How To Compliment A Girl Correctly: An Excursion For Beginners

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How To Compliment A Girl Correctly: An Excursion For Beginners
How To Compliment A Girl Correctly: An Excursion For Beginners
How to compliment a girl correctly
How to compliment a girl correctly

Some guys are simply pathologically afraid of revealing a clan in front of girls they like. And if they decide to do this, then something absurd flies out of their mouths. The ability to celebrate the dignity of the fairer sex, as well as express your admiration, is a real science. And not all men also know how to properly compliment a girl. Our article will help you make the impression of a real gentleman and at the same time not go too far in eulogies.

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Exact coordinates i

The very first place to start is to identify the reason for the boast. After all, not everything that you like may please the girl herself. For example, you admire her figure, and she works hard to change her. Appearance compliments are the most insidious thing, because you never know if it's worth mentioning what you just mentioned.

Many people consider compliments regarding a smile and eyes to be neutral. However, note that if a lady has braces on her teeth, a sore popped out on her lips, and her eyes are swollen from lack of sleep, then your words will be perceived as an insult.

All in good time 2

Are you a pretty young lady and are you eager to quickly communicate this through praise? Do not rush, because there is a possibility that you will simply be at the wrong time. For example, if you just saw each other, greeted and immediately began to overwhelm with compliments, then this behavior can be perceived ambiguously.

Girls love nice words, but they can be frightened by being too assertive. Therefore, it is worth entering all your laudatory blanks into ordinary everyday conversation, so that it looks natural.

Another piece of advice that can be given on this point is that you should not come up with compliments if the girl is upset about something. At such moments, she needs support, and not words about her beautiful voice and smile. In addition, do not try to detain the lady if she is in a hurry somewhere - at such moments she is definitely not up to your confessions.

compliment guide
compliment guide

Correct tone3

There are situations in which pompous and solemn speeches look quite appropriate and even evoke positive emotions. For example, while making a toast. But certainly not when you just want to compliment a pretty girl. Your presentation will determine how positively your words will be perceived.

And if you try to flatter and speak too insincerely, it will also be noticeable. Therefore, you should not compare the young lady with the real Angelina Jolie, because it will look ridiculous.

Remember to keep your compliment true and simple. Do not come up with something that is not, because if you want to make a person nice, then he is something nice to you. Find those inner qualities that seem really worthy to you.

For example, she studies a lot and tries to become a professional in a certain field. Or she works out in the gym and really succeeds. Be straightforward in your compliments and don't use complicated hints.

how to compliment girls
how to compliment girls

Reflection effect4

Sometimes it is useful not only to say everything directly, but to first imagine what emotions these words would cause in you. If you want to know how to properly compliment a girl, try this trick. Would you be pleased if someone praised your nose or ears? Most likely, this could cause confusion, because certain parts of the face are usually not mentioned in compliments (except for the eyes).

If you said a prepared phrase to yourself, you liked it and the situation is suitable, then do not postpone this matter indefinitely. If you are worried, try to analyze your last communication with this girl. Was it positive? If yes, then you shouldn't worry too much, because a little embarrassment on the part of a guy looks even cute in the eyes of all the ladies.

Main mistakes5

Most often, guys make the most common mistakes in compliments, which can not only ruin the girls' mood, but also make them very angry. For example, they do not know how to accept rejection correctly. If the young lady for some reason does not agree with your words, you should not persuade her and snap back. Just calmly accept and apologize for your persistence. This will be the behavior of a true gentleman, not a rude male.

advice guys for compliments
advice guys for compliments

Another mistake is sexually suggestive compliments. If you are not in a very close romantic relationship, then such "praise" is strictly prohibited, unless you want to run into overt aggression.

Now you know everything about how to properly compliment a girl. This will help you win the heart of any beauty and not fail on the personal front, but enjoy the title of a truly courteous and gallant gentleman.

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