What You Need To Know When Entering A New Relationship After 40

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What You Need To Know When Entering A New Relationship After 40
What You Need To Know When Entering A New Relationship After 40

Video: What You Need To Know When Entering A New Relationship After 40

Video: What You Need To Know When Entering A New Relationship After 40
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Things to keep in mind when entering a new relationship after 40
Things to keep in mind when entering a new relationship after 40

If, after a long break, you would like to plunge into a stormy love life again, age is not a hindrance to this. But there are a few important things to keep in mind. Today we will talk about the factors that should be considered when looking for a partner for those who are over 40 or more.

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  • 1 Dating Sites
  • 2 Be open to new meetings
  • 3 Save time
  • 4 Children
  • 5 Sexual needs
  • 6 Analyze previous relationships
  • 7 Assess yourself correctly
  • 8 Erectile dysfunction after 40 years

Dating sites i

It is believed that only frivolous people get to know each other through phone applications and websites. Of course, such a prejudice did not come from an empty place: on the vastness of the domestic Internet, there are indeed many sites where men and women are looking for entertainment of a very different spectrum. However, finding someone for a relationship is also possible. The main thing is not to give up and keep looking.

Correctly write down the goals of dating in your profile and do not overload it with overly candid photos. Such pictures themselves serve as bait for users with sexual goals. Respond to all messages except in cases of blatant rudeness. It is possible that behind the ordinary phrase "Hello, do you want to meet?" a very interesting person is hiding.

Be open to new meetings2

American psychologist Jan Kerner is convinced that the main thing for success in dating after 40-50 years is a positive outlook and openness. “Make friends who also suffer from loneliness. Take an interest in life, get involved in social events - it can be cycling, literary circles, sports activities … Even if you do not meet a new person directly during these events, this will allow you to gain impressions, become a more versatile and attractive person, "the psychologist emphasizes. …

Save time3

In our youth, we can still waste time, but in adulthood, people usually value every minute. “It's okay to value your own time resources. But anyway, if you want to get to know each other, you will have to set aside at least a few hours a week for dating. If you come across a worthy candidate, these sacrifices will pay off.

If a new acquaintance cancels a date at the last minute, then asks to meet again without explaining any reason, this should alert you. Most likely, he or she is not planning anything serious. And in this vein, your future relationships will develop if you allow them to develop,”the psychologist warns.

he canceled the date again
he canceled the date again

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After 40 years, many people already have adult sons and daughters. Kerner believes that this factor should become one of the determining factors when looking for a new partner. “Look for those people who also have children. This will make it easier to find a common language - you do not have to explain why the child is in the first place for you. There will be no jealousy or power struggles in a new relationship.”

Sexual needs5

“At this age, people often feel embarrassed about the possibility of starting a new sexual relationship. Talk to a new acquaintance about your sexual health, your preferences and limits. This will make the relationship more comfortable from the very first stage. This conversation will be an indicator that you are ready to take the relationship to a higher level."

Analyze Previous Relationships6

“If you have already gotten divorced, think about what difficulties in your love life may haunt you. Often, to gain a happy future, you need to draw the right conclusions from the past. Carefully evaluate your own actions and behavior with the previous partner. What did you do wrong? What annoyed you about him? This understanding will allow you to avoid annoying mistakes in the future,”advises Kerner.

analyze past relationships
analyze past relationships

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Assess yourself correctly 7

What happens if a not particularly slender woman of average appearance still fancies herself a 25-year-old beauty and wants to see a fit, athletic young man next to her? Or is a man with a beer belly and bald head still looking for young nymphs ready to date him? The trouble is that our heroes simply do not come into the sight of these people.

That is why it is important to evaluate yourself correctly. “Take a look at yourself in the mirror and soberly analyze your own advantages and disadvantages,” recommends Jan Kerner. “Maybe you should respond to the offer to meet that 50-year-old woman, and not unsuccessfully look for young girls, then consider them stupid and greedy?”.

first evaluate yourself correctly
first evaluate yourself correctly

Erectile dysfunction after 40 years __40

Men ages 40-50 and older may take longer to get aroused. “This is absolutely normal, although many men grow up whole complexes because of this,” says the psychologist. “Don't avoid dating or dating. If you come across a decent woman, this will in no way become an obstacle for her to create a relationship. By the way, at the beginning of your acquaintance, you can make it a joke. Tell them that your dick is usually in no rush to join the party, but then it can't be stopped."

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