12 Tips - How To Quickly Remove A Hickey On The Neck At Home

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12 Tips - How To Quickly Remove A Hickey On The Neck At Home
12 Tips - How To Quickly Remove A Hickey On The Neck At Home
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How to remove a hickey on the neck
How to remove a hickey on the neck

Suction, like a flower, blooms on the body of lovers, after a passionate night. In the heat of passion, young people deliberately or unconsciously stick to the skin of their love partner. In the morning, they are dazedly examining the traces of "hot love", spinning at the mirror and discussing how to remove the aspiration on the neck. A "pleasant memory" of a sexual battle stubbornly gapes at the neck or other area of ​​the body, which causes sidelong glances from others and unnecessary questions. Erotic "bruises" are especially unacceptable for those partners who have a relationship with another person.

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  • 1 Varieties of suction
  • 2 Partner consent
  • 3 Capture the kiss
  • 4 Where to put suction
  • 5 Indecent "bruises"
  • 6 Aftermath of a Stormy Night
  • 7 wonders of cosmetics
  • 8 A scarf to help
  • 9 Adhesive plaster will help out
  • 10 Serious disguise
  • 11 Medicines
  • 12 Badagi creams
  • 13 Such useful iodine
  • 14 Ice against traces of hot passion
  • 15 Rescuers from the garden
  • 16 Not only for borscht
  • 17 Toothpaste and brush
  • 18 Foods Heal Hicks
  • 19 Aloe - home doctor
  • 20 Determine the choice

Varieties of suction

Women are especially not indifferent to hicks. They love to leave marks on their beloved men, as if declaring to the whole world: "He is mine!" And, the boy then walks, covers his neck with his hand, blushes and hides his eyes from passers-by. Yesterday it was good, but today it was somehow embarrassing. Suck lovers have a certain skill, according to the "invention" of love traces.

The pumps are divided into two types:

  • unit;
  • patterned.

A single aspiration looks like a bruise, patterned - it resembles some kind of ornament. Lips are used for suction, but in some cases teeth are also used. Such marks pass at least one to two weeks.

Partner's consent2

So that the partner is not tormented by the question of how to remove the hickey from the neck during sexual foreplay, it is worth asking his opinion about such marks. No need to rush to your beloved on the neck like a vampire. During love games, when the guy relaxes enough and gets pissed off, the girl can kiss his body and ask if it is possible to suck. If the partner is categorically against such actions, you should not forcibly stick to his skin. The person's opinion must be respected.

Capture the kiss3

A loved one in the eyes of the second half seems so adored and sweet that one just wants to leave a mark of passion and love on him. Suction is an unusual kiss that manifests itself in the form of a red bruise and for a long time reminds of intimate moments.

How to remove a hickey
How to remove a hickey

With the consent received, you need to decide where to put the suction. Best of all, the suction is placed on the neck, collarbones, and the surface of the hands. In such places, the skin is thinner and more sensitive, and the mark will strongly remind of itself. If the other half demands to stop the sucking kiss, it is immediately necessary to tear yourself away from the skin, no matter how fascinating the interesting procedure is. During aspiration, it is important to control salivation. No one will like it if streams of saliva flow from the lips of the “adhered lady” or the chosen one.

Where to put suction4

Love is love, but walking around with bruises and aspirations in a conspicuous place is somehow not decent and not beautiful. To avoid such embarrassment, it is better to put aspirations in places that are hidden from the eyes of others:

  • the back of the neck, covered with hair;
  • on the arm, in the area of ​​the wrist, which is easily covered with sleeves;
  • on the back, chest, lower body.
What can be done with suction
What can be done with suction

Some lovers practice sucking on intimate parts of the body. Nice, comfortable, and hidden from people's eyes. However, it is especially important to hide such a mark from roommates and spouses who are not involved in the aspiration process. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to root out love marks.

