How To Dress For A First Date? Tips For Women And Men

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How To Dress For A First Date? Tips For Women And Men
How To Dress For A First Date? Tips For Women And Men
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How to dress for a first date
How to dress for a first date

Everyone knows the tremulous excitement that any person experiences when going on a date. There are so many questions in my head and I want so much to make an indelible impression that the simplest rules completely fly out of my head. Many girls and guys don't know how to dress for a first date, so they make gross mistakes that turn off a potential partner. Everyone wants to become as perfect as possible, but everyone forgets that perfect does not exist.

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On the other hand, if you do not approach responsibly when choosing an outfit for such an event, then your partner may decide that you are indifferent to this meeting. Of course, the desire to look natural is commendable, but you should not come in a stretched T-shirt and home pants, demonstrating your "usual". Better yet, remember in advance simple tips that will help you not look stupid in any situation.

Appeal to the inner "I" i

As in everyday life, it is recommended to keep your usual features in the image, which are always inherent in you. If you listen to heavy music and are covered with tattoos and piercings, then you won't be able to play a lady from high society. This failure affects all guys, because if a man is used to iron discipline, loves order and stingy with smiles, then choosing a frivolous outfit for a date will be shortsighted.

Try to choose something smart for yourself that suits your style. Let it be not an evening dress or suit, but just a comfortable loose dress and a shirt with jeans. Appropriate accessories will allow your partner to understand you better, but do not cling to everything at once.

The best as the enemy of the good2

The desire to do everything flawlessly leads to the fact that girls put a ton of makeup on their faces, and guys try to style their hair with so much gel that it looks like plastic. As for the fair sex, it is better to limit yourself to a light natural make-up, which will hide minor flaws and emphasize advantages. No need to apply black eyeshadow and complement them with red lipstick. You will look intimidating and may frighten the guy off.

girl is going on a date
girl is going on a date

Men, on the other hand, are not recommended to apply a lot of styling products, as well as to use too fragrant deodorant that will interrupt other odors. In terms of perfume, representatives of both sexes should generally be careful, because people rarely like too strong a scent.

The meeting place cannot be changed3

If you're wondering how to dress for your first date, just think about where it will take place. If it's late time and a pretentious restaurant, then smart dresses (just not to the floor!) And elegant suits for men will be appropriate. If you are just going to have a snack in a cafe, then choose something simpler in a casual style. Well, if your meeting place is a park where you have a picnic, then it is better to remember practicality. It is unlikely that you will be comfortable sitting on the ground in a short flying dress.

girl in first date dress
girl in first date dress

Another tip in this case is to simply complement your everyday clothes with beautiful accessories. This applies to those cases when you are not going to go out, where a more formal form is required. After all, if your relationship continues, dress constantly like on the red carpet. Therefore, keep it simple, and you will definitely succeed.

A bit of analysis4

Even though this is your first date, you should already know something about your partner. What are his hobbies, what is he like in communication and how he behaves during a conversation. Try to imagine how you will look together in your outfits. If he's a calculating and discreet guy, try to avoid frivolous miniskirts and obscenely deep cleavage. It will make an impression, but not the one you expect.

girl is going on a romantic date
girl is going on a romantic date

Men, on the other hand, should not bring too much officialdom into their appearance. This means that if you're just going to the movies, you don't have to wear a bow tie and polish your dress shoes. A girl may feel a little uncomfortable next to such a gentleman. In general, all these costumes are relevant only for expensive restaurants, in other cases you can get by with less.

Only for men5

There are some more points that relate specifically to the stronger sex. Regardless of how the date ends, you need to take care of clean socks. Choose such that they are as high as possible, otherwise as soon as you sit down or stretch your legs, the lady will contemplate your hairy legs. In addition, do not neglect fresh underwear. Of course, take a shower and shave off your stubble before getting dressed. Your task is to look fresh and well-groomed, because every girl appreciates this.

girl in a romantic dress
girl in a romantic dress

Another important detail is shoes. Try to choose not only the appropriate cut, but also make sure that your shoes are clean. Because no matter how beautiful your shoes are, if they flaunt shabby noses and are covered in mud, they will be the reason for your failure. And believe me, ladies always pay attention to such details.

The devil is in the little things6

Of course, no one can guarantee you that your date will go flawlessly. However, you should always be prepared to get home on your own. This is especially true for the ladies. Take your purse, phone and some cash so that if something happens you can pay for dinner and go home by taxi. Guys are advised to show gallantry and, if something happens, put the lady in the car and pay for the road so that she is not left alone in the middle of the street.

Well, the most important advice to the appearance - smile! After all, even without knowing how to dress for a first date, you will look irresistible if you just give your smile. Openness and sincerity always work reliably and allow everyone even small mistakes in appearance. And then your evening or day will truly be magical and definitely not the last in this relationship.

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