Beautiful Compliments To Your Girlfriend: The Best Examples

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Beautiful Compliments To Your Girlfriend: The Best Examples
Beautiful Compliments To Your Girlfriend: The Best Examples

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The best compliments for a girl
The best compliments for a girl

Everyone loves compliments. Especially girls. The truth that a woman loves with her ears is irrefutable. But not everyone knows how to say the best compliment to a girl, in what situation they are appropriate and how not to goofy.

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  • 4 Best compliments to girls from different countries

What are compliments for?

Without affectionate words and praise, people see life in gray colors. If you do not color it with the enchanting spectacle of words, then the dullness will be replaced by longing green. For girls, compliments are a stimulus for development. They feel more confident, stronger, more comfortable. In addition, compliments show an attitude towards her.

With the help of compliments, you can achieve not only favor, but also privilege. Compliments can help you get closer, extinguish conflict, turn a person's opinion in the right direction.

A compliment increases the status of the one who gives it in the eyes of the gifted. After all, what is a compliment? This is an assessment, and they are given by status people: teachers, bosses. When evaluating a girl, a guy's status is steadily growing in direct proportion to the importance and correctness of the compliment.

How to say compliments correctly2

Before you blurt out something, you need to understand what kind of girl is in front of your eyes. There are many characters, and rash words can ruin everything. There are not so many types of girls: bright and artistic, "gray mouse", "boy". And each one needs its own approach.

Bright and artistic

You can say whatever you want to such girls, as long as it is connected with their appearance, from her delicious hair to the cake of her masterpiece beauty. She doesn't care what the cake tastes like, the main thing is aesthetics. If the compliments are related to the girl's appearance, then in no case should animals be compared. She will certainly draw an analogy with her own body and can give an unpredictable reaction.

compliments to the girl
compliments to the girl

Gray mouse

Shy women are better off complimenting her brilliant iq. Often these ladies are more fixated on the next problem of humanity than on their appearance. Moreover, a girl of this type may be offended, considering the compliment to be hypocrisy. But to emphasize her intelligence and ability to think is a big and fat plus in the piggy bank.


It's even easier with her. This type takes absolutely any praise. They can blush sweetly, and slyly hum, and dismissively dismiss them, but a satisfied look will give out true emotions. But, nevertheless, the boys love the recognition of their character and the ability to solve difficult situations more. If the kid suddenly swam out of the house in a dress and heels, then you just need to faint from her gorgeous appearance. This will blow her away.


The work of psychologists was not in vain, and they created several templates for the best compliments for girls who work with any type.

compliments to a woman
compliments to a woman
  • "You've lost a lot of weight!" A template that will cause a lot of positive emotions in a girl. It works especially powerfully in the case of those ladies who work hard on themselves, or have just decided to take the path of fitness. But even with old acquaintances, such a phrase works wonders. Even if the girl at such a moment tried to pretend that she did not notice the man or did not recognize. One has only to exclaim "Lenka ?! Is this you ?! Wow, you are a fitonyasha !!! " And that's it! She will immediately remember the events of ten years ago.
  • "You have gorgeous hair!" If men knew how much effort and finance girls spend on maintaining their curls, they would definitely get a heart attack. You need to note everything: fluffiness or heaviness of the strands, color and silkiness, elasticity of curls and hairstyle, play of sun glare and aroma of hair.
  • "You have incredibly delicate skin." Girls spend no less effort on the condition of the skin than on the maintenance of their hair. Delicate skin is strongly associated with a girl's character: delicate skin is a gentle nature. And if the body also exudes a subtle aroma, from which goosebumps run down the skin, then it is impossible to remain silent about it. This compliment is especially appropriate in moments of intimacy. It works 100%.
the right compliments to a woman
the right compliments to a woman
  • "You are very stylish!" Shopping compliment. When a girl shows off her new outfits, it is very important to celebrate her efforts in choosing clothes. Even if it's banal jeans with a T-shirt. It is very important for girls to be confident in their appearance. That is why the ratings of all kinds of "fashionable sentences" are simply going through the roof in their popularity.
  • "You look very young!" Women after thirty-five years of age panic from age-related changes: fine wrinkles drive her crazy. Tons of creams are bought at the nearest perfume store. There is a whole perfume factory on the shelf at home. And not to note the freshness of the lady is simply a crime. And if you add the comment “that the years have no power”, then this is generally “the icing on the cake”.
  • "You're amazingly smart." Acknowledging a woman's mind is the best a man can say. The stereotypes that permeate society about women's intelligence are very negative. But admiration for extraordinary mental abilities, smart carte blanche in communication.
the girl is embarrassed
the girl is embarrassed

Best compliments for girls from different countries4

Compliments are spoken by everyone, everywhere. But some are just discouraging. Here are some examples of the strangest mimicry.

  • "My ugly" - so admire women in Poland. In Polish, "ugly" is translated as "beauty". It's scary to imagine what would happen if a guy decides to show off his knowledge and blurt out such a compliment to his girlfriend in Russia. It's good if the "bream" doesn't weigh.
  • "My beautiful camel." This is how the Egyptians admire. The fact is that they greatly revere this animal, and therefore such a phrase in Egypt will melt the heart of the most inaccessible beauty. But in Russia, comparison with this hunchbacked and spitting animal can cause not only resentment, but also a quarrel.
  • "My flea". Isn't it a super compliment to call your girlfriend a flea. But the French don't think so. But this is just a literal translation of the expression "ma pus". In general, the meaning is "baby". And also “cabbage”, “sausage”, “bread crumbs” and “shrimps” are running along the streets of France. The expression “my dude” is a rare compliment that compares a girl to an elegant ballerina.
how to praise a girl
how to praise a girl
  • "My little microbe." The Italians are not inferior to the French. "Microbino myo" is "my baby". And also Italians are very fond of delicious food. Therefore, they love their "meatballs", "cheese buns", "sugar cookies" and "potatoes".
  • "You walk like an elephant." Say that to Russian girls and you can collect your things. But the Indians do not think so. How does an elephant walk? Firm, confident, but very smooth and measured. If a woman has such a gait, then this indicates the state of the woman. To compare with an elephant - to steal the heart of a beauty. And if we also mention the cow's eyes, then it will be a confident victory over a proud lady. And what: the cow has really beautiful eyes with gorgeous eyelashes.
  • Stupid Egg. Probably, the comparison with a camel or a cow no longer seems so boorish as "like my stupid egg." The Chinese have gagged Europeans. And yet they often have "fools" and "silly".
  • The Japanese, admiring a woman, will say: "an egg with eyes" or admire the size of the nose. By the way, the bigger the nose, the more beautiful the girl.
how to praise a girl
how to praise a girl

The best compliments to a girl from different countries can make you laugh. But, if you happen to go to some country, then it will be useful to find out which phrases will be considered compliments.

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