How To Accept Compliments From Men And Respond To Them Correctly?

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How To Accept Compliments From Men And Respond To Them Correctly?
How To Accept Compliments From Men And Respond To Them Correctly?

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How to respond to men's compliments correctly
How to respond to men's compliments correctly

It is not enough to become the woman whom men shower with compliments. One must learn to accept them with dignity. How to respond to men's compliments and not look like a smug queen or a notorious gray mouse?

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Don't ignore

Of course, if the compliment sounds ambiguous and more like an insult, it's hard to squeeze out genuine gratitude. In all other cases, you should not leave the well-deserved praise without attention - you can put the interlocutor in an awkward position. If this is a man who has gathered all his courage into a fist, the lack of positive sanctions will plunge him into the abyss of despair and force him to return to his introverted shell. You should thank the man verbally, or respond to the praise with a smile. Total ignorance can create the image of a gloomy and silent girl for a girl, whom it is better not to approach.

Give up denials

If a man has paid you a compliment, you should not start a counterattack and beat off the praise.

Even if you spent barely ten minutes on makeup today, and you put on this dress only because your favorite jeans lie alone in a basket of dirty laundry, a man does not need to know this at all.

how to accept a compliment
how to accept a compliment

Don't belittle your merits

You don't need to pay attention to a man's flaws. When will women finally understand this?

If a man says he likes your figure, smile, thank him, and accept the compliment with dignity. If you are in a trusting relationship with a man, you can continue the game: “Do you like my legs? How do you like my hips, m? " In other words, to the question: "How to respond to men's compliments?" the best answer would be "Playful and dignified."

Don't take compliments as mockery

The lower a woman's self-esteem, the more difficult it is for her to accept compliments. It seems to her that people constantly make fun of her, and in every compliment there is a mockery.

how to accept at
how to accept at

Discard your merits

The man praised your figure? There is no need to deny and say that everything is due to the well-chosen style of the dress. Even if you are wearing pantaloons like Bridget Jones, a man does not need to know this.

Praised your figure? So accept the compliment on her behalf, and not on behalf of the miraculous slimming pants.

Reply the same

You don't have to immediately compliment the other person. If appropriate, please. But you do not need to feel obligated and frantically come up with a reciprocal compliment.

Why women can't accept complimentsi

For some reason, in our society it is not accepted to love oneself. Gathering in a circle and starting to amicably exchange whining and complexes is a good thing, this is our way! But to publicly confess love to yourself is just bad manners.

how to receivets
how to receivets

For some reason, this is most common in the post-Soviet space.

Our compatriots are not used to talking openly about how they like their appearance.

For many, a self-confident girl = a self-confident girl with an overestimated HSP.

It’s not worth talking about guys - it’s not like a man to look after your appearance and attach some importance to it.

Therefore, to begin with, we have to protect ourselves from the influence of stereotypes.

And later on, we'll get to the hardest part - cultivating healthy self-esteem and self-love.

If you basically ask the question: “How to respond to the compliments of men?”, Then you either receive them quite rarely, or you feel discomfort every time a male pays attention to you.

how to accept compliments
how to accept compliments

If men do not pamper you with compliments, then the problem is either in the men around you, or in you:

If leaving the house you put on the mask of the impregnable Snow Queen, men may be elementary afraid to approach you

If a girl looks like Monica Bellucci, but with all her appearance shows that she is higher than despicable men, a rare guy will dare to approach her - I really do not want to get a rude refusal, relishing self-esteem.

  • If a girl feels uncomfortable being in the spotlight and strives to become invisible, eventually her dream will come true - men will really stop noticing her. They will stop seeing her as a woman. Be afraid of your desires, they tend to come true, dear ladies.
  • Confidence should not be confused with self-confidence - if you take every compliment for granted and take the praise with the face of a fan-weary star, of course, the number of fans can decrease dramatically.
flowers from a guy
flowers from a guy

Guide for accepting compliments2


Radiate self-confidence in any situation and you will be happy - both in your personal life, and in bed, and at work, and with friends.

If a man compliments you, take it confidently - yes, you look great, yes, your manicure is flawless, and your skin is soft as silk.

Yes, yes and yes again.

Moderate modesty

A rare woman will be able to respond to a compliment with the phrase: "Yes, I know" and not look arrogant and smug. A sweet smile and a playful look are enough. You don't have to be an Oscar movie star.

Do not ask

If you miss compliments from a man, do not try to hint or throw tantrums - ask clear questions. "Do you like my body?", "How do you like my rear view?" etc. And in no way - remember! - in no case try to bargain for a compliment with hysterics or signature female phrases like "Am I fat?"

gifts from men
gifts from men

Women, learn a simple truth: men are not as observant as you think. They don't care about your stretch marks, impending cellulite, or uneven little fingers. But if you draw his attention to your shortcomings every day, he will notice them. Do you need it?

Appreciate the efforts

If a man rarely pampers you with compliments, or hesitates to show you signs of attention, be sure to show him that you are pleased with his attention. Thank him and tell him that he is very considerate, which makes him stand out from other men.

Eye contact

Sometimes eye-to-eye look can replace any compliment and any "worthy" answer to it. Keep your eyes on the floor - it only looks cute when you're fifteen. Grown girls are not afraid of male adoration, they enjoy it. It is also not necessary to devour the poor man with a glance - men are sensitive and fearful creatures.

compliments from men
compliments from men

Watch your intonation

Women underestimate the power of a woman's voice. You don't have to try to sound like a porn star, but you don't have to squeak like an anime heroine either. A slight excitement in the voice can do a good job - a man will be flattered by the effect his attention has on you. If you have a sexy deep voice, then not using such a gift of nature is simply blasphemy!

Talk about your feelings

Do you like the attention of a man, and his compliment made you blush? Tell him about it - it's both cute and sexy at the same time. You seem to be embarrassed by his praise, but at the same time, you are brave enough to talk about your feelings.

Formula for success3

How to respond to men's compliments?

With a smile, looking the man in the eye, thanking him and appreciating his observation. If necessary, the game can be continued and "peppercorns" can be added to it.

girl with flowers
girl with flowers

Learn to accept compliments using the example of Phoebe Buffet, the heroine of the Friends TV series:

- Phoebe? What a beautiful name!

- Oh, do you like my name? You should have heard my phone number!

Done! You are gorgeous!

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