How To Hint A Girl About A Relationship: Proven Ways

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How To Hint A Girl About A Relationship: Proven Ways
How To Hint A Girl About A Relationship: Proven Ways

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How to hint a girl about a relationship
How to hint a girl about a relationship

It seems that confessing your feelings is not so difficult. Just take it and say it! But no matter how it is. Shyness, fear of rejection, and simple self-doubt can prevent this from happening. That is why many begin to think about how to confess to a girl in love, how to hint a girl about a relationship and at the same time not be rejected. Let's figure it out!

The content of the article

  • 1 First, it's better to try to say everything straight
  • 2 Hints about spending time together
  • 3 Even more compliments
  • 4 Talk about your feelings inside because of her presence
  • 5 Suggest a scripted game
  • 6 Compliment and blame
  • 7 Try to be as close as possible
  • 8 Take on an Adventure
  • 9 What to do if refused

The following are various ways that you can easily achieve what you want.

You'd better try to say it all first

If you see that a girl has been communicating with you for a long time and is interested in your life, then most likely she also has feelings for you. Women are not telepathic, so your hints may not always be understood. Better to tell her directly, but not dryly, but somehow more romantic.

For example, explain why, out of such an abundance of female representatives, your choice fell on her. Also, compliment her on her looks, style and hairstyle. It will melt her heart!

Hints about spending time together2

For example, you can try asking about her plans for Valentine's Day, thereby making it clear that you are applying for the role of her boyfriend and companion on this holiday. In general, ask about her plans more often and invite her somewhere. Over time, she will definitely begin to understand that such "sorties" are definitely not without reason.

Even more compliments3

Let her know that she is loved and interested. Finding a man who gives the best compliments to a girl wholeheartedly and often enough is very difficult. Therefore, when you start to endow her with pleasant words, of course, in moderation, then she will undoubtedly be happy to be the object of your sympathy.

Talk about your feelings inside because of her presence4

You can create some kind of intrigue by saying: “What are you doing with me?”, Thereby making it clear that while the girl is next to you, you have a real hurricane of feelings and emotions inside you that make it difficult to control yourself.

hint a girl about a relationship
hint a girl about a relationship

Suggest a scripted game5

Silly, but it works! Invite a girl to play a scene from her favorite romantic movie. Or offer to play a novel where you will live happily ever after and give birth to a bunch of kids. Here you certainly do not have to take a steam bath, how to hint a girl about a relationship. She will understand everything anyway.

Compliment and Blame6

Surely you might have thought a little wrong, so we explain. Say, for example, how beautiful she is and should be followed by a phrase something like “how do you manage it?”. Well, or you can think of something else. It all depends on your imagination. But you cannot be frankly offending.

Try to be as close as possible7

When you stick with her, she will feel support and protection from you. In addition, when people are around for a long time, both begin to become attached to each other. It is likely that soon the girl will also feel something more for you.

Invite on an Adventure8

This technique is best for strangers. And great if you have no idea how to strike up a conversation.

hint a girl about a relationship
hint a girl about a relationship

Just walk up and say, "Would you like to take a trip with me?" that's all. The fishing rod is abandoned and how to further develop this idea is up to you. The main rule is to stay calm and speak with a touch of playfulness.

What to do if refused 9

If none of the ways how to hint a girl about a relationship helped, then you should read the next part of the article. In no case should you make scenes. Behave like a real man, namely - do not insult, do not become personal, do not make fun of her after, when you are in the same company.

This is low and humiliating in this case for you, not for the girl. You are an adult and self-sufficient person, just like the one you like. Refusal is not a reason to arrange grandiose scandals and sort things out with a girl.

In addition, if you maintain your dignity and honor, without saying offensive statements about the lady, then this will make you a worthy man in her eyes. It is possible that she will look at you differently and soon change her mind. Therefore, accept rejection calmly.

If you were friends before the proposal for further development of your relationship, this does not mean at all that now you will have to avoid all kinds of places and companies where she may appear. On the contrary, as before, or even more often, appear in this way in her life.

All this time she can look closely at you and weigh all the pros and cons, therefore, with a high probability, after a while, the girl herself may begin to hint at something more serious, which means that you are knowingly puzzled over how to offer the girl a relationship.

hint a girl about a relationship
hint a girl about a relationship

If before that the girl was not your friend, then you should not forget about her either. From time to time write, call, congratulate on the holidays. If after some time she realizes that she feels something for you, then she will definitely let you know.

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