How To Preserve Your Reputation? Rigorous Sexting Rules

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How To Preserve Your Reputation? Rigorous Sexting Rules
How To Preserve Your Reputation? Rigorous Sexting Rules

Video: How To Preserve Your Reputation? Rigorous Sexting Rules

Video: How To Preserve Your Reputation? Rigorous Sexting Rules
Video: Sexting tips. 5 dos and don'ts on how to sext. 2023, March
compliance with the rules of sexting
compliance with the rules of sexting

Could such innocent entertainment as sexting be dangerous? As practice shows, this self-indulgence does not always go unpunished. Therefore, compliance with the rules of sexting for many can be a guarantee of safety - and even prevention of career failures.

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  • 1 The story of Anthony Wiener: an instructive example
  • 2 What can you do?
  • 3 When sexting is inappropriate

Anthony Wiener's story: an instructive example

American politician Anthony Wiener has experienced serious problems more than once in his career because of his love for virtual novels. In his youth, he was considered by many to be a rising star in the political horizon. However, data on his intimate photos gradually began to appear, which he, being married, sent to six women. As a result, he had to resign. And such a case in Wiener's career was not even the only one.

Repeatedly poor Wiener tried to justify himself - as if he had never done anything like that in real life, and all this data was rigged. However, then Wiener's guilt was proven, and the politician had to resign.

"Sexting can easily ruin your whole life," says sexologist and scientific author Olivia Banyushevich. “You can send your photos or intimate messages to your partner or even to strangers on the web. And it will add novelty to your sex life. But how can you do this in order not to harm yourself? The main thing here is not to violate safety rules."

What can you do? 2

Olivia goes on to suggest the following guidelines for what you can do when sexting:

  • You can send a candid photo to your partner, for example, at dinner with friends. There is something exciting about doing this during a public event; however, it is important to be very careful in choosing the right recipient and not accidentally getting it wrong in details.
  • You can send photos that just slightly open the "veil of secrecy." “In sexting, less is more,” explains Olivia. “There is no need to immediately photograph all intimate places - this will completely kill the intrigue. Better take a picture, for example, of your lips and write them - "they miss you."
  • You can write to your partner about your sexual desires and fantasies. “This is a very good approach, especially for shy people. It is much easier to express your desires with a photo or text,”Olivia says further.
  • Sexting is appropriate if you are temporarily at a great distance from each other. This will keep the relationship sparked and make it seem like you stay close even despite the distance.
Sexting rules
Sexting rules

When Sexting Is Inappropriate3

Olivia Banyushevich goes on to describe the dangerous aspects of sexting.

  • If you started dating recently and don't know your partner well (or don't know him at all). In this case, there is a risk of information leakage - a stranger can easily send a photo anywhere.
  • You do not need to include the face in the nude image. “It will be your salvation if someone you know sees the photo,” explains Olivia.
  • Don't take sexting requests too seriously. “Sometimes on dating sites guys ask girls to send them their nude photos. You should not be led to such requests and take them too literally. You may well take a picture for your new acquaintance of a page from the Victoria Secret catalog, and sign it with some funny phrase. "

And, at the end of the interview, Olivia advises not to break the vows of marriage and relationships - even virtually. “Otherwise, you risk getting into the same situation as Congressman Wiener,” says the sexologist.

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