What To Talk About On A First Date: 7 Tricks To Make You Fall In Love

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What To Talk About On A First Date: 7 Tricks To Make You Fall In Love
What To Talk About On A First Date: 7 Tricks To Make You Fall In Love

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What to talk about on a first date
What to talk about on a first date

New acquaintances are given to everyone in different ways. Some are shy, cannot utter a single word. Others panic, chatting about things that no one expects of him. Still others are able to control their emotions, building a dialogue in a confidential and interesting way for both interlocutors. What to talk about on a first date? Today we will try to tell you about 7 ways a person will like it from the very first meeting.

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  • 1 Follow the instructions
  • 2 Get ready to improvise
  • 3 Drop pessimism
  • 4 Ask the question correctly
  • 5 Do not put pressure on personal
  • 6 Do not host conferences
  • 7 Be confident

Follow instructions i

This advice is especially important for those people who are very nervous around the company of a person they like. In this case, you just need to start preparing for the exciting event in advance.

Of course, you shouldn't write down the details of the meeting in the smallest detail. As soon as the conversation goes into the wrong steppe, you risk becoming even more agitated than usual. Just jot down a few topics in advance, think through the questions that interest you. Remember that the first meeting is just an acquaintance.

There is no need to try to penetrate a person's soul from the first minute of the dialogue. If he feels that you can be trusted, he will tell interesting details of his personal life. But talking on the first date about past relationships, sad breakups and tragic life events is still not worth it.

We also recommend rehearsing your prepared questions and phrases. Remember that the person does not know you at all. The wording should not be complex or ambiguous. Just imagine that you asked something completely harmless, and the person perceived it negatively. He will immediately close, and it is not so easy to liberate a new acquaintance.

In summary, prepare a list of topics or questions that would be appropriate to talk about at the stage of acquaintance. It doesn't have to be neutral things like weather or sports news. You can be original, but not cross the line, not violate the personal boundaries of a person.

Get ready to improvise2

Once you've outlined a rough outline for a conversation, don't be boxed in. Without knowing the person, it is impossible to be ready for his reaction to this or that topic. In addition, he himself can propose ideas for discussion.

If you find it difficult to react quickly and correctly formulate your opinion, slow down. This is very easy to do. The excitement goes away when we start to speak slowly and breathe correctly. The main thing in this matter is not to delay the pauses. An awkward silence is unlikely to be a situation in which two potential lovers would feel comfortable.

what to talk about on the first date
what to talk about on the first date

Suppose you are asked an unexpected question. You don't need to rush at him like a dog on a juicy bone. You may be wondering - this is an absolutely adequate response during a conversation. Then take a few deep breaths as you consider your answer. Start communicating your thoughts in stages. Structure your speech, as it can be very difficult to grasp the essence in the confusion of words.

In general, talking a lot, interrupting your partner and dragging the blanket over yourself is the most losing way of communication. You are meeting with an interesting person, respectively, you want to listen to his story. Be attentive, relaxed, and moderately frank. Who knows, maybe this is your only meeting in life.

Drop pessimism 3

With old acquaintances and close people, we are used to discussing everything in the world. Shares good news, talk about his successes and interests. This positive development of the conversation will be appropriate on the first date.

This means that at least often we begin to discuss those things that we don't like, and maybe even infuriate. Postpone such conversations until the times when you and your partner have developed a strong relationship of trust.

what to talk about on the first date
what to talk about on the first date

Which topics evoke more emotions in us: positive, neutral or negative? Most people react sharply to precisely those questions that cause a storm of indignation and indignation in them. What questions shouldn't you ask a girl when meeting or dating? Of course, those, when communicating to which you will not be able to reason sensibly without going overboard with emotions.

These include the most obvious ones: politics, relationships with management and colleagues at work, illness of relatives, corruption, quality of products, prices, and so on. Each of us has such pain points. Do not bring up things in the conversation that will shake your mood. They will instantly kill all romance and positive attitude.

In addition, the person will draw certain conclusions about you. Yes, your position on the political and economic situation in the country may well coincide. If you start discussing the poor quality of roads, you will most likely be supported. But then what? After all, you didn’t invite a person you like for a date to find a companion in his person.

Ask the question correctly4

A lot can be said about a person by the manner of conducting a conversation. First, when we first meet, most of us pay attention to the manner of speech. If a person constantly stumbles, jumps from one topic to another, cannot find words - in deeds he most likely does not observe order.

what to talk about on a date
what to talk about on a date

We have already mentioned that you need to be extremely specific and understandable with a stranger. Many people are accustomed to communicating in a playful manner, teasing, sometimes even going beyond the line of what is permitted. On the first date, vulgarity and teasing are completely inappropriate.

The first reason is ignorance of the interlocutor's sense of humor. What some people think is a funny joke, others perceive as offense and mockery. The second reason is the community of interests. You can be as witty as you like in the area that you personally understand, but the other person may not know some details, little things.

