How To Become A Bitch And Why Men Like Them So Much

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How To Become A Bitch And Why Men Like Them So Much
How To Become A Bitch And Why Men Like Them So Much
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How to become a bitch
How to become a bitch

Once upon a time the word "bitch" had a negative connotation. It was an insult!

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  • 1 Decaying West
  • 2 Why it's good to be a bitch
  • 3 Do men like bitches?
  • 4 Negative side
  • 5 Side view: movies about bitches
  • 6 Guide to bitchiness
  • 7 Benefits of training

But years have passed, and what do we have? Multivolume prints, dressed in a red cover, on which "1000 and 1 rule of the bitch" is written in large gold letters (the name was invented, but such game may well be found on the bookshelf of some overage princess), trainings and courses "How to become a bitch" and much more.

Where did the demand for this come from? Do men really like bitchy people?

Decaying West

Today we will analyze the wisdom that Internet users share on English-language sites. What is included in their concept of bitches? Oh, aim sorry, we meant bitch, of course.

We open the first site.

Buzzfeed is an entertainment resource that also has its own YouTube channel. Girls mercilessly test all kinds of human inventions on themselves - menstrual cups, panties with slits, incomprehensible designs, proudly called "underwear" and much, much more.

The word bitch, that is, a bitch, appears on the Internet almost more often than any other of the great Shakespearean dialect. We hear this word in the songs of famous performers, heroes of films and TV series are carelessly scattered at them. But what do Americans mean by it?

Wondering how to become a bitch? Or maybe you are already?

Buzzfeed has compiled a list of clear signs that you are a bitch in secret.

  • You take pride in not judging anyone, but in reality you are not. In fact, you are always ready to judge someone.
  • Your phone is full of screenshots of your friends posting something inappropriate on the Internet. And you exchanged these screenshots with others. You are always ready to discuss someone's fiasco.
  • As soon as your high school friends announce their engagement, you immediately start discussing if their pictures are too gaudy rings.
  • If a colleague tells you something impartial, you will immediately find another colleague to complain.
  • You discuss the appearance of other people, or rather, what you would change in him. Hint: everyone. From hairstyle to character.
  • You love to evaluate the appearance and behavior of even strangers.
  • You are giving out false compliments.
  • You judge others for every little thing, including wearing colorful socks to the office.
  • You impose your own standards of behavior on other people.
  • An imperfectly cleaned apartment (of anyone) is a great occasion for discussion. And condemnation.
  • You enjoy discussing others behind their back.
  • As soon as you get to know a person, you immediately evaluate his clothes.
  • When they tell you: "Just don't tell anyone!", You are already planning how to report the gossip to a couple of girlfriends, boyfriend, mom and neighbor. Are you sure it doesn't count.
  • If your friends read your real thoughts about them, you would immediately be left without friends.
  • You deliberately prevent the person from joining in the conversation so that no one hangs you up to conduct a monologue.
  • You are sure that everyone envies you - your appearance, intelligence, sense of humor, career, personal life, apartment and life in general.
  • You don't think being a bitch is bad.

Hmm. Not very much the picture looms. It turns out that in order to be a bitch, you need to be a hypocritical, self-confident lady who does not know what friendship is. An interesting approach to the interpretation of this term.

We open another site.

The page greets us with the enticing title "How to be a Bad Bitch". I mean, how to be a bad bitch, but we will use the option more familiar to our ears - how to become a bitch.

Eva Longoria
Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria

“The bitch is a self-respecting, strong woman who has everything under control. She's all right with her body, mind, finances and attitude. He achieves his goal by any means."

Here it is! The same "tasty" definition. This is exactly what girls, girls and women want to be, herds running to women's trainings and courses to increase bitchiness.

If we consider the term "bitch" in this vein, then the excitement around him is understandable. A confident beauty who does not depend on anyone. Yes, it's sexy. Men like these women.

We read on.

The author of the article asks a very reasonable question: "And why, in fact, are confident, successful and beautiful women suddenly began to be considered bastards?"

Good question.

bitch girl
bitch girl

When did the general fashion for bitchiness start? It obviously happened not a year or two ago. All of a sudden, the internet is flooded with highly intelligent quotes about bitches. About the wise and weary fatal women.

They were distributed, by the way, by girls who were tired except with their big homework in geometry.

Hell, we just condemned other people's tastes.

Seems like bitchiness is contagious.

The author urges not to take the term "bitch" too seriously, and then it may well acquire a positive connotation.

Why it's good to be a bitch2

Let's dwell on one of the most important elements of the bitch image - high self-esteem.

High, but not overpriced, feel the difference?

For years and decades, men have been pestered with questions about what character trait is the sexiest in a woman.

And all these years and decades, the male gender answered in unison: self-confidence.

A confident woman excites not only the desire to possess, but also the desire to respect.

“You don’t love yourself - no one will love yourself” and blah-blah-blah.

We all hear this and many other simple truths almost every day.

But simple truths usually carry much more meaning than we are used to observing.

become a bitch
become a bitch

Do men like bitches? 3

If you put self-confidence, grooming, a good sense of humor, intelligence and an active life position into this concept, then damn it, they naturally like them! And who doesn't like these? Does anyone like unkempt, stupid, dull and boring phlegms?

Negative side4

"Men love only those who wipe their feet on them!" - such everyday wisdom can be heard from some ladies. It is worth noting that most often such advice is scattered by ladies who have a damn thing in their personal lives.


Why do people so dislike the golden mean! Well, why all these excesses in one direction or the other?

