Why Do Men And Women Cheat? Tips: What To Do After Cheating

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Why Do Men And Women Cheat? Tips: What To Do After Cheating
Why Do Men And Women Cheat? Tips: What To Do After Cheating
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Desire to change
Desire to change

Treason is a forbidden fruit and a terrible sin. The biblical legend says that vices entered our lives when Adam and Eve, who lived in the Gardens of Eden, could not cope with the temptation and tasted the forbidden fruit at the instigation of an insidious serpent. Since then, the human tribe has been immersed in the abyss of sin. And the serpent wanders among people, leading them into temptation and causing a desire for betrayal.

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  • 1 What do men and women mean by cheating?
  • 2 Why do men and women cheat?
  • 3 Does a good leftist strengthen a marriage? Pros and cons of cheating
  • 4 Is it bad to change?
  • 5 Are cheating deviations?
  • 6 Who is more prone to cheating?
  • 7 How to avoid temptation?
  • 8 What to do if cheated on you or how to get over cheating?

What is meant by cheating a man and a woman? I

Men and women do not always mean the same thing by cheating. Men consider cheating mainly on the sexual contact of their partner with another male. Women perceive it as a betrayal of cooling on the part of a partner and a manifestation of attention to strangers.

If men begin to suspect of cheating on their partners only in the presence of obvious signs, then women evaluate the behavior of their partners constantly and even the slightest suspicion of infidelity is perceived as a blow to vanity.

Why do men and women cheat? 2

There are not so many reasons that can push women to adultery:

Studies conducted among women have shown that among girls under the age of 30, cheating is practically excluded. But after women turned 30, their views on infidelity change dramatically. At the same time, ladies with higher education and holding leadership positions are quite independent in this matter

When a guy wants to cheat
When a guy wants to cheat
  1. Psychologists say that the fairer sex is pushed to cheating by a lack of attention and affection from a partner.
  2. Scientists believe that women instinctively choose the most attractive male that is within their reach for betrayal. This choice speaks of the desire to have healthy and beautiful offspring.
  3. Often women use cheating as a similar way of revenge on their unfaithful partner. But as practice shows, this method does not give either moral satisfaction or physical pleasure.

In men, as it turned out, there are many reasons for adultery:

  1. Many males, not wanting to discover the true reasons for their infidelity, prefer to blame everything on the notorious male polygamy.
  2. Most of the fairer sex quickly cool down in a permanent relationship and when a new object of sexual desire enters their zone of visibility, they are not able to control themselves.
  3. Married men, whose wives are busy raising children, complain of a lack of attention from their other half and a careless attitude to their appearance. However, men who are happily married cheat no less often than others. If a man is sexually attractive and women are hovering around him, then he is unlikely to be able to hold the defense for a long time.
  4. Men, as a rule, find it difficult to resist the temptation when the situation is conducive to cheating. For them, infidelity is a spontaneous event, not a planned act. If adultery demanded from men a long hilling of attractive ladies, then most of the betrayals committed by men could be avoided.
  5. An interesting fact is that men very often cheat on their partners with women who are inferior to their halves in attractiveness.
Cheating wife
Cheating wife

Changing very often, people try to prove to themselves and others that they are still young and attractive.

Does a good leftist strengthen a marriage? Pros and cons of cheating3

Despite the fact that society perceives infidelity only in a negative light, psychologists argue that even in this matter there are positive and negative aspects.


  1. Cheating is a powerful blow to the relationship of the spouses. If they find the strength to overcome this circumstance and live together further, then at best they will face a difficult relationship, devoid of the former closeness and trust, at worst, a divorce. A man who does not deserve the forgiveness of his wife can lose his entire family at once: both his wife and children.
  2. Typically, a cheater lives a double life, stressing himself daily. This tickling of nerves is dangerous for the mental state.
  3. Accidental adultery can lead to obscene illnesses, from which other family members can later suffer.
  4. The maintenance of mistresses, and for wealthy ladies-lovers, require serious financial costs, which are withdrawn from the budget to the detriment of family interests.
  5. By changing a person makes a deal with his own conscience. But conscience is a fickle thing: it either sleeps sweetly, then mercilessly pricks and torments the traitor.


  1. If infidelity did not have its positive aspects, then it probably would not exist. It is surprising that more and more people do not consider cheating a vice and choose an open relationship.
  2. Adultery brings a certain variety to the life of a traitor. Many people compare it to a breath of fresh air, after which you can plunge back into the routine of everyday life.
When a girl wants to cheat
When a girl wants to cheat
  1. The opportunity to feel in love again and feel all the delights of a new relationship.
  2. A new hobby gives the body a certain shake-up. A person begins to take more care of his appearance and health.
  3. If the traitor is not satisfied with real sexual relations, then there is a chance to try something else, to embody unrealized sexual fantasies.
  4. After adultery, the traitor experiences pangs of conscience and tries to atone for his guilt by giving his other half more attention, care and affection.
  5. It is also possible that the traitor does not find what he wants in betrayal, in this case he begins to value his other half even more.

