How To Call A Man Affectionately And Tenderly? List Of Names And Titles

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How To Call A Man Affectionately And Tenderly? List Of Names And Titles
How To Call A Man Affectionately And Tenderly? List Of Names And Titles

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How to affectionately call a man
How to affectionately call a man

It is believed that only women love their ears. The prerogative of men is the stomach. Poor men: they can be content only with culinary snacks, but audio snacks are not in their status. The last time a man hears "mi-mi-mi" is school, and primary grades.

The content of the article

  • 1 The importance of gentle words
  • 2 General recommendations
  • 3 Rule of use
  • 4 Bedroom - room of strange creatures
  • 5 Home zoo
  • 6 Home nicknames
  • 7 Creation of exclusive
  • 8 Suggested list of affectionate nicknames
  • 9 Declination of names

And the guys grow up hungry for affectionate words, like koschei in chains. You can't do that, guys also need to be fondled. And even though in life he was a bearded brutal on a Harley, at home he also wants to be a "hamster" and "pupsik". So how can you call a man affectionately and not overdo it with "vanilla"?

The Importance of Gentle Words

Tenderness is the key to a healthy, reverent relationship. Such a relationship can last for a very long time and are entitled to "love until the grave." Men who are not deprived of affection do not seek to get it somewhere on the side. Their need for affection is met at home. Even if the lovers are at a distance, a woman can always show her attitude towards a man with the help of affectionate words.

Affectionate words serve as verbal evidence of an attitude towards a person. For example, for support in a stressful situation, as praise for some activity, to express gratitude, during a playful mood, and they also serve as reinforcement of emotions after sex. Doctors confirm the fact that men who were in hospital for long-term treatment and regularly received a portion of tenderness from their women were recovering much faster than their lonely one-palates.

Scientists have proven that the use of a gentle appeal to flowers increases their growth rate, resistance to diseases, and harmonious development in general. Men are no exception. Constant appeal to them in the language of tenderness increases efficiency, relieves chronic fatigue and stress, increases immunity, softens character, and induces a positive attitude.

Do not deprive men of this kind of doping. In addition, psychologists noticed that men who do not hear compliments in their address become a beech, become isolated and do not burn with desire, and then completely forgets that their wife has a name and she also needs affection.

General Recommendations2

Gentle words are part of the category of communication that is inadmissible at the very beginning of a relationship. Well, the right word, it will be very strange to call a man on the first date "sweetheart". But when the couple has already accepted their status, you can try to introduce "mimicry" into communication.

how to affectionately call a man
how to affectionately call a man

Starting to use affection is not easy at first glance. Common "hare" and "kitty" most often irritate a man, moreover, even enrage him. He, of course, will keep silent, but he will not like comparing him with a cowardly or castrated representative of the fauna. Oh, yes, many can snort that, they say, "mine does not mind when I call him" bunny ", but if you ask your partner's opinion, you can be surprised to hear a negative review.

And all because such words can specifically humiliate a guy. Yes, and psychologists say that the constant appeal to a man, such as "zaya", leaves its mark on his subconscious, forming a certain style of behavior and even character traits. Hardly anyone wants to see a cowardly man next to him. By the way, this applies to mothers with growing up sons.

Be careful to start using affectionate words. First, add the pronoun "my". It will give you a sense of belonging. A man is pleased to know that he belongs to someone. This gives them a sense of support, rear. Then you can connect words that characterize the qualitative signs of character or relationship:

how can a man be affectionately called
how can a man be affectionately called
  • My good,
  • My tender,
  • My tender,
  • My favorite,
  • My native.

The pronoun "mine" can be dropped and the appeal can be left directly:

  • Native, native, native,
  • Lover, love, love
  • Good, good,
  • Affectionate, weasel, weasel
  • Sunshine, sun
  • Golden, golden

Men are very fond of derivatives from their names. For example:

  • Mikhail: Mishuta, Mikhas, Mishulya, Mishanya;
  • Sergey: Serezhik, Sergushka, Sergunka, Sergeyka;
  • Alexander: Sashok, Sashko, Sashulya, Sanechka;
  • Alexey: Alyoshka, Lesha, Leshik;
how can you call a guy affectionately
how can you call a guy affectionately

You need to pronounce affectionate words so that love and tenderness shine through them. Intonation should not be sugary and lisp. Everything should sound natural. Allowing yourself the first appeal, you need to carefully observe the man. His reaction on his face will betray everything: either it will be pleasure and he will "float", or he will be distorted with disgust. But practice shows that rarely does anyone start to convulse and vomit. Basically, men melt and become soft like wax, because they really miss this treatment.

