20 Signs: How To Understand That This Is Your Man?

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20 Signs: How To Understand That This Is Your Man?
20 Signs: How To Understand That This Is Your Man?

Video: 20 Signs: How To Understand That This Is Your Man?

Video: 20 Signs: How To Understand That This Is Your Man?
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understand that this is your man
understand that this is your man

Human needs human.

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But it's not so easy to find someone who would suit you in all respects.

It would be ideal if every time you met the right person, the Universe gave you a sign.

For example, over the head of your friend or acquaintance, the inscription "Don't be stupid, grab and run" would be highlighted in huge neon letters.

But, unfortunately, progress has not yet gone that far.

You have to act at your own peril and risk.

Girls, having met a man, immediately begin to analyze his person from all sides. Suitable or not? Give him a chance or not? What if he turns out to be the same as the former, or even worse?

How to understand that this is your man? That the search for the ideal has finally been crowned with success, and the time has come to reap the benefits?


First impression

Do not discount women's intuition. It happens that it is simply unpleasant to be around a person. He annoys you with his voice, demeanor, laughter.

If mutual friends introduced you to this man, assuring you that "you are perfect for each other, give him a chance", you should try.

Go on a date once, then again.

The first date can be unsuccessful. The guy could freeze stupidity, put you in an awkward position and ruin your evening.

Whether this was due to excitement, or because he is a nerd, you have to find out on the second date.

Let it be an evening in a quiet cozy cafe, a walk in the park, etc.

You should have the opportunity to talk to a man heart to heart, give him the opportunity to open up.

Has nothing changed?

So the first impression was correct.

How to understand that this is your man
How to understand that this is your man

Always (with rare exceptions) give people a second chance, but never give a third.

Perfect ideal

Love at first sight is romantic. But let's be realistic. We all know that an attractive appearance is not a guarantee that a person is as good in soul as in body.

Very often, men and women make one mistake - they come up with some kind of utter ideal, and then rush with it like a written sack.

Why are some of us so intolerant of other people's flaws?

There are several reasons for this:

  • You make high demands on your person. You do the same with people in your environment - if a person does not meet your standards, you do not let him near you.
  • You are annoyed in people by what you yourself would like to get rid of. In every potential partner, you see only flaws. Because they have not yet cleared their own problems and got rid of complexes. You try not to notice your own shortcomings (deny their presence in yourself), but actively look for them in others.
  • Fear of a relationship with a man. You have clung to this ideal like a lifeline. While you are running around with this ideal, you have an excuse to yourself, they say, my relationship does not develop because there are no worthy men in my environment.
The perfect man for a relationship
The perfect man for a relationship

Any guru of working with the subconscious will tell you that in order to find the man of your dreams, you need to take a piece of paper, a pen and scribble a verbal portrait of the man you would like to see next to you. Appearance, character traits, position and income, attitudes towards marriage and children, etc.

Oddly enough, but such psychological practices really help - after a while, girls really get to know the men they need.

How it works? When you, puffing with concentration, compose this portrait, you finally understand what you generally want from the future man and from your relationship with him.

It turns out that he is not obliged to play sports 8 times a week or be a director of a corporation.

It becomes clear that you are ready to forgive your boyfriend for short stature, but you do not intend to accept tyranny and prohibitions as in past relationships.

We strongly recommend that you sit down at your leisure and think about what kind of man you would like to see next to you. But pay more attention to internal rather than external qualities. Who cares how beautiful you look in photos on Instagram if you are deeply unhappy with him.

Find the perfect man
Find the perfect man

Similarity in views

You don't have to love the same movies, TV shows, music artists, and food.

Yes, the same interests bring people together. It's nice to have a like-minded person next to you to discuss a new Japanese restaurant or an album of your favorite indie band.

But common interests alone won't get you far.

You can go to a movie or a concert on your own, invite friends, etc.

Having tastes and common interests absolutely identical in everything is even a little boring. It is much more interesting to argue, express your point of view and acquaint your partner with new interesting things. Relationships with people work like that - it's an eternal, ongoing exchange of information.

And besides, both you and your partner should have personal space. The mistake of many girls is that they try to grab their boyfriend completely and completely - they impose themselves on his company of friends, hysteria about the fact that he is going somewhere to have fun, etc.

Understand one thing: you don't have to try to replace a man with friends or parents. Do not play mommy and do not forbid him to communicate with friends.

How to understand that this is the same
How to understand that this is the same

In order for a loved one to be happy, all areas of his life must be in harmony.

In order for a man not to lose interest in you, you must be a whole person, and not a pet dog that follows you everywhere, wagging its tail.

Leave the man the right to love something and someone other than you.

A little more about the similarity in views

It's not so scary to have different tastes.

It is much more important to have the same view of the joint future.

How to understand that this is your man?

You treat marriage, children, cheating, family and sex alike.

It is foolish to try to re-educate a womanizer if you sleep and see yourself as the beloved wife of an exemplary monogamous family man.

