How To Ditch Your Girlfriend: The Best Tips For Harmless Breakups

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How To Ditch Your Girlfriend: The Best Tips For Harmless Breakups
How To Ditch Your Girlfriend: The Best Tips For Harmless Breakups
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How to leave a girl
How to leave a girl

In the life of every person there comes a moment when he must make an important decision. Parting is one such problem. The best option, of course, is when the gap occurs by mutual desire. But, unfortunately, it doesn't always happen the way you want. And often someone alone is the initiator of parting.

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  • 1 Plan is the key to beautiful partings
  • 2 What to say
  • 3 Day "X"
  • 4 If love is flickering …
  • 5 On a short leash
  • 6 What you definitely shouldn't do
  • 7 Rules of conduct in case of an unexpected meeting
  • 8 In conclusion …

Girls make the decision to break up quite easily, they throw the guys on "one-two", not really bothering with trifles. This is, perhaps, the only case when a girl does without "pink snot". But how to leave a girl? How to manage to make sure that she did not arrange a "universal flood"? How to communicate sad news and not get a sneaker on top of your head? This is what will be discussed.

Plan is the key to beautiful partings

First you need to draw up an action plan. It is foolish to think that improvisation will cope with the task at hand. This is not true. Moreover, to act on a whim means to build up such small towns that cannot be disassembled in a lifetime.

The girl needs preparation for this blow. In a couple of weeks, it is very important to eliminate sex completely. Excuses like “busy” or “sick” won't work. You can simply refuse and in every possible way warm up your "I do not want". She will already begin to doubt herself and pester with questions. Silence should be kept stoically: I just don't want to, and that's it! You can add notes of irritation or fatigue. The friend will feel differently that something is wrong in the relationship and will continue to attack. But you can't give in to provocative questions, otherwise everything will end up very ugly.

Then a piece of paper and a pen are used, and the process of self-digging begins. It is worthwhile to understand whether the time has really come to leave the girl, or is it a whim of an inflamed consciousness due to a burnt pie. To do this, you will have to answer several questions. The list can be found on any psychology site. Arguments that will emerge in the course of "debriefing" must be supported by facts. And iron, and not far-fetched. A sample list of questions could be:

  • How strong is the desire to never see your passion again
  • Is breaking up a way to get more attention
  • This is definitely not revenge or an attempt to slightly intimidate
  • Why the relationship has run out
  • Why did the girl stop arranging
  • Does the girl have a chance to change the decision to break up
How to leave a girl
How to leave a girl

Now you need to register your speech. It is better to write the text so that there is no excess water: quickly, briefly and clearly. Then everything needs to be reformulated in such a way that speech becomes as delicate and tactful as possible. The girl will not be very much like that, and then there are angry and offensive speeches full of reproaches …

When the speech is ready, read and edited, you need to think about the meeting place. In no case should you make a date in memorable and significant places. It should not be the bench of the first kiss or the alley of the first date, it should not be invited to your favorite cafe, in which important words were once said.

You shouldn't fix the negative where it was cozy and warm. It is better to choose a place that is absolutely neutral for both, not the most crowded, but also not pretentious. After all, if hysteria begins, there will not be so many witnesses. The ideal spot would be near her home, where she would need to return as soon as possible.

What to say2

No need for sentimental speeches and ornate phrases. It is important to say that the conversation is very serious and important. The tone should be dry and formal. No hints of sadness, sadness, affectionate turns. An example monologue can be structured like this: “… We need to talk. I ask you to listen to me carefully and not to interrupt.

Leave a girlfriend
Leave a girlfriend

Trust me, this is not a spontaneous decision. It is consciously and finally accepted by me. I have something to be grateful to you for, I learned a lot from you, you have greatly changed me and my worldview. But the time came when I realized that I was ready to move on. I'm sorry, but I want to continue my journey without you. I ask you to let me go. Now I understand that we cannot continue our relationship.

They are at an impasse. Moreover, I see that you are catastrophically losing your time next to me, I slow you down. You deserve more, and it makes no sense for you to mark time. Your time is passing faster than mine, and I am not yet ready to take responsibility for your destiny. Do not misunderstand me. What I want to do now will give us a chance to achieve a lot individually. I want to say that we are breaking up. Sorry…"

Then, of course, there will be emotions, rhetorical questions "why?" and "for what?" There is only one answer to them: "I am not worthy of you and I cannot allow you to make a mistake by staying with me."

It is important to convince a friend that there is absolutely no fault of her in parting, to belittle her own personality and try to prove in the course of the conversation that she will never meet the worst guy again, and therefore it is better to get rid of the ballast right now. She doesn't need such a freak.

How to break up
How to break up

Day X 3

The day for conversation also requires a certain choice. Classics of the genre: before a birthday, New Year's holidays or March 8. 80% of breakups happen on these dates. Why? It's simple. Guys naively believe that it will be easier for the girl to be distracted. This is a fatal mistake! Firstly, leaving the lady on the eve of the holiday means that the guy has not the slightest idea about delicacy, tact and elementary upbringing.

