Affectionate Words To A Man: How To Say Gentle Words Correctly

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Affectionate Words To A Man: How To Say Gentle Words Correctly
Affectionate Words To A Man: How To Say Gentle Words Correctly

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affectionate words to a man
affectionate words to a man

Women love with their ears, men with their eyes. And so on and so forth.

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  • 1 When he feels bad
  • 2 In sex
  • 3 Just like that

Your truth.

But everything has exceptions or footnotes with an asterisk, right?

This is the only way for women to fall for handsome men, from whom you won't get a kind word even on a holiday, which means that men can also fall in love with girls with mediocre appearance, but with a direct ability to speak the language?

This is not about vulgarity, although we will move on to them, do not worry.

How, when and why to say affectionate words to a man?

When he feels bad

In difficult times, a man really needs the support of his beloved woman. Affection, care and tenderness - this is why he goes to the girl, and not to his friends.

Male friendship is an invaluable thing, but it cannot and should not replace female participation and empathy for a man.

An important point: a man does not always need specific advice from a partner. Especially if she does not understand the area in which he had difficulties. But this is not required of her - it is enough to make it clear that the woman believes in her hero and - most importantly! - is not going to throw him and run into the arms of a more successful male. Because this is what a man fears most of all.

How do you need it?

  • "I believe in you".
  • “I am always ready to support you. If you want to talk, I'm here. "
  • “You did not cope with such difficulties at the expense of your own (list the positive qualities of a man). Yes, the situation is different now, but you are still the same (again, sincere compliments to outstanding qualities), which means that you can sort things out. "
  • "I love you".

These are the kind words a man needs when he does not know what to do and is ready to give up. You don't need to get into a man's soul. No need to ask him to have intimate conversations if he is not in the mood to role-play a psychologist-client. Leave him alone with your thoughts.

How to speak affectionate words to a man
How to speak affectionate words to a man

How not necessary?

  • "I knew it!"
  • "And I said that you will not succeed!"
  • "My poor fellow, how I feel sorry for you!"
  • "It's awful, you can never get it out."
  • "My little, sweetie", etc.

First, exclamations like "I told you so!" pisses off absolutely everyone, regardless of gender, age, nationality, sexual orientation or social status. Even if the speaker was really three times right, and the screwed up screwed up through his own fault, repeated reminders of this fiasco will not help anyone.

The man already understood his guilt. His mistake should be discussed either after correcting it, or not at all - if the guy is not a fool, he will draw conclusions on his own. And in any case, remember that discuss and condemn are two completely different words.

Nobody needs to escalate the situation. The fact that the man is deep in the ass, he managed to guess a long time ago. His heart and mind are filled with the most difficult and depressing thoughts. You don't need to feed them. In the end, he comes to his lady of the heart so that she will organize an island of hope around him, while he himself is drowning in an ocean of despair.

How, when and why to say affectionate words to a man
How, when and why to say affectionate words to a man

Lamentations and childish consolations return the man to the nursery school. In the end, he will either be annoyed with a lisp, or believe that he is really so helpless and immature.

In sex2

How could such an important area of ​​human relations be bypassed? No way.

So we did not go around.

The sexual skills of a man is a very sensitive topic. Compliments should be chosen carefully here.

How do you need it?

Without words

To show her admiration for the skills of a lover, a woman does not have to give out complex constructions from complex sentences. You can do without sentences at all, and even without words - just sounds.

Wild screams, to which the neighbors call an ambulance, the police, the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the priest at once, excite not everyone. Some are even scared.

But the natural sounds of pleasure made by a woman sound like the finest music to any guy. And no matter how they love porn, they don't like excessive pretense and cinematography.

How to say affectionate words to a man
How to say affectionate words to a man

I feel so good with you

Even guys with bullet-proof self-esteem love to hear compliments on their sexual skills, and insecure men will be delighted with the praise.

I have the best sex with you

That would be nice to hear for a woman too, right? We all want to feel unique and outstanding. There is perhaps only one important point in all this - such phrases should be pronounced with all sincerity. Falsity is felt in one way or another, and deceitful compliments can destroy both a person's self-esteem and his relationship with a partner.

Compliments to a man's body

… and, of course, his dignity. Here it is important to know when to stop and in no case - do you hear? - in no case joke about this topic.

I had my first orgasm with you

Such a compliment will lift any man to an imaginary pedestal. Not only did he give his woman pleasure, he also bypassed all those of her exes, to whom he was jealous and how much in vain!

How to say affectionate words to a man correctly
How to say affectionate words to a man correctly

I never finished with anyone like that

Orgasms were kind of like, but not at all as mind-blowing as with you.

Especially such a compliment will delight a man who first decided on cunnilingus or other new technique for himself.

Do whatever you want with me

Such permissiveness and obedience are capable of a robust man.


If you do this every time you have sex, it will lose that edge. Who likes doing all the work on their own?

You are so sexy

For some men, such a compliment can almost shock - especially if the poor fellow is not used to receiving compliments. If a girl really thinks her man is sexually attractive, she should tell him about it.

How to say affectionate words to a man
How to say affectionate words to a man

Darling, I want you here and now

Any variation on the theme of how a girl wants to pounce on a man, said with demonic fire in her eyes, is permissible.

There are only a couple of exceptions and they are insignificant - you shouldn't say this to a stranger walking arm in arm with his wife and children, and you shouldn't say it as a toast to your grandmother's birthday.