Usage rule3

It should be noted that affectionate nicknames must be used according to ordinary etiquette. You should not lisp in a company or in public places. Only common words are allowed:

  • expensive,
  • sweet
  • native
  • favorite

Or the diminutive form of the name, but without frivolity: Misha, Seryozha, Lesha. There is no need to let others know that a man is a "pupsik" or "sweet masya". This will humiliate and give rise to ridicule. It is better to leave such phrases outside the bedroom threshold.

how to call a guy affectionately
how to call a guy affectionately

You should be careful when using affectionate words in the phone book. If the screen shows "my sweet lumpy", the laughter of colleagues will shake the building. Well, still, such an intimate nickname clearly reflects the sexual predilections of the subscriber.

Bedroom - room of strange creatures4

Miracles are constantly happening in the bedroom of lovers. Mishan came in, and in bed he was already:

  • bear,
  • the Dragon,
  • king,
  • my God,
  • my hero,
  • Casanova,
  • Marmalade,
  • My hero

The bedroom generally gives room for imagination. Here it is important to understand that affectionate words spoken after sex should be associated with something powerful, strong, courageous.

call a man affectionately
call a man affectionately

There shouldn't be any "bobbleheads", only "superman".

Home zoo5

The power of habits is great. It just so happens that words-associations have become firmly established in the life of lovers. And if you really want to think about how to affectionately call a man a certain beast, then you should abandon diminutive comparisons. Perfect for:

  • Leo - lion;
  • Tiger - tigrasha
  • Cat - cat
  • Hamster - hamster;
  • Hedgehog - hedgehog

When planting a zoo in a house, you need to think with your head and try not to give out pearls that can be humiliating. So, for example, if a man is overweight, you should not call him "hippo" or "elephant." Even if it was said in a diminutive form. Otherwise, you can hear in response "filly" or "sheep". Nice little, right? So it is with the guys. The more delicacy, the less resentment.

call a guy affectionately
call a guy affectionately

It is not necessary to sculpt the "zaya" and "cat" who have set the teeth on edge. It may happen that, out of habit, turning to your man somewhere in a public place, 90% of "bunnies" will come running to the call, because through one man they are labeled as long-eared. It's the same with "cats".

Home nicknames6

Here you can give free rein to imagination. But, of course, with the consent of a loved one. Code words should be original, unlike others, and be individual. You can use such words only at home; you should not let outsiders into them. The fact that the husband "pompadus" can only know the children, if any, and then with an eye.

Otherwise, the child may blurt out something that is not needed somewhere in kindergarten or at school, which will cause laughter from others or even ridicule. Such things are too intimate to be shared with others. Associative things can be suitable as household nicknames. They can characterize a person's appearance, character, hobbies, occupation. For example:

call a guy affectionately
call a guy affectionately
  • Long hair, beard, glasses: shaggy, bearded, professor, botanist
  • Grumpy or cheerful: grumbling, tambourine, reluctant, funny, funny, laughing.
  • Samodelkin, Fixik, Ichthyander, Screw, Shpuntik, Pin.

Exclusive creation7

How to affectionately call a man is not an easy task. But speaking in templates is also boring. You can, of course, not bother too much, but it is much more interesting to create something of your own, purely individual. No need to invent new words. The usual ones are enough. The main thing is to highlight the key points in your relationship, to sort out some significant events in your memory or to bind phrases using associations.

For example, if a man works in the police, he is unlikely to be offended if you call him "Captain Aniskin". There are a lot of such examples, and each couple has something to rely on when creating code nicknames. Best suited for this role are nicknames that will be derived from movie or cartoon characters.

call your boyfriend affectionately
call your boyfriend affectionately

If you can't come up with a nickname right away, then you shouldn't faint. Such things need to be pulled out of events. And for this you need to spend a lot of time together. Sometimes you can live together for more than one year until a significant event occurs, which will give the man “that very nickname”.

