15 Signs Typical Girls Of Easy Virtue

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15 Signs Typical Girls Of Easy Virtue
15 Signs Typical Girls Of Easy Virtue

Video: 15 Signs Typical Girls Of Easy Virtue

Video: 15 Signs Typical Girls Of Easy Virtue
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Girl of easy virtue, who is she? Many do not see the point in understanding the details of the intimate life and preferences of their young ladies they know. And in vain. Men are often interested in what kind of lady they can have a violent one-time sex without problems and consequences. It would be interesting for women to be able to calculate the changeable nature in order not to let such a girlfriend close to their beloved family.

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  • 1 Tasteless tattoos
  • 2 Multiple piercings
  • 3 Dirty expressions
  • 4 Indifference to tickling
  • 5 Love for stimulants
  • 6 Minimum clothing
  • 7 Her body has more hair than usual
  • 8 Mimicry
  • 9 Touching a man
  • 10 Frank in conversation
  • 11 Prefers red and black
  • 12 Take the initiative
  • 13 Loves sex toys
  • 14 Wide social circle
  • 15 Mercantile

Is it possible to recognize a girl of easy virtue? Of course yes. People love to systematize, highlight psychological types, unite other people into groups according to similar parameters. So it is with frivolous people. They all have the same characteristics.

We are all different - that's a fact. But one cannot deny certain similarities in behavior, appearance and presentation of oneself. It is about the features peculiar to windy ladies that our today's conversation will go.

Tasteless tattoos

The presence of a girl with tattoos on her body or face does not mean that she is easily accessible. Among young people, a tattoo is no longer perceived as something vulgar and obscene. Rather, it is a way of self-expression, a story about your inner world.

It's another matter if the tattoos are gaudy and vulgar. One-night stand sex lovers are renowned for their ability to pick ridiculous sketches and put them on interesting places. Agree, the wings of an angel on the back, a cat near the pubis or on the tailbone is a strange sign.

Also, amorous priestesses do not hesitate to decorate themselves with voluminous tattoos with a sexual theme. It can be frivolous phrases in English, and depraved pictures. Thus, they directly say: "Take me, I am all yours."

Multiple piercing2

Women who are prone to quick sexual intercourse often gird themselves with punctures and piercings. Have you noticed that moths love pierced tongues and noses?

about women of easy virtue
about women of easy virtue

In the nineties, a pierced navel was considered an unconditional trend in prostitutes. They wore revealing outfits, short tank tops and miniskirts. In such clothes, a massive shiny earring in the navel was an obligatory attribute.

As for the multiple punctures on the ears, you cannot determine a girl of easy virtue by them. This is just the image followed by quite faithful ladies.

Dirty Expressions3

From the lips of an easily accessible nymphomaniac, obscenity always breaks out. A girl of easy virtue is often not a representative of an educated, well-bred society. In principle, everybody uses the checkmate. It is important to understand and analyze in what context and for what reasons it is used.

Some women supplement their already extensive vocabulary with foul language. Swearing from their lips sounds delicious and appropriate. The nymphet, on the other hand, abounds in obscene words, not from a desire to decorate her speech, but from the narrowness of her thinking. The manner of speaking is one of the key points by which you can recognize a narrow-minded person.


It is extremely easy to bring such a girl into the bedroom and then delete her number from the phone book. Most likely, the silly woman will not even understand that she was used.

Indifference to tickling4

Based on the results of numerous studies, scientists have made an interesting conclusion. Girls of easy virtue are much less sensitive to tickling than those reserved in sex.

The fact is that nymphomaniacs get so used to tactile contact and male touch that they become callous. An overabundance of hugs and caresses makes them less sensitive to tickling and other external influences on the body.

Love for stimulants5

Girls who love quick sexual intercourse without obligation are often also lovers of various stimulants. They make new contacts quite simply. Likewise, they have no problem trying drugs or drinking alcoholic beverages.

Girl of easy virtue who is this
Girl of easy virtue who is this

Extreme is their most essential drug. The adrenaline that a normal person gets from meeting someone new ceases to give the nymphets the same pleasure. Therefore, they turn their gaze as a researcher of the world to drugs, alcohol, cigarettes and other stimulating drugs.

Plus, it's an extra way to relax. Thus, they seem to move into unknown realities. There are no judgmental views, social norms and stereotypes. In this new world, all doors are open to them, there is no need to hide and be ashamed.

Minimum clothes6

The adorable women who are constantly in search of a man are used to luring potential victims in the traditional way. They shamelessly put on display those places that men always pay attention to.

Today it sounds rather strange, because the world has become freer. At the same time, a stylish girl in a short skirt is very different from the one who dresses like this in order to seduce a strong male.

about girls of easy virtue
about girls of easy virtue

An open belly, the maximum possible neckline, a neckline for eighteen persons, bare legs and arms - all these are signs of a girl of easy virtue. Of course, it cannot be ruled out that the lady simply does not have information about fashion trends, she has no sense of taste and proportion at all. In this case, talking about a light disposition is not worth it.

Her body has more hair than usual7

Basically, women try to combat unwanted body or facial hair. But there are also fans of natural natural beauty. There is a controversial opinion that a moth has more hair on its body and face than a woman has traditional sexual behavior.

In its confirmation, the argument is made about the amount of the hormone testosterone. It is known that this particular hormone is responsible for male potency. It seems that women who have too much sex are the happy owners of this hormone in their bodies.