If a man initially says that he does not want to have children (since he already has them, or in principle he does not want to become a father), and you dream of outshining Angelina Jolie in terms of the number of children, you should not continue the relationship.

Not ready for an open relationship and open marriage? Don't settle for such an alliance.

Find the perfect guy
Find the perfect guy

Sex is a little more complicated. But temperament is like eye color. If your ideas regarding the quantity (and quality) of sex differ significantly, you should choose a partner who is more suitable for your temperament.

You will not re-educate a man just because you want to.

Men change only when they want it themselves. When a guy begins to clearly understand that his life is not going the way he would like, he finds himself a muse in the person of his beloved woman and begins to change.

Don't be patient.

Don't be Mother Teresa.

You can wait for the weather by the sea for years.

And then look back and realize that the years of youth are irrevocably gone. It's good if you have lost the elasticity of the buttocks, but gained wisdom.

It often happens that a woman has lost the charm of youth and has not gained her mind.

General conversation topics

Sex is great. When there is a lot of sex and it is of excellent quality, it is generally wonderful.

But in between lovemaking, you have to talk about something.

If you really fit together, you won't have awkward pauses.

The same man for the girl
The same man for the girl

It will be interesting for you to communicate both in the company of mutual friends and alone with each other.

You can calmly talk about everyday things and great things.

Calmly discuss your relationship now and share your plans for the future.

Mental comfort

How to understand that this is your man? It's calm next to him. Comfortable, cozy and warm. It is comfortable not only to talk to him, but also just to sit in silence in an embrace.

If you feel safe with a man, you can be congratulated.

Feeling anxious and uncomfortable? Alarm bell. If you experience negative feelings on an ongoing basis, the problem is deep within you.

If the source of your worries and worries is a man, then the problem is in him and in your relationship.

Masks off

Leave masks and role-playing games for the bedroom.

When you meet the man you want, the need to pretend and play a learned role disappears by itself.

How to understand a girl that this is the same
How to understand a girl that this is the same

He accepts you for who you are, and you respond in kind.

Of course, in a relationship you often have to make concessions. But compromise should not be confused with sacrifice.

He introduces you to people close to him

If a man is serious, he will introduce you to his friends and family. He has no reason to hide your relationship, since he does not consider you as a one-night stand, but as a constant partner.

Still don't know anything about where and with whom your partner spends his leisure time?

If he's not an intelligence agent, send him away.

Sense of humor

It is very difficult to maintain a harmonious relationship with someone with whom you have a different idea of humor.

You can play Oscar-winning performances as much as you like, but sooner or later you will get tired of laughing hysterically at his flat jokes.

If a man is honing his skills as a comedian at all, showering you with offensive jokes, you should not endure this.

Tell your boyfriend bluntly that you don't like this.

How to understand that this is the one she needs
How to understand that this is the one she needs

If he continues like this, respond in kind. And then dismiss the standup.


Do you trust this man? Or has he already managed to disappoint you and inspire mistrust?

Ask yourself this question and answer it honestly.

Initiative comes from him

There is nothing more pathetic and non-sexual than a girl who spreads in front of a man and looks into his mouth.

If you are the initiator of the dates, and he only condescendingly accepts your invitations, you should moderate your ardor and distance yourself.

If a guy is interested in you, he himself will look for meetings, allocate time for you and make contact.

He may not consider you his girlfriend, and you are simply a convenient option for him.

Either you strangled him so much with attention that he simply lost interest in you.

No extremes. Do not block him on social networks, do not throw tantrums. Get out of his sight for a couple of days and watch his reaction.

He shares intimate with you

He is not obliged to dump information about his childhood, former relationships or problems at work in the first month of acquaintance.

How to understand that you have met the one you need
How to understand that you have met the one you need

But the fact remains - if a man appreciates and trusts you, he will share with you what worries him now and what he plans to worry about in the future.


How often does he use the pronoun "we" instead of "I"?

"I want to move next year to a larger city" or "How do you see us moving to the capital next year?" ?

Pay attention to how your boyfriend articulates his plans for life.

Are you present in at least one of them?

Does he see you as part of his future?


Do you really like this man? What were you guided by when you were chosen as a life partner - mind or heart?

If you find out that his best friend is prettier and richer than him, how do you feel about this information?


Works both ways. Is a man ready to take care of you, support you in difficult times, help and protect you?

Are you ready to provide him with anything other than your body?

Not only speaks, but also does

The fewer empty promises he makes to you, the better. Meet for a week, and he swears that he will love you forever?

If he's not gearing up for a soap opera role, be wary.

If a man is responsible for his words, he will follow what he says.

Physical attraction

How to tell if this is the guy for the relationship
How to tell if this is the guy for the relationship

Whatever one may say, but people are just educated animals. Sex plays a huge role in relationships.

Nature has taken care of everything for us, making it much easier to find the right partner.

If you like the smell of a man and you are drawn to the sight of him, you should give the relationship a chance.

Is it with him that you have the best sex in your life? Okay, check the box next to this item. And as soon as you get enough of each other and can think sensibly, re-read the previous paragraphs.

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