How To Praise Your Man Correctly. Psychological Advice

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How To Praise Your Man Correctly. Psychological Advice
How To Praise Your Man Correctly. Psychological Advice

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Affectionate words to your beloved man
Affectionate words to your beloved man

From young nails we absorb the following: women love with their ears, men love with their eyes. A woman without compliments, like a flower without water, immediately withers and fades.

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Worldly wisdom, of course, is very, very useful. But do not forget that affection is required not only for women, but also for men.

Any wise woman will tell you that from time to time it is necessary to say affectionate words to your beloved man.

But which ones, we will now tell you.

Small featsi

Most women chuckle contemptuously when they are instructed in women's training to praise their man at the earliest opportunity and celebrate any help with the housework.

“I asked him for six months to nail a shelf in the bathroom. Six months! Am I going to crawl in front of him when he finally deserves to do it ?! " - ask the ladies, overwhelmed by righteous anger.

It is not necessary to "creep" and arrange a theater for one actor (actress). If a girl does not have an acting talent, her performance will look ridiculous or even be mistaken for banter and mockery.

It is enough to show that a woman appreciates the man's help with the household. Whether it's a nailed shelf or taking out the trash without a reminder. If the man completed the task given to him, it is worth thanking him for his help. If the result is particularly successful, it is worth noting.

Everything is like with small children.

Many women say they hate cooking and cleaning the house because they received nothing but criticism as a child. “Again after you wash the floors, armless! Some stains and dirt in the corners! " - voila! - the girl grows up and hates washing floors.

Every time she picks up the mop, she remembers the angry look of her mother and tosses the rags and "Mr. Proper" to hell. “You're cutting the onion wrong! What is it all about, let me do everything myself! " - from now on, the girl will not touch onions and vegetables in general and will hate cooking with all her soul. The same with washing, ironing, etc.

what are the affectionate words for a loved one
what are the affectionate words for a loved one

A truly wise parent will grudgingly eat burnt scrambled eggs or cold pasta conglomerate, squeezing out a mean smile and praise. At one time, the child will not learn how to cook masterpieces or wipe the floors to a shine. But praise will make him take initiative more and more often, gain experience and improve.

Men are the same children. Unless their cars are not toy, but life-size, and instead of cartoons, they watch porn.

When the man fulfilled the request, he needs to be thanked and praised.

If he did something without being reminded, this should also be noted.

Indicate flaws carefully and do not cut a man for a broken mug until the golden wedding.

For no reason2

Do not overdo it with compliments and lisp with a man like a five-year plan. But if you give him praise only after another feat, you won't get far on this. He will not turn into Pavlov's dog and will not begin to rush headlong around the house with an overweight hammer in order to earn praise.

what kind words can you say to your beloved
what kind words can you say to your beloved

Compliments and affectionate words to a beloved man need to be said more often so that he perceives them as pleasant little things in life, and not rare positive sanctions.

Let him associate praise with the woman he loves and the warmth that she radiates, and not with a nailed shelf or washed dishes.


Bunnies, seals and other menagerie are not welcomed by all men. You need to be especially careful with "babies" and other diminutive nicknames.

Do not abuse tender meat when the couple is outside their home bedroom. A man in a circle of friends and a man alone with his beloved are two different people.

Even if he likes to be a cat at home, alone with his woman, in a circle of friends he may feel uncomfortable being strewn with intimate nicknames.

It is very important here to track the reaction of a particular man - if he is thrilled by the tender words of his beloved and he does not care who is nearby, a woman can give free rein to her feelings.

what kind words to your beloved
what kind words to your beloved

If the "cat" closes and becomes unusually rude, then his lady of the heart has crossed the line.

Individual approach4

The formula for the perfect compliment is a man's outstanding qualities and abilities, multiplied by two and spoken with tenderness in his voice.

If a man is complex due to excess weight and adequately evaluates himself, you should not tell him that he is complex like a Greek god. Admire how strong he is, and how lucky you are to be behind him like a stone wall.

If a man claims to be an intellectual (by the way, even those who read memes instead of books claim this title), praise his intelligence. Admire his knowledge in one area or another. Whether he understands politics or cars, literature or art house cinema, economics or bodybuilding, praise his knowledge and admire his versatility.


Admit it, you like it when a new friend calls you by name. You have already managed to forget twice the name of the guy whom your friend introduced you, but he perfectly remembered yours. Nicely? Nicely.

what kind words to say to your beloved man
what kind words to say to your beloved man

This always works - refer to the person by name more often. Especially if you are at the dating stage.

Our brain reacts positively to the sound of our own name.

Of course, when this sound is not accompanied by the obscene language of the boss in the telephone receiver.


A man needs affection even in peacetime, and if storms occur in his soul, his need for tenderness rises to heaven.

What kind words does a beloved man dream of hearing in a difficult life situation?

First of all, he wants to hear that the woman he loves believes in him. He managed to be disappointed in himself and his abilities three times, so he will be pleased to hear that at least one living being (except for his mother) in this world believes that he will get out of this ass.

He wants to know that he can count on the support of his woman, and his beloved is not going to leave him.

what kind words to say to your beloved guy
what kind words to say to your beloved guy

If a man is dear to his girlfriend, more than anything he is afraid of disappointing her and losing.


Naturally. No compliment for good looks or extraordinary mental ability beats praise for his sexual skills.