Indecent "bruises" 5

First of all, it should be understood that aspiration is a small trace of the physiological nature of a "fingal" or hematoma. Getting rid of it is not as easy as it seems at first glance. Violet-red spots can remain on the skin from 5 days to 2 weeks. If the hickey flaunts in a conspicuous place, then the person undergoes certain troubles.

  • At work, colleagues whisper and point their fingers.
  • Relatives pester with questions and lectures.

And in general, a "love mark" is not the most successful decoration for a girl or a guy.

Aftermath of a Stormy Night6

Before removing the hickey on the neck, you can try to mask it. Simple ways will help hide the "fruit of sin and passion" away from people's eyes.

How to hide a hickey
How to hide a hickey

The neck suction is easy to hide for a girl with long hair. Loose curls will cope with the task in no time. The main thing is to remember about your cunning, and out of habit not to shake off your hair, not to play with a strand and not to braid a bun while doing some work. Unfortunately, the era of luxurious fans is a thing of the past. Having made a cardboard fan on a light hand, the young lady, giggling sweetly, would cover the body area with suction from the eyes of the people around her.

Miracles of cosmetics7

The fairer sex show miracles of makeup. They take out cosmetics and wield in front of the mirror. Foundation of dark shades is applied to the suction and the area of ​​the skin, outside the bruise. Concealer serves as a constant helper for women to mask acne, dark circles under the eyes, and even hicks. Beforehand, a greenish concealer is applied to the skin and rubbed well with your fingers. A drop of foundation is applied on top, rubbing movements. The foundation will hide reddish spots on the skin. Cosmetics successfully hides "traces of a stormy night", but its effect is not durable. After a few hours, a "treacherous kiss" will be traced through the layer of makeup

Tanning and visiting a solarium make the skin color darker, and against its background, traces of suction become less noticeable.

A scarf to help8

It is easier for the fairer sex to solve the problem with suction. They open the door of the clothes-saving closet and select the appropriate bow.

Hide the suction on the neck
Hide the suction on the neck

A wardrobe will be a good help when solving the problem of how to remove a suction on the neck, from the eyes of strangers. The turtleneck, sweater with a collar, reaches to the level of the chin, hiding the traces of a love date. In the warm season, hiding the hickey is possible with the complicity of a beautiful exquisite scarf. The girl kills two birds with one stone: she hides the bruises and decorates her appearance.

Adhesive plaster will help out9

For men, the mission: "How to remove a hickey on the neck" from the eyes of people is somewhat complicated. The guy will not decorate the "swan" part of the body with a piece of silk thrown over his shoulder. A turtleneck and a sweater with a collar are quite relevant things for the stronger sex. Brutal men can hang a red bandana around their necks, put a felt hat on their heads and proudly portray a cowboy. It would never occur to anyone to look behind the handkerchief. Outsiders will therefore be carried away by the general spectacle. For more modest individuals, it is worth using an adhesive plaster. The medicine is molded on the neck, crosswise, and they complain to their friends about the furuncle that has arisen, which festers and requires urgent intervention. The people around them sigh sympathetically, instead of giggling and discussing behind a friend's back with an aspirated neck.

How to hide a hickey on the neck
How to hide a hickey on the neck

Serious disguise10

To fundamentally cope with the problem: how to remove the aspiration on the neck, the Shants collar will help. The device is used to treat the neck. It is purchased from pharmacies and ordered online. The product is quite expensive, but sometimes the game is worth the candle. If a married man has acquired a hickey from his mistress, he should carefully disguise the traces of a sexual date. It is better to portray neck problems than later acquire them from the vengeful hands of a jealous wife.


One of the ways how to remove aspiration on the neck is to use pharmaceutical ointments and healing gels. Pharmacy products improve blood circulation and promote the early healing of various bruises and aspirations. Unfortunately, passionate "kisses" will not disappear from the skin in a matter of seconds, but the process of restoring bodily tissues is significantly accelerated with the help of medicines.

