Guys, Attention! Tips On How To Become The Most Desirable Lover

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Guys, Attention! Tips On How To Become The Most Desirable Lover
Guys, Attention! Tips On How To Become The Most Desirable Lover

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how to become the most desirable lover
how to become the most desirable lover

The conventional wisdom is that women are very emotional and complex by nature. Consequently, sex with them also requires special preparation. With all due respect to women's difficulties, men can outwit them and get what they want by following only three simple principles:

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  • 1 Basis of sexual conflicts
  • 2 Prelude in action
  • 3 The whole secret of success is in massage
  • 4 How to delay ejaculation
  • Enjoy foreplay for at least 30 minutes before engaging in sex itself.
  • Do not imitate the actions of porn actors. In fact, you have to do the opposite.
  • Give her oral sex every time.

When talking about sex, men (especially those under 40) often think only of vaginal penetration. Gentlemen, this is just as ridiculous as when the word "basketball" is mentioned, the viewer will only think about the applause for the thrown ball. Of course, applause is very important, but the process of the game itself is much more important. Also in sex. There are a lot of other, no less important points in it that should not be overlooked.

Basis of sexual conflictsi

The most common reason for disagreement in bed is when a man seeks to master the body of a woman in the truest sense of the word more and more quickly, and women do not feel the "necessary" mood and readiness for intercourse. A couple of passionate kisses are enough to turn the average man on. And in most cases, they are in no hurry to stop the process. This is facilitated by the following reasons:

  • They are afraid that their partner might change her mind.
  • Fear that someone will break into the room and interfere with the process (parents, roommates).
  • They want to imitate actors in porn. Indeed, it is unlikely that the user will be able to find in the porn scene where the partner exclaims: "Let's slow down!".
how to become a better lover
how to become a better lover

Guys! Remember once and for all that it is better to be slower in sex. Unhurriedness is what absolutely all women love in sex. It is important for them to feel not only physical intercourse, but also spiritual. In addition, to make ordinary sex great, try to involve the whole body in the process, and not just the causal places. This not only improves women's self-esteem and performance, but also helps the partner become a real sex giant. For a man, in addition to psychological pleasure, it also brings physical pleasure. His problems with ejaculation and difficulty with orgasm disappear.

The whole body, every square inch, is an erotic platform. Women are rightly annoyed when men explore only a few angles. Some women can have sexual intercourse without foreplay, but for the vast majority it takes at least 30 minutes to warm up. If during the process you like to listen to music, then in music conversion - these are six to seven songs.

Prelude in action2

If you are not a lover of tenderness and think that everything will turn out awkward and funny for you, do not be afraid, everything is not so scary. Start with kissing. Press firmly against your beloved, gently circle her body with your hands. Then gently massage your scalp, caress your ears, nibbling on the lobe. Women are also crazy about kisses on the neck - do not deprive your lady of this pleasure.

welcome lover
welcome lover

You can also direct your kisses to your arms and shoulders. Then you can run your hands along the back, smoothly moving from bottom to top. The massage of the legs and back has not been canceled either - proceed. A foot massage is remarkably relaxing, and deep relaxation is a prerequisite for good sex. Continue to fondle her for six or seven songs or more (she will only thank you).

The whole secret of success is in massage3

Full body massage is the basis of great sex. The skin contains two types of nerve fibers, P and C. P fibers tend to respond to pain. But the C fibers, for caress, respond to gentle, massage strokes, producing deep relaxation, sensual pleasure and erotic arousal.

If you base your sex on body massage, chances are your lady will be in seventh heaven. This suggests that the risk of rejection or the fact that she suddenly changes her mind is zero. In addition, full body massage helps men. It spreads languid tension outside the penis, and this helps men become more aroused, thereby staying "in the ranks" longer.

good lover
good lover

How to delay ejaculation4

Developed by sexologists to teach men how to reliably control ejaculation, the program includes several elements, including a slower sexual pace, deep breathing and full body massage. If you only get erotic touch on your penis, you may not be able to handle all the stress and ejaculate sooner than you want to.

To last longer, enjoy a more reliable erection, and then cum whenever you want, don't focus solely on her or your genitals. For seven songs (half an hour), gently massage each other, smoothly moving throughout the body.

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