Is it bad to change? 4

As psychologists say, the desire to change is about avoiding problems or finding what a person lacks in marriage. Whatever it was, but hikes to the left create a lot of additional problems and stressful situations.

According to psychologists, a person who has experienced treason most often cannot forgive his partner and will try to end this relationship. In the future, he will be very wary of the opposite sex and carefully monitor the behavior of new partners.

When there is a desire to change
When there is a desire to change

Are cheating deviations? 5

In fact, the desire for adultery is more than a natural mechanism of nature. Scientists name at least two biological factors that push people to cheat:

Romantic and sexual relationships trigger the release of the hormone of happiness and pleasure. However, when the novelty of sensations is lost, the body requires “continuation of the banquet”.

Human behavior is often governed by instincts, and they require procreation. Therefore, people on a subconscious level try to have sexual contacts with several partners, so as not to put all their eggs in one basket, but to be able to have children from different people.

Scientists also say that sexual attraction and emotional attachment refer to different brain systems and do not overlap. Based on this, we can conclude that even a person who is in a love relationship is capable of cheating, while this does not affect the attitude towards a permanent partner. He simply satisfies his momentary whim.

Who is more prone to cheating? 6

A stereotypical opinion has long been formed in society that men are most often traitors. However, statistics suggest otherwise. According to studies conducted among people over 20 years old, women change 2 times more often than men.

Of the total number of respondents, 30% were male cheaters and 40% were unfaithful women.

Cheating in the family
Cheating in the family

How to avoid temptation 7

No matter how many people claim that they have never considered cheating, it is absolutely impossible to believe in it. Any person in a relationship thinks and discusses this topic. Many people are so weak-willed that even their confident “no” can turn into an indecisive “yes” at the first opportunity.

In order not to become a cheater (s) in the eyes of your other half, you must observe the following precautions:

  1. Don't get yourself involved in a provocative situation. This means that it is better to visit entertainment establishments, meet friends and relax with your partner. Also, do not flirt and flirt with the opposite sex.
  2. Do not be alone with someone who is especially attractive to you. You should not translate working relationships into personal ones and spend free time with nice colleagues.
  3. So that the memory of your partner is not erased from the head at the sight of a pretty face, it is advisable to mention him in a conversation. So you can remind yourself and others about your employment.
  4. Do not remove your wedding ring. Many seducers (s) themselves will stop paying attention to you after they notice this artifact on your finger. And for the person himself, he serves as a constant reminder of his second half.
Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt

It is best for a person in a relationship not to interact with single friends (s). Their lifestyle and behavior can damage your reputation. And for more information on how to stop changing, read our article further down the link.

What to do if you have been cheated or how to deal with cheating? 8

So, the betrayal took place. No one will tell how the traitor himself and the victim of infidelity will behave, because even they themselves cannot give an answer to this. After all, no one enters into a relationship, preparing themselves in advance for betrayal. There may be a huge number of models of people's behavior in the event of betrayal: from anger and rage to complete humility.

People who have learned about the betrayal may have a double reaction: the first is shock and hysteria, when the consciousness cannot understand how it happened and why; the second is the need to decide what to do in this situation. Most people in such a situation cannot think rationally, so they make mistakes that they later regret.

For example, they forgive a traitor, but they cannot forget about the incident and constantly remind their partner about it; in the same case, showing excessive trust, the victims of deception may again step on the same rake.

Those who decide to part with their partner once and for all can also regret their decisions. Time will pass, and they realize that their partner made a mistake, which they deeply regret.

The following tips will help you try to get out of the situation with infidelity with minimal losses:

It is necessary to pull yourself together. Cheating can break even the most durable and long-term couple. The future of people, including children, if any, will depend on the decisions made. Any decision must be balanced and carefully considered

How to survive cheating
How to survive cheating
  1. You need to discuss the problem with your partner. Perhaps after the conversation, all the secret will become clear. At least you don't have to torment yourself with the unknown.
  2. Consider the situation from all sides. Of course, the one who cheated is always to blame, but is it not his partner who has become the same gray cardinal who, by his behavior, will push him to such a step. From any situation, you need to be able to draw conclusions and take life lessons.
  3. In a situation where the partner repents about the continuation of the relationship, but the offended side has doubts about this, it is best to take a time-out. Taking a short break in your relationship will help you decide what to do next.
  4. If a decision is made to break off relations, in no case should you drive yourself into a dark corner. An active lifestyle, new hobbies, courtship on the part of men will help to raise self-esteem and move on with life.
  5. Do not hold resentment in your soul. As you know, everything is done for the best. With such a load on your heart, you can put an end to future relationships. All bad things must be released and forgotten.
  6. If a partner wants to stay with his new passion, do not hold him back. The harder they hold him, the more he will resist and, on the contrary, once he is “free,” he will start thinking about whether he really needs it.
How to forgive treason
How to forgive treason

The desire to change is always mental anguish and the collapse of all hopes, but it is also a real chance to look at your relationship in a new way. They may need a reboot. If your loved one cheated on you, it may be worth giving him a chance to fix it. Is there a guarantee that the next partner will be better and more accurate than the previous one? No need to get excited, time will put everything in its place. After all, breaking is not building.

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