, but can you tell me where the barbershop is located here?"

Of course, it is best if the question requires a detailed answer, and not a couple of phrases. So if the person you are interested in is not just one of the characters at the bus stop, then it is better to come up with something more sophisticated. Make the interlocutor show all your erudition and how to open up. For example, ask him why he or she goes to the store on Sunday afternoon, when that day can be devoted to the heavenly triumvirate sofa-chips-serial. Let him sweat hard to prove the benefits of time management and healthy eating. And you, meanwhile, show your charm and show yourself as an excellent conversationalist.

girl in a yellow sweater
girl in a yellow sweater

State your opinion4

And, finally, the last strategy in this arsenal is to speak out about a particular (preferably acute social) situation. At the same time, one should not expect any reaction from the person. The phrase can be anything - starting from "I like coffee in this cafe so much!" and ending with "What an idiotic law the government of Cambodia has again adopted!"

If your counterpart is interested, he will certainly continue the conversation. Well, if not, then you are not risking anything. You just said what you think - and there is nothing wrong with that.

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