Compliments are essential here. And everything is superb. "Best of all", "most violent orgasm", "craziest sex", "never happened", etc. If a man is told that sex with him is the best thing that happened in a girl's life, he will never forget it. If you've watched Friends, you'll remember how Chandler jumped on the table and started dancing after learning that none of Monica's exes could match him.

It is very important here not to overdo it with pretense - if the deception is revealed, it will be a powerful blow to male pride.

what kind words are there to your beloved guy
what kind words are there to your beloved guy

Either use more modest compliments, but those that correspond to reality, or sign up for acting classes. There is no third.


A separate item in the list of "Top affectionate words to a beloved man" should be given thanks.

The word "thank you" has tremendous power. The more a woman thanks a man for his efforts, the more of these efforts he applies. And here one very interesting psychological law comes into play: the more we do for a person, the more we like him. In other words, the more we invest in relationships, the more we value them. Therefore, do not hesitate to ask for help from new acquaintances or even cute strangers.

Of course, if this is not a request to shelter for a week the second cousin of grandfather's mistress, who lives with three St. Bernards.


What compliments does a man dream of hearing? What kind words do the representatives of the stronger sex have a weakness for? We present to your attention the intelligence.

about affectionate words to your beloved guy
about affectionate words to your beloved guy

A block of compliments related to work and ability

  • I believe in you.
  • I love the way you handle everything.
  • Everything that comes into your head, you manage to implement.

(said without reproach or reminder of how he built a fortress from empty pizza boxes and beer cans left over from a bachelor party)

  • It's no wonder people want to work with you. You inspire confidence. People are bribed by your ability.
  • I knew you would get this position. You have intelligence, talent, and willpower. You are so single-minded! I'm proud of you.
  • You have already achieved a lot. I know that in the future you will become an even more successful person.

Appearance compliment block

affectionate words to your beloved
affectionate words to your beloved
  • You are so handsome.
  • Wow, your trips to the gym weren't in vain!
  • You look especially courageous today.
  • You are so sexy in this suit (shirt / t-shirt and jeans).
  • I love your strong arms so much. Especially when they hug me.
  • I love your smile.
  • I love waking up next to you. You are beautiful even in the morning, with disheveled hair.

A block of compliments related to the assessment of his efforts

  • You do so much for me.
  • Thanks for breakfast, honey. I always liked the way you cook.
  • Thanks for fixing this thing. How do you manage all this?
  • I love that you are so kind to me.
  • You are so good at listening. This is a rare quality.
  • I appreciate everything you do for me. You are so considerate and caring.
  • Thanks for helping me with…. … I knew it was worth asking you.

A block of compliments that emphasize respect for a man

affectionate words to your beloved man
affectionate words to your beloved man
  • You are a good person.
  • I am proud of you and everything you do.
  • I respect you as a person.
  • Your opinion is very important to me, please tell me what you think.
  • Every day you get better and better.
  • You are constantly improving yourself.
  • It takes a lot of courage to admit your mistake. I really appreciate that.
  • I am proud of my man and do not hide it.

A block of compliments indicating that a woman trusts a man and is ready to follow him

  • I trust you.
  • I'm on your side.
  • I will follow you wherever you go.
  • I need your advice. You always know what to do.

A block of compliments indicating that a man is driving a woman crazy

what kind words to your beloved man
what kind words to your beloved man
  • You make my heart beat faster.
  • I blush next to you.
  • You always manage to make me laugh.
  • You mean a lot to me.
  • Can't forget last night.
  • I never felt as good with anyone as I did with you.
  • I saw you in my dreams.
  • I can't stop looking into your eyes.
  • I am so calm and comfortable with you.
  • You turn me on like no one else. My knees are literally shaking.
  • You are the funniest man I know.

Block of general compliments with the most striking feedback

"I am so lucky to have met you!" - this phrase should be pronounced with a happy smile and sparkle in the eyes. This compliment is the quintessence of everything that a man dreams of hearing from his beloved. She loves him, she appreciates him, respects and admires him, and also realizes that he is a gift of fate and the best thing in her life. And certainly better than her two-meter former with her own business and two luxury cars

about affectionate words to your beloved man
about affectionate words to your beloved man

“I appreciate everything you do for me every day” - it is better to give a compliment in the present tense, that is, “do” and not “did”. So that the man does not relax and think that you have not noticed how he diligently vacuumed the living room yesterday

Even if you really didn't notice.

  • "You are a great father!" or "You will be a great father." If a man loves children and plans to have his own in the future, he will be pleased to hear that his beloved considers him a trustworthy partner. Do not overuse this compliment at the beginning of your acquaintance. Especially if a man is barely over twenty, and he plays computer games more than any schoolboy.
  • "You have great muscles!" If a man has been working hard on improving his body for a long time, he will be pleased. If he has just started attending the gym and is already ready to give up this venture, the compliment motivates him to continue training.
  • "You have great friends!" At last! He was so afraid that the jokes of his friends would be perceived by the woman with hostility and he would have to choose between friends and his beloved. But! Do not praise his friends too much and wear super sexy dresses to meet them. Outbreaks of jealousy and groundless (groundless?) Scandals are possible.
affectionate words to your beloved guy
affectionate words to your beloved guy

"I want you". The more desire there is in the eyes of the woman he loves, the happier he himself will be. But! A woman needs to be prepared for the fact that a man will briskly respond to a compliment - you need to be ready for an active continuation of the evening

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