Mimicry 8

It is worth noting that girls of easy virtue are characterized by lively facial expressions. At the same time, they make subtle gestures with their lips, nose, eyebrows, eyes, aimed at seducing the object of sympathy.

what is a girl of easy virtue
what is a girl of easy virtue

Have you noticed that the beauty is pouting her lips? This is standard, harmless flirting. A completely different conversation begins when the interlocutor actively licks her lips. It is also common for females to bring a finger to their mouth, sometimes even lick their fingers. Thus, they are trying to clearly show what they are capable of in bed.

If a girl constantly touches her hair and face nervously, she is worried. This is an attempt to hide your feelings behind non-verbal gestures. Does she touch herself erotically? But this is like a cancer a reason to think about how many sexual partners there were in a girl's life. Such symbols hit men right in the heart.

Touching a man9

Naughty girls on a date can allow themselves light unobtrusive touches of their companion. While laughing, she will casually put her hand on her shoulder, or lightly hit the guy.

A true priestess of the night will touch a man in an exciting way. She will concentrate more attention on his knees, where most guys have an erogenous zone. He will immediately understand that in front of him is a skillful mistress, because her touches will clearly speak of sexual desire.

how to recognize a woman of easy virtue
how to recognize a woman of easy virtue

A girl of easy virtue will not hesitate to pinch the guy on the ass, slap. During a conversation on piquant topics, he can lean close to the interlocutor, whisper vulgarities in his ear, bite his lobe. Her fantasy is not limited to a banal hug. She is a pro at seduction and seduction.

Frank in conversation10

A girl with light views on sex will not be shy or embarrassed when it comes to passion and attraction. Most likely, she herself will lead the conversation in the direction that interests her. Such ladies will never miss a chance to pledge a spicy topic.

Some men are not ready for such revelations from the female side. Yet they are used to the fact that only males can constantly want to drag someone into bed. But this rule breaks down when a nymphomaniac appears on the horizon.

She calmly talks about her favorite positions. She can talk for hours about her sexual adventures, former relationships and interesting locations for sex. If an ordinary girl talks about her ex in a humorous, neutral or sad manner, the nymphomaniac recalls her sex with nostalgia.

A girl of easy virtue what she is
A girl of easy virtue what she is

The fact is that she already misses the opportunity to be with a man tete-a-tete. With her frankness, she excites the interlocutor, evoking base instincts in him.

Prefers red and black11

Just light girls who love sex, but do not take it as a primary need, love bright colors. The true queen of the night does not hide her love for rich and mysterious colors - red and black.

A proven fact is that fans of the red and black languid range are more sensual. As a result, they adore sex, do not deny themselves the opportunity to enjoy the male body and achieve sexual release.

Show initiative12

If a guy is in bed with a nymphomaniac, he will immediately understand that she is very experienced in love affairs. A moth will not lie in a layer, waiting for the coveted orgasm. She calmly changes positions, bending in a way that even porn actresses do not work.

who is a girl of easy virtue
who is a girl of easy virtue

She does not need to be begged to experiment or change in bed. Such a lady has a strongly developed sense of empathy in sex. She will bite through her partner like a nut. As soon as he thinks, she has already brought his fantasy to life.

An ordinary woman can also take the initiative or ask for something to be done to make her feel better. But the nymphomaniac is hard to beat. She is so knowledgeable about sex that a man risks losing all his energy.

The moth knows its body. She has read hundreds of books on sex and peaking. There are no stop words and boundaries in her head that could not be reshaped to suit the occasion. A woman of easy virtue is herself engaged in obtaining pleasure. Uses hands, mouth, tongue, does not refuse anal sex.

Loves sex toys13

A man came to visit a girl, and she has erotic toys, whips and spicy underwear in her bedroom? This is not an accident at all. It's just that the girl, without further ado, shows how liberated she feels in sex.

what does a girl of easy virtue mean
what does a girl of easy virtue mean

Going to an intimate salon or a sex shop for a priestess of the night is a commonplace thing. She sees no reason to hide her preferences, because in sex for her the main thing is getting pleasure.

Wide circle of contacts14

A girl of easy virtue is always surrounded by many acquaintances. Among them there are absolutely strange and incomprehensible personalities. For example, men who are old enough to be her grandfathers. Do you understand what is the point? Nymphets have such friends not for communication about literature or classical music. Most likely, these are wealthy sponsors, with whom the young fidget sleeps for material gain.

Here are party-goers, DJs and other "pseudo-stars". With such guys, the nymphomaniac is fun and easy. They often use illegal drugs to have fun all day long. Perhaps they are just friends. Although most often such dating exists for the sake of crazy sex without prohibitions.

Have you noticed similar girls in her environment? Often girls of easy virtue are bisexual. Lesbian relationships for nymphomaniacs is not something forbidden, strange.

how to recognize a girl of easy virtue
how to recognize a girl of easy virtue

They enjoy the very process of mutual affection. Every self-respecting lecher has experience with a woman.


Men often discuss female commercialism. The position: "He is a breadwinner, I am a kept woman" appeared many centuries ago. Until recently, total patriarchy was considered the norm. In the twenty-first century, girls with such views on life and money are often despised by the males.

A woman of light sexual views is ready to exchange sex for money. She expects gifts from her partner, trips to resorts and full material support.

Some of the indicated characteristics may be characteristic of quite restrained individuals. Let's say that loving red and black does not always mean having free views on sex.

Men love and fear nymphomaniacs. Some find in them the love of a lifetime, others are heartbroken. In any case, it is difficult to treat such women with indifference.

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