Girlish Tears: What To Do If Your Beloved Man Used You

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Girlish Tears: What To Do If Your Beloved Man Used You
Girlish Tears: What To Do If Your Beloved Man Used You

Video: Girlish Tears: What To Do If Your Beloved Man Used You

Video: Girlish Tears: What To Do If Your Beloved Man Used You
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Used by a beloved man
Used by a beloved man

In the life of any girl, there is a lot of drama. Most often, this is a simple misunderstanding that can occur in a relationship: you put the wrong smiley, looked wrong, bought the wrong flowers. However, tragedies do occur that are not easy to deal with. For example, what to do if the beloved man just used and disappeared from life? How to get through the veil of depression and start living anew?

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Love is an insidious feeling that brings not only joy, but also sadness. And the harder it is when meanness on the part of the seemingly closest person becomes the reason for sadness. Many believe that it will take a long time for the memories of this loss to fade from memory. But there are several tried and tested ways that will make you look differently at the situation and stop crying every day.

Distracting maneuver

The most important thing at the moment when you just realized the horror of what is happening is to abstract yourself for a while. Let go of the situation, stop analyzing it - overwhelming emotions simply won't let you think sanely. It is in a state of anger and deep resentment that you can make the most wrong decisions and make another mistake.

In order not to multiply the sadness, just try to shift your attention to other things. Go to the park, talk to your loved ones, buy yourself something nice. Even one little joy can temporarily distract from stress.

Time to think 2

After your primary emotions have subsided, it's time to think about why your beloved man used you. There are no problems from scratch, and there are reasons for other people's actions. What our next article will tell you about why men use and which girls are at risk.

if used by a beloved man
if used by a beloved man

Think about how long you've been together and what his behavior was. It is likely that your relationship was initially doomed to failure. If the parting took place immediately after the first sex, then everything is obvious - the true “male got what he wanted and disappeared. If you have been together for a long time, then most likely there are ulterior motives that you did not pay attention to.

Cruel Reality 3

No matter how hard it is, the fact remains that your beloved man used you and you can't change that. It is much harder for many to come to terms with this and continue to live on. Some start a real hunt for their ex-lover for different purposes. Someone wants to take revenge, someone wants to return lost feelings. Whatever moves you, remember - the past must remain there.

The one who once neglected you will easily do it again, because there is no question of love. The only thing that can be allowed in this case is an adult dialogue. If you accidentally crossed paths with your abuser, then you may well ask about the reasons for the act. If you hear vague explanations, then you should not continue the conversation.

Search for hobby4

They say that the best way to get rid of the sadness of a breakup is to fall in love again as soon as possible. However, there is a big problem with those who are really betrayed by the beloved man. They become closed and tough, do not seek contact and do not show emotion. This does not happen to everyone, but general statistics prove that girls stop trusting all guys, having already experienced the pain of betrayal.

what to do if used by a beloved man
what to do if used by a beloved man

To protect yourself from this, try to join the society on the contrary. Regular communication with other people will have a beneficial effect not only on the emotional state, but also on health.

No Second Chance5

This point applies to everyone who is too gullible and seeks to see positive points everywhere. Being a positive person is not so bad, the main thing is not to forget about the mind. Immediately forgiving a traitor, barely hearing some kind words is at least short-sighted.

If you love the role of victim, go ahead, but those who want to maintain their self-esteem should stay away from someone who has already used them once.

The ideal is to completely ignore any attempts at reconciliation. As practice shows, if the beloved man used you, then the second time he will do the same. There are exceptions to the rules, but if before the breakup everything was fine with you and did not bode well, then the relationship with you was simply beneficial for the ex-boyfriend.

Betrayal is always painful, because you don't get ready for it, but you can never calmly accept it. In order not to shed tears in vain and quickly rehabilitate after an unpleasant incident, it is enough just to believe in yourself.

No one can offend you more than you allow it, so you just need to smile at the new day and forget this experience. Then you will understand that even in betrayal, especially in the early stages of a relationship, you can find something positive - you immediately managed to find out the true essence of a person, and not live in dreams.

if used by a loved one
if used by a loved one

And how to understand whether a man uses or loves, you will learn from our next article on the link.