Moreover, it looks like trying to save money on gifts. Secondly, when the girl is surrounded by happy girlfriends with their boyfriends, cheerfully shouting: "Oh, put that seal on, how can you leave a girl before the holidays", and other "blah blah blah", it will be harder for her to survive the separation. Thirdly, there is no need to spoil the girl's mood, the guy will be a complete monster for her anyway, and if he even left on the eve of the fun, then he is generally a moral freak.

You should not choose the moments when the girl needs to go to work or other important matters. It is very difficult to do business if tears appear in your eyes every now and then. Better if it is a day off and the friend has no plans.

How to break up with a girl
How to break up with a girl

If there is love … 4

A somewhat silly situation where a relationship is based on pity. It is often the girls who are next to the young man who are often thrown into them solely out of politeness, pity, unwillingness to offend, or out of a sense of duty. Yes, yes, girls often maintain a relationship because they are in a moral debt to a guy. Parting in such a situation, especially if the initiator is a man, as a rule, passes with a sigh of relief.

True, it is somewhat harder for a lover than for an altruist, but nevertheless, you need to be able to let go of a person, even if there are the slightest feelings. The main thing here is not to break loose and not start pestering her with correspondence and calls after a week. Better to delete all contacts, message history, photos and anything that will remind you of your girlfriend. The very same should be as busy as possible and make every effort so as not to fall into depression.

On a short leash5

Sometimes there are such cunningly invented persons nearby that it is very difficult to get rid of them and sometimes it is simply unrealistic. Their "leash" is blackmail. And vile, cheap blackmail by suicide. Oh, how many of them are always jumping out of the window, cutting veins and emptying first aid kits. And how beautiful they stand on bridges or on roof parapets: the wind develops hair, white clothes flow in a stream of sadness, a veil of sadness envelops a trembling body.

How to break up with a woman
How to break up with a woman

And he, this stinker, will still understand who he has lost! All her life she will suffer, but she, a lonely angel, will be far in heaven. Naturally, no one wants to take responsibility for someone else's life, but more often than not these are just empty, pretentious words that do not carry any load. After all, the act of suicide is not heard in the phone and is not made out of this theatrical spectacle.

Another way of blackmail is "oops, I'm pregnant." Avoiding this is easy. It's enough not to sign up for goodbye sex. And set the date of separation on the days of menstruation. Fortunately, the guys know the time of the "red flags".

Sometimes material savings can be a "leash". For example, a car is registered for a girl, and a loan for a young man. To pay for another three years, and it is impatient to leave now. Here you need to weigh everything. It's one thing if the car was a birthday present, then you have to leave it to the lady and continue paying the money. Another conversation, if the car was bought just like that.

At this point, it will be fair to anyone, but it will be fair, as to sell the car, and leave it as a "ransom", showing the male nobility. So, before leaving the girl, it is worthwhile to think over the places of the straw bedding in order to get out of the cycle of blackmail with honor.

how to leave
how to leave

What you definitely shouldn't do6

The list of things that are forbidden when parting is small, but it clearly prescribes how to leave a girl in such a way as not to be registered on a gay dating site. So, a list of all "no":

  • Scandal, insults, humiliation during a showdown
  • Parting with SMS and calls
  • Affecting physical attractiveness: flaws in appearance and shape
  • Projecting a girlfriend's future loneliness
  • Disappear from life without dotting the i's
  • Cheating without cover
  • Advertise a new relationship

Rules of conduct in case of an unexpected meeting7

When a couple is in a stable relationship, they develop their own social circle. Before you leave a girl, you need to make a decision about the advisability of further communication with mutual friends and acquaintances. Many people leave this circle only to minimize the likelihood of unexpected encounters. Here you have to make a choice: either to leave everyone, or to continue the friendship.

How to break up with a girl
How to break up with a girl

In such a situation, people prefer to completely change their environment. In 80% of cases, people do just that. In addition, the assessment of the act by others in relation to the initiator of the separation is below the plinth. It is extremely rare for the former to remain in the former community and manage to behave in a completely civilized manner.

What to do if the meeting happened? Of course, do not pretend that the girls simply do not. She is, and you need to say hello to her and even ask how she is doing. But at the same time you cannot rush to embrace, you do not need to shout that you are very glad to meet. Suffice it to say that she has become noticeably prettier since the last meeting.

In general, you should be as polite as possible, with dry notes in intonation. If there is an opportunity to retire, then you will have to do it as quickly as possible. And let it look like an escape, but this way you can easily avoid unnecessary conversations and empty hopes.

In conclusion … 8

There is not a single guy in the world who would not think about how to leave a girl. Another thing is that everyone did it the way they thought it was right due to their upbringing. A man, even at the moment of parting, should be noble. Of course, if this is not a vile situation of taking on a girl's cheating red-handed. Here it is forgivable to be an evil creature.

How to break up with a woman
How to break up with a woman

Although, a true gentleman in this situation will call the lady a taxi and simply erase her from memory. You just need to accept your essence for yourself and act so that the girl does not feel hatred for the entire male gender. It is important to remember that a true man will never ask the question “how to leave a girl”, but will do it very beautifully, relying on his own intuition.

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