What Turns Men Away From Women Instantly? TOP 7 Main Things

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What Turns Men Away From Women Instantly? TOP 7 Main Things
What Turns Men Away From Women Instantly? TOP 7 Main Things
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Unshaven feet
Unshaven feet

Each girl seeks to attract a man who will have a lot of pleasant features for her. For some, this is a financially successful person, others are interested in spiritual qualities: caring, attentiveness, kindness. For men, everything happens about the same, only they pay much more attention to the external characteristics of the chosen one.

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  • 1 Hairiness
  • 2 Excess weight
  • 3 Fragrance
  • 4 Manicure
  • 5 Excessive tanning
  • 6 Combat makeup
  • 7 Vulgar clothing

At least this rule works in the early stages of a relationship. What do most guys dislike? Today we will talk about things that cause rejection of the stronger sex. There are unshaven legs, dirty hair, and many more interesting details.

Why do we cite visual things as an example? No matter how resisted modern women, in particular representatives of the feminist community, guys really appreciate grooming in girls. You can prove as much as you like that women are not obliged to do hair removal, manicure and other women's procedures, but statistics say the opposite. It is very important for a man that their chosen one takes care of herself, smells good, radiates positive female energy.


Let's concentrate on the visuals. Why is it so important to look good? How else can you please a man at first sight? Of course, he must consider a woman's personality, focus on her character and sphere of interests. The question is different. Would a guy want to get to know a girl who turns him off with her looks?

In our country, as in most developed countries, women are used to removing unwanted hair. It would be more accurate to say that all hair, except for the mock on the head, is undesirable for most guys.

The first thing that catches your eye is facial hair. This happens quite often, almost always. Blonde girls were a little more fortunate, because the hairs on their skin are practically invisible and rather soft. Burning brunettes suffer with mustaches and thick eyebrows, which regularly strive to unite into a single tick line.

Now we see that wide, sloppy eyebrows are a trend. Perhaps the sly girls themselves came up with this trend in order to bother less with the design of the eyebrows. But you can't hide the antennae - they are always removed.

things that turn men off
things that turn men off

Men are generally categorical about the depilation of intimate parts of the body. It would seem that only thirty or forty years ago, pubic hair was perceived as the absolute norm. Now the majority of males want everything to be smooth and soft in the spicy zone of the girl. What can you do, the paradigm has changed, it will not work to wean the children from tenderness in favor of hairiness.

There is another important nuance here. In the genital area and armpits, hair is generally undesirable. Even for men, this rule applies. In these places, there is increased sweating, which provokes the imminent appearance of an unpleasant odor. Depending on the physiology of a particular person, sweating occurs in a different volume. If the deodorant does not work well, try removing unwanted hair - the situation changes immediately.

Unshaven legs are the most controversial moment in recent years. Men like smooth legs. Manufacturers of machine tools, creams, as well as specialists in shugaring and laser hair removal urge ladies not to ignore the moment of hair removal from legs. For some reason, girls reject these arguments.

Open Instagram and you will be very surprised. Countless women bloggers are urging people to stop shaving their legs. Some go further by ignoring the armpit hair removal. But it is on unshaven legs that public attention is now focused.

unshaven legs
unshaven legs

Hygiene arguments no longer work here. Indeed, leg hair does not cause any discomfort. Men and women of traditional views can only insist on the aspect of aesthetics. Smooth or unshaven legs are one of the most resonant issues of recent times. But guys don't like hairy and spiny bears, whatever one may say.


According to research by psychologists, it turned out that about fifteen percent of men adore women in the body. Experts say that this figure is seriously underestimated. The explanation is simple - public imposed stereotypes about a harmonious sports figure. That is, not every man is ready to admit, even to himself, that he is attracted to full ladies.

Anyway, most guys like hottie skaters. You don't have to be completely skinny. Today, fitonies are on the pedestal. Do you know who this is?

Girls who promote and apply the correct lifestyle in their lives are called phyto-babies. They actively demonstrate their toned body, go in for sports, stretch, use yoga practices, and eat right. No, they don't torment themselves with exhausting diets. But the results make men shake with excitement.

things that annoy men in women
things that annoy men in women

From this we conclude that the average guy most likely does not like being overweight and a large amount of fat on the body of the chosen one. A girl with at least a little abs, toned buttocks and slender legs will be much more attractive to him.

With proper nutrition and lack of excess weight, our next factor is less worried - unpleasant smell.


The smell of a woman is what really attracts the attention of men very much. This law was discovered many centuries ago, when the first perfume appeared. Smell is one of the basic guidelines for human action. This instinct has not lost its relevance even in the process of evolution.

We ourselves sometimes do not notice how much we are attracted or repelled by this or that fragrance. Sometimes a subtle smell makes people feel nostalgic, excited, or even lose their head from passion.