Cream with badyagy12

Fighters and hooligans always have on hand ointments with a badyag. They quickly and efficiently remove black eyes and bruises. At the same time, powders and ointments based on bodyagi help to get rid of the "love mark" rather quickly. The drug is mixed with the cream and applied to the affected area of ​​the body several times a day. With regular use, aspiration can disappear within a day.

Hide hickey
Hide hickey

Such useful iodine13

In the absence of the necessary drugs, ordinary iodine will help with the problem of how to get rid of the aspiration on the neck. The pharmacy component perfectly copes with many problems. To eradicate traces of a stormy night, iodine is a proven and effective remedy. First, by smearing the "wound" with iodine, the "victim" will mask the "traces of the crime" from others. Secondly, the iodine mesh applied to the suction zone improves blood circulation and helps the body tissues recover faster.

Ice against traces of hot passion14

Traditional medicine is also effective in the fight against "love bruises." An ice pack applied to the "kiss" site will help to cope with the stain. In order not to freeze the skin, the bag is wrapped in a towel or napkin. The method is effective at the earliest possible impact, after the received mark. The later the ice is applied, the less effective the ice is.

Rescuers from the garden15

Vegetables are excellent healers for many ailments. They cope with coughs, runny nose, bruising and aspirations. Onions and potatoes will help to cope with the problem of how to remove the suction on the neck. One of the selected vegetables must be grated and applied with gruel to the affected area. After a while, the redness and swelling of the passionate "trace" will begin to noticeably weaken.

the onion will remove the hickey
the onion will remove the hickey

Not only for borscht16

Cabbage is a formidable enemy for all kinds of hematomas, bruises and aspirations. A respected vegetable copes with many problems: relieves puffiness, inflammation, swelling of the skin. Cabbage is often used during bruises, dislocations and other injuries. Cabbage helps unhappy lovers to get rid of the consequences of hot sex, in the form of bright sucks. To get rid of red spots, press the cabbage leaf with a rolling pin or knead it hard in your hands. A shabby cabbage leaf is applied to the place with the Passionate Night marks. Effective recovery will not be long in coming.

Toothpaste and brush17

Toothpaste is an indispensable attribute that passionate lovers should always have at hand. The toothpaste freshens breath, promotes the rapprochement of sexual partners and helps to "erase" the suction from the body. To do this, a generous layer of toothpaste is applied to the suction site and left for about an hour. It is advisable to repeat the procedure several times a day.

How can you remove the suction
How can you remove the suction

A toothbrush is also useful to eradicate suction marks from the neck area. The affected area of ​​the skin is gently massaged with a toothbrush. Due to such actions, blood circulation improves, and the bruise passes faster.

Foods heal sucking18

The culinary hostesses remove traces of the "love date" thanks to the kitchen ingredients. They know how to get rid of throat cracking using vinegar, baking soda, and even beef.

  • Table vinegar is rubbed on the skin with a "love mark". The procedure is repeated several times a day.
  • A piece of cool beef is applied to the suction site for 20 minutes. This is repeated every hour. The fresh suction will soon disappear. This method is very simple and effective.
  • Soda is mixed with a small amount of water to form a gruel. The pasty mass is applied to a fresh bruise and kept for about 5 minutes.

Aloe - home doctor19

Aloe leaf will help to cope with traces of a stormy night. The stem is cut from the flower and the vegetable gel is squeezed out. A small amount of alcohol is added. The resulting mixture is applied to cheesecloth and used as a compress. Several times a day, the bandage is applied to the affected area. Soon the speck will lighten and disappear from the skin.

Hide the hickey on the neck
Hide the hickey on the neck

Determine the choice20

Sucking, as a reminder of a love date, may not cause trouble to its owner at all. But if a love spot gapes in a conspicuous place, raises a bunch of curious questions and sidelong glances, it is better to get rid of it.

Before removing the suction from the neck, you should decide in advance which method to use. The use of different products will only cause damage to the skin and increase the area of ​​the lesion. Suction may serve as a pleasant memory, but henceforth, it is worth discussing with your partner in which places such marks should not be placed.

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