I like your hands

Here you can continue: "Especially when they touch me like this." Or you can just do with gentle stroking of the man's hands.

This is one of the sexiest parts of the male body, which even rare visitors to the gym are jealously watching. Tell a man that his hands are strong, beautiful and pleasant - and he will decide to use them for the best purposes.

I like the way you smell

Whether his choice of perfume is approved, or whether the girl is delighted with his natural scent is not so important. She likes the smell of a man, which means that she considers him sexually attractive, which means that she likes him, which means that life is good!

We are biosocial creatures, that is, animals who have managed to socialize. To some extent. We really love compliments on our appearance and our bodies.

How to say sweet words to a man
How to say sweet words to a man

The smell, or rather its acceptance by a partner, is a guarantee of good sex and subsequent reproduction. Compliments like "you smell so good" are the sexiest compliments you can think of.

Affectionate whisper

Affectionate words to a man can be shouted, spoken and whispered. The latter is especially sexy. The girl can whisper both her wishes and compliments. Or it is erotic to communicate your intentions towards a man and his body.

How not necessary?

Quote women's novels

“Your sword of love seems to take me to the Gardens of Eden” - if both partners have a sense of humor, such phrases have a right to exist. But if you give it out on serious cabbage soup, it will look ridiculous.

Use diminutive words when it comes to discussing masculinity

Well, everything seems clear here? This is not a joke. If a man himself constantly jokes about his physical parameters, then it is worthwhile to figure it out - does he really relate to this so easily? Or is he trying to hide his insecurity? Begs for a compliment from the girl?

How a woman speaks affectionate words to a man
How a woman speaks affectionate words to a man

Mention other men

Let him just be the best. All abstract men on planet Earth. There is no need to mention specific former lovers. Yes, it will flatter someone, but if there are too many names, a small weed of ordinary jealousy will begin to grow.

Just like that3

You can and should say affectionate words to a man without a reason. Straightening your tie or packing lunch for work. Fondling between partners should not be limited to any events or circumstances.

What compliments does a man dream of hearing?

You always manage to make me laugh

Guys have long learned one simple truth - if you do not have a sense of humor, then you will not win a girl's heart with either a big dick or a fat wallet (and vice versa). And it is true! The five most important male qualities of women traditionally include a sense of humor, and many even admit that they will not even look at a man who does not understand jokes.

Affectionate words to a man
Affectionate words to a man

That is why guys behave so stupidly and sometimes sculpt something out of place - the brain turns off and only one thought pulsates in my head: "Say something funny!"

If you praise a man's sense of humor, he is guaranteed to be happy.

You shouldn't laugh at every phrase either - the guy will consider the girl either an empty-headed fool, or he will understand that the girl is squeezing out a fake laugh bit by bit, so that the fragile male pride does not disintegrate bit by bit.


In society, it is not customary to give compliments to men with regard to their face, hair or figure. These girls selflessly shower each other with praises under photos on Instagram.

Here, again, you need to dance from the guy's self-esteem - if it is at his bottom, you should not immediately pour a tub of compliments on him. He is unlikely to believe, even if the words are sincere.

Affectionate words for a man
Affectionate words for a man

It is worth finding that part of a man's body that is undeservedly deprived of attention. For example, if he is showered with compliments about his figure, but no one pays attention to his masculine profile or well-chosen haircut, he will be sincerely pleased with the praise. "Well, finally, it's not in vain that I left so much dough in the barbershop!"

Guys love arm and shoulder compliments - compliment his torso a couple of times in this white sweater and he'll never take it off. Only if it is accidentally washed with a little sister's dress and it fades into pale pink.

Strong hips and legs are also cause for pride.


Low, masculine, husky and sexy - how can you skimp on compliments? This is simply unacceptable!

Masculinity and strength

What you need to say to a man affectionately
What you need to say to a man affectionately

External or in the manner of behaving - such compliments especially warm the soul of the stronger sex. A guy will immediately feel like a superman if the girl of his dreams admires his ability to stay cool in a stressful situation, think soberly, or even courageously open a bottle of water.

Such compliments are especially useful in situations where a girl is not comfortable with her boyfriend's infantilism. Dripping on the brain and reproaches are not half as good as praise and competent flattery.

I feel so good with you

This phrase is sweet to the male ear, not only in bed, but outside the bedroom as well. Saying that she is happy with a man, the girl makes it clear that she likes her partner, with him she is comfortable, safe and warm. In general, the female is conquered, life is good.

I believe in you, you can do anything

This phrase needs to be said to a man not only when he is in a complete ass, and support is vital to him.

The stronger sex often wants to hear about how strong and even omnipotent he is. In the age of feminism and female self-sufficiency, men increasingly feel worthless. It is worth reminding them more often that this is not the case.

What words can you say to a man
What words can you say to a man

As for support, it works both ways - in a healthy relationship, both men and women are ready to support each other and lend their shoulders in difficult times.

How not to?

Kindergarten, pants with straps

"Good girl", "good girl" and so on are better reserved for younger brothers or future (current) children. To the peasant - peasant compliments!

Outright flattery

If a man is complex about his weight or height, fake compliments will not make him feel better. Rather, on the contrary - he will finally rush off with his short / long / thick / thin legs into the abyss of depression and despair

Is this a compliment at all?

Praising a man for one thing and criticizing a man for another is not a good idea. Against this background, any praise will fade. “You’re so funny, it’s a pity that you drink, smoke, and so-so in sex” - well, you know.

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