The opposite phenomenon occurs with unpleasant odors. There are notes that are repulsive to most people. But we are all different, so it is rather difficult to identify them. Let's try to figure it out with the sharpest examples.

what annoys men
what annoys men

For example, is the smell of sweat pleasant or not? In a general sense, we all don't like it when someone exudes the scent of an unwashed body. This immediately suggests that the person does not take care of himself, ignores the banal norms of personal hygiene. On the other hand, lovers often bump into each other's armpits, why?

Like animals, humans have their own personal scent. It is made up of a million different factors, but it always contains the scent of leather - the smell of sweat. A loved one always smells delicious, even if it seems to others that this is not at all the case.

Still, in order for a guy to like it at first sight and contact, you should monitor what kind of smell comes from you. It is important to follow the rules of hygiene, wash regularly in the shower. To create a special aura around them, women use deodorants and perfumes. Many perfume compositions contain pheromones and natural aphrodisiacs. These components affect the receptors of men in a special way, hinting at the attractiveness of a lady.

Manicure 4

We studied a lot of social polls, during which men were directly asked about a particular part of a woman that is important in the emergence of sympathy. The top includes not only eyes and hair, but also hands. Indeed, the state of women's hands can tell much more about her than clothes or verbal contact.

7 things that turn men off
7 things that turn men off

They even determine age by hand. Bad habits leave their mark on them. In general, even after having done a successful plastic surgery on the face, you can pierce your own hands. But these are all trifles, compared to the crown of women's fingers - marigolds.

Men are repulsed by the complete lack of attention to the nails. If dirt accumulates under them, or a girl bites her nails, she can hardly count on a second date. There should always be a neat manicure on your hands. It is not necessary to cover your nails with bright varnish, it is enough just to bring them to a well-groomed condition.

When it comes to acid tones and long nails, most guys call this an unpleasant factor. They believe that huge nails are not just a dangerous instrument of torture, but also a manifestation of bad taste.

Men say the same about catchy colors. Nowadays, covering your nails with light green varnish is a wake-up call. The guy most likely decides that he is dealing with a resident of a remote village, who for the first time in her life learned that nails can be painted.

what turns men off
what turns men off

Here is an interesting fact that was voiced by the sex bomb of Russia, Alena Vodonaeva. The TV presenter released her own book, where she described in detail the secrets with which any woman can become desired. One of the tips just applies to nails, or rather a pedicure.

The girl claims that the red shades of the nail polish on the legs increase the excitability in men. Alena associates this with the presence of a certain instinctive reaction of the male brain to colors. It is difficult to judge whether it is true or not. At least, you need to take care of the condition of the nails not only on the handles, but also on the legs.

Excessive tanning5

The time when fans of the solarium were in demand and attractive is long gone. Now men are frankly saying: "Excessive tanning harms your sexuality." At the same time, no one denies that healthy, beautiful skin that has been exposed to sunlight is beautiful.

In this matter, it is important for girls to understand where the fine line lies between naturalness and vulgarity. Nude makeup looks very beautiful on tanned skin, and even without makeup it looks quite attractive.

excessive tanning repels men
excessive tanning repels men

Recently, guys are giving preference to naturalness. In this concept, there is definitely no place for orange skin color, whether it is the result of visiting a tanning salon or the wrong color of the foundation. By the way, the excess of tonalka on the face of an adorable nymph is also perceived negatively by men. Few people like to get dirty, and when stains remain on clothes after hugging, it's a complete failure.

Combat makeup6

The modern world gives ladies gigantic opportunities to experiment with their appearance. Here are the services of cosmetologists who can already build palaces for themselves on the money received from lip augmentation and injections into the cheekbones and chins.

Whether you noticed it or not, men are less likely to pay attention to girls with excessive makeup and a redrawn face. This is normal, because something new always attracts attention. Now every third young girl enlarges her lips in the style of Angelina Jolie.

In a huge number of cases, lipstick of an insane shade is also applied to prominent lips. The image is complemented by a powerful accent on the eyes. Where does a modern fashionista go without total contouring and a ton of shiny highlighter?

combat makeup repels men
combat makeup repels men

In general, men notice everything, although they are unlikely to directly express their dislike for unnatural makeup. If you are going to a party, you can give free rein to imagination, apply the entire arsenal of cosmetics. We do not recommend using bright colors in daytime makeup. The guys conclude that the girl is suitable for either quick sex without obligation, or simply has no taste.

Vulgar clothing7

You should also be careful with your clothes. The worst thing that can happen to a girl who wants to please a young man is a vulgar outfit. What do we mean by this?

First, men avoid ladies in overly short skirts and shorts. Of course, such things can be skillfully combined with elongated tunics and capes. But only those with a good sense of style and a chiseled figure can afford it.

Mini looks rather strange on large girls. If she is confident in herself, then maybe no one will notice the dubious combinations in the image. In most cases, tiny clothes on a voluminous figure look strange.

what scares men
what scares men

Men are repulsed not only by their appearance, but attracting the attention of the right male to themselves is a whole science. While developing spiritually, one should not forget about the external appearance. A harmonious person is beautiful in all his manifestations, including his style.

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