Asking a question correctly is one of the main skills of a good conversationalist. To begin with, you should be aware of your interest in the new interlocutor. If he sees that you are more inclined to talk about yourself, all the motivation to make contact and open up disappears. In order not to seem like an ill-mannered narcissist, use interrogative intonation more often.

For example, you started talking about music or books. After giving your opinion, ask the subject of sympathy what he thinks about this. This is the only way to show your respect and interest in the life of another person. By the way, this way you can learn a lot more about a new acquaintance than just asking a standard set of questions.

What to talk about on a date
What to talk about on a date

Head-on questions are also not a good strategy for a first date. It is much better to ask: “What do you do” than: “What do you work for? And before that? Do you have a university degree? How much do you earn? What's so little?"

It is also better to ask about interests in such a way that it is possible to answer the question in detail. When we say: you love cinema, music or theater, the answer suggests itself - yes or no. If the person answers: “I don’t know,” this will turn your acquaintance into a zone of enslavement. Better to ask: “Do you like cinema? What genres do you prefer? What films do you remember the most. " Here you can embark on a long discussion, understand the person better.

Do not press on personal5

If we really like a person, we do not control our manifestations of sympathy and interest. Many at the very first meeting try to get to the very depths of the interlocutor's personality. This position often scares a new acquaintance.

Indeed, not every person wants to open his soul to you. Personal questions should be asked after a while. Let the object of attention get used to you, understand that he can trust, open up.

first date conversations
first date conversations

When we ask about family, this is also a personal question. You went on a date with a girl or boyfriend, not his mother or brother. Some general questions will be appropriate, but there is no need to ask about childhood, family relationships.

Always try to put yourself in the shoes of the other person. However, do not forget that he is still different. People are not simply divided into extroverts and introverts. If the first is not difficult to talk a lot, laugh, discuss any topics, then the second is often puzzled by the need to show cards in front of another person.

An introvert is not ready to look directly in the eyes, he is embarrassed and worried. The pressure on him will end with the fact that the second meeting simply will not happen. There are also people who don't like tactile contact. They perceive touch as an invasion of personal space.

Don't make conferences6

Maybe you are used to long heart-to-heart conversations with friends, or you like to present yourself in all its glory for a very long time. The optimal length of a first date is an hour and a half. During this time, you will have time to get to know the person, but resist the temptation to get into his soul.

What to talk about on a first date
What to talk about on a first date

A very common mistake is long conversational dates. For each of us, the first date is a kind of stress. A respite is essential. Dialogue with a stranger is very exhausting and exhausting. To avoid awkward silence or severe fatigue, do not delay the first meeting.

Judge for yourself, a meeting lasting about an hour and a half will make it possible to immediately schedule the next one. People love riddles. Your target will be interested in learning new facts about you. Only then will she or he agree to a second date.

This rule applies to all meetings during the dating and courtship period. Each new meeting you both will look forward to with anticipation. If you drag it over, you can blurt out almost everything in one evening. Also, the dialogue will turn out to be rather chaotic. It will mix everything: work, hobbies, family, outlook on life, love of art and films.

In this case, you get a real porridge. The interlocutor simply will not be able to put such a large number of new facts in his head. The next time you start repeating yourself, your partner will be annoyed by the endless repetition of the same phrases.

If you are a fan of lying a little and embellishing your biography, you risk being caught in inaccuracies. Today you announced that you are very successful in your profession, and at the next meeting you began to find fault with all your colleagues and curse your boss for not promoting you in your position.

what are the conversations about on the first date?
what are the conversations about on the first date?

This leads a friend to think that you are a person who does not have the most honest rules, since you are lying on trifles.

Be confident7

The final tip is to be confident. On a first date, you can talk about a lot. Topics, the construction of the course of the conversation, the formulation of questions - this is certainly very important. But no matter how hard you try to make a positive impression, it won't work if you don't believe in yourself.

If such timid behavior of a woman can still be attributed to shyness and modesty, an insecure and nervous man will not take possession of the object of sympathy. Girls appreciate the inner core in men, good self-esteem and calmness. They want to see a reliable protector by their side, not an anxious little child.

In order to feel the most comfortable, consider the following points. Make sure your clothes are neat and comfortable. There is no need to dress up in a small shirt, tight pants if it will cause you discomfort. Just think of how every ten minutes you begin to pull up the bulging jacket. Wearing an overly fitted dress, you will not be able to have a normal dinner; you will regularly look at the treacherous folds on the sides and stomach.

about talking on the first date
about talking on the first date

Be sure to shower before your date. A smell can tell a lot about a person. Smell is one of the subtle ways to learn about a person, to understand how much he suits you. And you will feel much more confident. You know, even stale styling can spoil a girl's mood. Why create additional problems for yourself out of the blue.

What to talk about on a first date? Of course, each person determines the course of the meeting, relying on his own character, sphere of interests, interlocutor. Today we talked about the main points that should be taken into account when preparing and holding the first meeting. In any case, your first priority is to be confident and pay enough attention to your partner.

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