Rules That Are Definitely Not Taught In School: Sex Correspondence From A To Z

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Rules That Are Definitely Not Taught In School: Sex Correspondence From A To Z
Rules That Are Definitely Not Taught In School: Sex Correspondence From A To Z

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Sex correspondence
Sex correspondence

Whether you have decided on full-fledged sex on the phone or on a modest exchange of intimate photos and videos - in order for something to come out of your idea, everything should be according to science.

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Calm environment

If phone sex is unusual and extremely embarrassing for you, make sure that no one interferes with you.

Turn off notifications from instant messengers and social networks, lock the room (if you share your home with strangers) and relax. The first such experience will be full of awkwardness and embarrassment, but then you will get a taste.

Perfectionism on the verge of idiocy

You can slightly embellish the erotic photo that you took so diligently for your other half. But excessive unnaturalness and “blurring” with photo filters will look ridiculous. Your partner has already seen you both in clothes and without them, but continues to love and desire you, so do not reinvent the wheel.

The same is the case with fake photos - at the first stages of a relationship, your adventure may work, and your partner will be delighted. But then he will inevitably be disappointed. Such tricks are worth going only if you do not plan to go beyond frivolous correspondence.


If your phone now and then falls into the hands of third parties, you should create a separate album in your phone to store your personal porn collection.

Or keep photos and videos in your correspondence. But do not forget about this when once again giving messages to your best friend or girlfriend.

sex correspondence
sex correspondence

Once again about security

There is no guarantee that home-made erotica will be seen only by those eyes for which it was intended.

People tend to be vengeful, and phones sometimes get lost or fall into the wrong hands.

Ideally, the photos and videos you submit should trigger the following thoughts: "I would never post them voluntarily, but damn it, if anyone sees them, I won't grieve."


Everything has its time and place. Sending a guy a photo without underwear when he is in a meeting or at the family table is not an idea. Suddenly sending a girl a photo of a member is also dangerous - here she shows your mom your photos from the museum, tells you how wonderful and well-mannered you are, when suddenly a wonderful part of your body crawls out on the whole screen. In the most ill-mannered way.


Complexes and bleating have no place in a happy sex life. But if in bed you can still keep silent and surrender to instincts, then in sex on the phone or in correspondence you should use all your eloquence and imagination. Describe what and how you want to do with your partner. If you're still having trouble speaking out loud, start by texting.

sex correspondence rules
sex correspondence rules


If you decide on a full-fledged action via video communication, prepare properly - in the room you should clean up at least the part that falls into the camera lens.

Cats striving to get in at the most inopportune moment need to be properly fed and put to sleep in the back room.

Choose beautiful lingerie or appear in the costumes of Adam and Eve. You can add candles and sexy music for the surroundings.


If you do not trust your half and are afraid that your frank messages will be forwarded for general discussion to friends, girlfriends, former classmates and second cousins, is it worth it at all to take it?

Without trust there is no relaxation, without relaxation there is no orgasm, no inspiration.

why do you need sex correspondence
why do you need sex correspondence


If a partner insists on recording sex on camera, manipulates, threatens and constantly whines, this is a wake-up call. Experiments in sex should be strictly voluntary, and pleasure should be mutual.


No need to replay and try to reproduce dialogue from porn. Don't throw clichés and phrases from low-quality ladies' novels. You are having sex with a specific person, therefore compliments should be specific and individual.

Think one step ahead

If you are not sure that at the right moment you will be able to take a beautiful photo - cheat. Take some time for yourself, tidy yourself up and arrange an erotic photo session for yourself - especially relaxed ones can call a friend or a professional photographer for help. Having such strategic reserves at hand, you can increase the degree of correspondence, while sitting in underpants and with a bucket of nuggets.

How it happens2

Invite your sex partner to watch a couple of movies for inspiration - for example, an erotic comedy.

secrets of sex correspondence
secrets of sex correspondence

My partner (2012)

South Korean movie about screwing up with phone sex. Having decided to provoke her boyfriend, who still does not make a marriage proposal, the girl dares to have sex on the phone for the first time in her life. She ends up with the wrong number. And this call becomes fateful. A rather romantic and light film that will help to throw off excessive modesty.

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