Suggested List of Affectionate Nicknames8

In this part of the article, a small list of "trivialities" is presented that will allow you not to overheat your brain in thinking "how to affectionately call a man." Of course, this list is more than conditional, and was compiled exclusively according to the author's understanding, but it is worth taking a closer look at it, since in any case some words and nicknames will find their response from the reader.

  • Generally accepted address. It is permissible at the beginning of a relationship, in front of strangers, an entry in the telephone book is permissible: beloved, dear, dear, dear, love, sun, my soul, gentle, unique, handsome;
  • Animals: kitten, hedgehog, bear cub, lion cub, tiger, eagle, falcon, hamster, fox, wolf cub, crumb;
  • Character: grumbler, grumbler, grumbler, tambourine, caprice, bully, macho, merry fellow, giggle,
  • Appearance: shaggy, puzyanchik, dumplings, dumplings, bald, Mr. Propper, Shrek, smesharik. Use with caution and only with the consent of the man, as it can cause resentment.
call your man affectionately
call your man affectionately
  • Cartoon nicknames: Pooh, Luntik, Tiger, Brother Bear, Simba, Shnyuk, Cheburashka, Moose;
  • By occupation and hobby: Captain Aniskin, Aibolit, homemade, fix, shpuntik, woodcutter, Schumacher, Mr. Holmes, nutcracker, pin, kopatych, tanker;
  • Intimate nicknames: casanova, smoothie, slime, bar, chupik, Eskimo, raccoon-potrahun. Do not use it publicly.

Declination of names9

  • Andrey - Andryushka, Dryunya, Dronchik, Dyusha;
  • Alexey - Alyoshka, Leshik, Leshy, Lesik;
  • Alexander - Sanyok, Sashok, Sashko, Sanych, Sashulya, Shurik;
  • Anatoly - Tolik, Tolyasik, Tolyasha;
  • Anton - Tosha, Antoshik, Toha, Bar
  • Artem - Temych, Tema, Mushka, Artik, Archie;
  • Arthur - Tyusha, Tyunya, Artusya;
  • Boris - Boryusha, Boryunya, Borik, Barberry;
  • Bogdan - Bogdasha, Byasha, Bonya;
  • Vladimir - Vovchik, Volka,
how can you call a guy affectionately
how can you call a guy affectionately
  • Vladislav - Vladik, Vladyun, Vladyusha;
  • Vadim - Vadyusha, Vadik;
  • Valery - Valeron, Valerun, Lerych, Lerik;
  • Victor - Vityushka, Vitiun, Vik, Tor;
  • Vitaly - Vitas, Tasik;
  • Dmitry - Mitya, Dimon, Dimasik, Dimulka, Dim Dimych;
  • Danil - Dania, Danik, Danich;
  • Egor - Gorynych, Egorych;
  • Evgeny - Zhenyok, Evgenich, Evgen, Evgesha;
  • Igor - Igorek, Goryusha, Goryunya, Igosha;
  • Ilya - Ilyasha, Ilyk, Ilyusha, Ilyuk;
  • Ivan - Vanyok, Ivashka, Vanechka, Vanyushka;
  • Konstantin - Kostik, Kos, Kosyash, Kostyanich, Kostyanik;
  • Kirill - Kiryusha, Smelt, Kirchik
  • Matvey - Motya, Matyash, Matveychik
  • Mikhail - Mishanya, Mikhas, Mikhas, Mishutka, Michelle, Maykusha
  • Oleg - Olezhek, Olezhka, Olik
how to call a guy affectionately
how to call a guy affectionately
  • Pavel - Pasha, Panya, Pate, Pashuk
  • Roman - Chamomile, Romych, Romulus, Romcha
  • Ruslan - Ruslik, Rusik, Rus
  • Stanislav - Stasek, Stasyan, Stasyonysh,
  • Sergey - Seryozhyk, Serzhik, Sergusha, Sergunya, Sergeyka
  • Timofey - Timosha, Tim, Timka.
  • Yuri - Yuras
  • Yakov - Yasha, Yashma, Yashik

Of course, this is a far from complete list of names. Yes, and there is no need to list, because the task is how to name a man affectionately, and not come up with derivatives of all nouns. And in general, you don't need a special mind to come up with affectionate words. The main thing is to listen to your heart, emotional mood, and the brain itself will figure out which words carry a positive mood and can prove, show and express an attitude towards a person.

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