Once upon a time there was a girl. She put her whole soul into a relationship with the boy - the apartment was cleaned to shine, the floor is so clean that you can operate on it. Delicious smells were always heard from the kitchen - it was she who found a new recipe and decided to surprise her beloved with delicious. In the bedroom, she showed such numbers that eminent porn directors bite their elbows.

But the boy was not a very good person. The porridge is not the same for him, the sex is kind of insipid, and the girl has become somewhat incomprehensible and obstinate. Our heroine endures insults, nagging and outright abuse and silently swallows tears.

easy to become a bitch
easy to become a bitch

Having finally got out of a toxic relationship, she takes a sacred oath to become a bitch and take revenge on the entire male race.

Hello, friend! It's a shame, of course, that your ex-boyfriend was an outspoken asshole, but that doesn't mean that others should take the rap for him.

Golden mean.

You can be both a self-confident "bitch" and an affectionate loving woman at the same time.

Yes, often the sacrifices made by one partner are absolutely not appreciated by the other. Not noticed, not respected.

Men are not interested in pliable, like plasticine, girls who do not have their own opinion and are afraid to declare their desires.

But evil, cruel bitches, from whom not even a gram of female warmth and care emanate, are not needed by adequate men (without masochistic inclinations).

bitch woman
bitch woman

Side view: movies about bitch5

Watch these films at your leisure and decide for yourself if you want to become a bitch. And what exactly do you mean by this word.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Veruca

Remember this nasty girl? Oh yes, she wanted to achieve her goal by any means, regardless of moral norms, etiquette and other people's opinions. Do you remember how it ended?

If you haven't watched this movie, be sure to fill this cultural gap. The tape will appeal to fans of Johnny Depp and lovers of fairy tales that contain morality. Warning: It's best to stock up on chocolate before watching.

Mean Girls

It is difficult to single out just one heroine in this tape. The film, although considered just a teenage comedy, is actually quite instructive. Some girls will see a direct guide to action here. But we advise you to dig deeper - this is more "Bad advice" than instructions for use.

who is a bitch
who is a bitch

Tear off

About "good" bitches, who took the path of correction, and about evil bitches, who in the end are left alone. Choose for yourself who you want to be. A light teenage comedy that evokes a sense of sweet sadness in those who graduated from high school a long time ago.

Dangerous Liaisons, Katherine

Vicious and cruel girl who loves to manipulate people. Interesting film, beautiful actors and good bed scenes. When a bitch is really an insult.

American Horror Story, Sabbat

"Sabbat" is the name of the season. You can go straight to it, even if you haven't seen a single episode. Emma Roberts plays the role of bitches perfectly. A beautiful, pretentious, but utterly charming witch will show you what it means to be a bitch.

Charlie's Angels

In the first part of the tape, you can watch the adventures of three girls, and if you master the second part, you can see the gorgeous Demi Moore in the role of the real Bitch. Strong, athletic, smart and brave, but still girls. They can put the enemy on both shoulder blades, fearlessly hang on the cornices and deal with enemies, but they are afraid to introduce the guy to his father.

how to be a bitch
how to be a bitch


In this series, the number of bitches per square kinometer is simply off scale. Are you ready to sleep with your best friend's boyfriend or to spread dirty rumors about her? Do you have a hand to push your best friend into the fountain? "Gossip Girl" is another series about how not to behave. About what the desire to be always and in everything the first can lead to.

And by the way, if you don't know how to correctly combine clothes and accessories, use this series as a mentor in the world of fashion and style.

Guide to bitchiness6

How to become a bitch? Let's write down the points:

  • Take good care of your appearance. The face, figure, hair and nails - everything should be well-groomed and beautiful. The clothes are tastefully selected. Learn to emphasize your strengths (but do not try to poke them in the eyes of others) and correct flaws. If you lack taste and sense of style, they urgently need to develop in yourself. Think of the movie Mean Girls - the school's main bitch, Regina George, has built a reputation as a style icon. When classmates decided to annoy her and cut her T-shirt in the nipple area, Regina just grunted and went about her business from the hip. The next day, the whole school was walking around with slits in the chest.
  • Posture should be truly royal. The shoulders are straightened, the back is straight, the head is raised. Beautiful posture is sexy. And besides, it has a positive effect on the figure as a whole. The chest rises, and you yourself become 2-3 centimeters taller.
how is it to become a bitch
how is it to become a bitch

Whether a girl is confident in herself or not, you can easily tell by the way she walks, laughs and talks. Posture must be monitored as closely as manicure or elasticity of the priests.

  • Intelligence. Ability to maintain a conversation on any topic.
  • Sense of humor. Ability to sarcastically. You also have to tame the art of sarcasm. A real bitch knows how to joke and won't go into his pocket for a word.
  • Sexuality. The bitch is sexy and knows about it. She is not afraid of male attention and lust. She enjoys it and relishes it.
  • Self-confidence. The main point. You can't be a "real bitch" if you are a notorious gray mouse.
  • Wide circle of contacts. Friends, girlfriends, acquaintances - you know how to find an approach to almost any person. Especially when you need it.

Benefits of trainings7

Frankly speaking, all these "wisdom" look rather ridiculous and ridiculous.

A "real" bitch is unlikely to sit out evenings listening to a dubious chubby aunt talking about the great art of "being a bitch." If you want to become a bitch in order to conquer men, take the time to groom yourself or go to a party with friends.

is it possible to become a bitch
is it possible to become a bitch

Perhaps a new acquaintance will not have time to understand that you are just a sweet and kind girl, and will submit himself.

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