How To Forget Your Ex: 9 Ways From Psychologists

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How To Forget Your Ex: 9 Ways From Psychologists
How To Forget Your Ex: 9 Ways From Psychologists

Video: How To Forget Your Ex: 9 Ways From Psychologists

Video: How To Forget Your Ex: 9 Ways From Psychologists
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How to forget your ex
How to forget your ex

"How to forget an ex-man?" - this question is asked by every woman who wants to start life from scratch and fill the resulting void. This topic has been widely discussed at all times, and does not lose its relevance now. Psychologists have identified nine effective ways that will help turn this page, and with renewed vigor, return to the ranks of the lonely and independent. So, if you want to forget your ex, then it's time to act!

The content of the article

  • 1 Return the energy back
  • 2 Find where to spend your time
  • 3 Say goodbye to the past
  • 4 Don't be skeptical about meeting new people
  • 5 Get to the subconscious
  • 6 Raise your head to the sky and spread your arms to the sides
  • 7 Love yourself
  • 8 Productive thinking

Bring the energy back i

You gave away a piece of yourself when you were in a relationship, then wasted energy in suffering over a failed romance. It's time to recover. How? Do something that brings great pleasure. For example, you can get a new manicure, update your wardrobe, or buy some cosmetics. Start enjoying life to the fullest by making yourself pleasant every day.

Psychologists recommend doing the following: on a piece of paper you need to write that things that bring joy and happiness. Every day, you need to do at least two or three things from this list. However, you should not include strong drinks or eating all sorts of goodies there. This is fraught with deterioration in shape and health in general.

Find where to spend your time2

The best way not to think about the past is to not have time for it. Every day should be filled with many things to do. Better focus on the future than get stuck in the past. Only forward, and only to new achievements! You will be surprised, but with the maximum load and tasks for the future, there is simply no time left to think about the past.

After every successful job, do not forget to praise yourself for it. Such a technique will help keep self-esteem at a level, will give motivation for further action. At some point, you can catch yourself thinking that this parting was even for the best. After all, now the level of productive work has increased several times, which will give a good impetus for moving up the career ladder.

Say goodbye to the past3

When a person thinks only about what happened, he cannot productively exist in the present. Regret, depression, indignation - those processes that can not change anything for the better, but inhibit the process of personal development. To prevent this from happening, you must always focus on what you are doing now.

When going to the store, think about passing cars, about people walking by, about the weather. These are thoughts from the category of "nothing", however, they connect a person with the present. After a while, the person will notice positive changes in terms of awareness. Now it will be possible to establish control over thinking and throw unnecessary thoughts far and for a long time.

Don't be skeptical about new acquaintances4

The main mistake many women make after parting is "hunger strike" in terms of new acquaintances. They shield themselves from people who could theoretically hurt. Do not do this. All people are different, and on the person with whom I had to part, the light did not converge like a wedge.

Moreover, new acquaintances help to increase self-esteem, expand connections, and reduce emotional dependence on old relationships. Rather than sitting in one place, and the next question to think about how to stop loving a guy, it is better to start doing it already. And new acquaintances will help very well with this.

Get to the subconscious5

If you yourself cannot understand why you are still being killed because of an unsettled relationship, then the subconscious mind knows why this is happening. In other words, you have some benefit from this suffering. Which one? Try to figure it out by getting into the depths of the subconscious.

Write on a piece of paper questions like: "What is good for me in this suffering?" Then concentrate all your attention on this issue, and think only about it. Next, write down all the answers that come to mind. The point of this technique lies in finding additional benefits from a depressed mood. For example, it can be beneficial if you love dramas because of self-esteem problems or a weakness for masochism.

How to forget your ex
How to forget your ex

Once you've found the reason, ask yourself how you can substitute for this benefit. If you love drama, watch these kinds of movies, read books, or listen to depressing music. In this way, it will be possible to achieve the desired effect, but without the danger of getting bogged down in the past.

Raise your head to the sky and spread your arms to the sides 6

No, these are not recommendations for exercising, but a kind of psychological trick. The fact is that in this position, the human body begins to produce hormones of joy. If you start thinking about bad moments in this position, your brain will automatically give a signal that everything is not so bad, and the best is yet to come. Every time you are consumed by obsessive thoughts about your ex, take this position. The brain will switch a bad mood to a good one.

Love yourself7

In such a depressive situation, remember to love and respect yourself. There are so many people in the world who are worthy and unworthy of love. The first person you should always love and under any circumstances is yourself. From self-love comes the worldview and the success of communication with other people.

forget ex-man
forget ex-man

Don't let external circumstances change your conceit. Self-love should be absolute and self-evident. Only then will it be possible to let go of the thoughts that cause pain, and begin to act according to your interests and well-being.

Productive thinking8

Try to think only about what is cause and effect. Rhetorical questions like: "Why did it happen?" and so on are not accepted. Think only about what brings benefit and clarity. Try to think about the future and the present, where you are aware of further actions. Think pleasant. This is a kind of manifestation of self-love. Always take control of your thinking and discard thoughts that do not work.

In doing so, always focus only on the positive aspects. Whenever you think about the bad, the body ages at an accelerated rate, and nerve cells die inexorably. Now, every time you think about your ex, pretend you are giving him a thousand rubles. This is so, but in this case you give your energy and beauty. Soon you will stop thinking about it at all.

actionable tips to forget your ex
actionable tips to forget your ex

Now, knowing how to forget your ex-man, you can quickly get rid of bad thoughts, learn to work more productively, and not lose confidence in your sexuality and desirability. But the main key to success is in the right parting. Therefore, we recommend reading our article on how to leave a man.

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