How To Please A Girl If You Have Big Plans For Her

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How To Please A Girl If You Have Big Plans For Her
How To Please A Girl If You Have Big Plans For Her

Video: How To Please A Girl If You Have Big Plans For Her

Video: How To Please A Girl If You Have Big Plans For Her
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How to please a girl
How to please a girl

Many articles have been written about the rules for renting a girl for the night, it seems that only the lazy is not familiar with the pickup rules. However, when you meet the one next to which you suddenly want to spend more than one night, or suddenly you find yourself imagining how you will lead your daughter to first grade, the first thing to do right away is to forget everything that you read about there. …

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  • 1 What do women want?
  • 2 So, a hard-working husband
  • 3 Less is Better
  • 4 Girl, what's your name?
  • 5 The main thing is not to spoil everything!

For the coolness of a sexy macho is not pecked at by those chicks whom you want to lead down the aisle. Few girl who is still in her mind will go into a relationship with a guy for whom Don Juan's fame has long been strengthened. He may be good in all respects, but she is well aware that the habit of winning women will not go anywhere.

Even if it is enough for several years, then nature will take its toll and she will only have to languish with jealousy and not forget to wipe her rapidly branching horns from dust. Naive fools or notorious masochists are capable of this. We'll have to re-learn science: how to please a girl.

To impress the girl you want to conquer forever, you first need to understand the biggest mystery of all time.

What do women want? I

How many men's brains were blown up thinking about this! Probably the only more insoluble question is: "to be or not to be?"

And the answer is simple, like everything brilliant and in general everything that is connected with women. Remember in the cartoon?

Then there was more about a horde of children, but it was already a man singing.

Will you say that this is a fairy tale and it never happens? You are wrong. There are only fabulous images, everything else is real.

How to please the weaker sex
How to please the weaker sex

The house may be rather big, but it must be obligatory, however, the apartment is also suitable. This is not commercialism, this is a place for a future family nest, you yourself understand, it is necessary. This does not mean that it is useless to approach a girl without him. This means that you must have a clear plan for how you will acquire it. This is quite enough for a start.

Russian stove. You don't have to bother looking for a stove-maker and agreeing on the removal of the pipe from the window of the house or through the ventilation duct. This is an image. In time immemorial, the stove was heating, stove, microwave and multicooker in one bottle. Also a cozy heated marriage bed. Well, in general, you understood what should be in your hut.

The floor is wooden. Do not think that this is from poverty. In fact, in the village huts, about which the song at the beginning was, for the most part there were earthen floors. Wooden is a level of wealth from average and above. Well, it's also environmentally friendly. In general, little has changed in a good thousand years. Wood floors are on trend.

Well, I probably don't need to explain about the shop and the candle. Upholstered furniture and good fixtures. It is obvious.

The purr cat is generally a versatile person. I caught mice, that is, the shore of the master's products from damage. Gentle and affectionate doctor - relieves stress, normalizes blood pressure. Well, the purr is instead of a musical setup. Again, the house decorates. A beautiful cat is an object of master's pride. It is still relevant. And a guy with a cute kitten in her arms will not be missed by any girl. This is generally a 100% dating guarantee!

girl in black dress
girl in black dress

The husband is hard-working. This is already about you. We will analyze in detail a little below, but for now let's talk about something else. Vanya sang about a crowd of children, you are now reading this article, by and large, for the same reason. Once you decided to approach a girl with serious goals, then the question of procreation also interests you. At least in perspective. Even distant.

So everything that was listed above is directly related to this. No serious girl over twenty-three years old will buy into naked romance. Rather, until a certain point - of course, but, most likely, she will not think about any serious relationship. And not because it is mercantile.

This is for one simple reason - a maternal instinct awakens in a healthy, morally and physically mature woman, no matter how much she tries to deny it. Childfree is, of course, a free choice, but a dead end development. No offense. They simply do not reproduce and, accordingly, die out.

So, for the future offspring, by the way, yours, a cozy nest is necessary. And the more important it is for a woman, the more chances you will get a wonderful wife. Strict and authoritative.

So, my husband is hard-working2

This does not mean that you will have to spend at work from morning to night. Just such a few people will please.

How to please your beloved
How to please your beloved

This is about the fact that you will not sit on the couch and whine about how you have been underestimated or that everyone around you is putting spokes in your wheels, but if only … You are expected to have normal male behavior and a strong shoulder to lean on, a back to hide behind.

In general, as always, "hard-working" is a metaphor. There is a lot behind it. You want to be respected, and every girl was ready to go on a date with you - learn to be, not to seem. This, of course, is difficult, but over time it becomes a habit.

What is required for this:

  • Don't be a gibberish. The man said - the man did.
  • Learn to take responsibility for yourself. Frightened shifting eyes at the moment when the boss at work instructs to carry out a responsible task and bleating: "Why me?" once and for all plunge you into the abyss of sludge in the eyes of women. No matter how scary - go ahead! More often than not, completing complex tasks is actually not as terrible as it seemed.
  • Do not brag. Especially credit purchases. This does not mean that you cannot buy a car on credit. But telling everyone what a cool car you bought, while hiding that you will eat empty pasta in the coming years is stupid. And a stupid man is terrible. Worse than an ugly woman.
tips on how to please a woman
tips on how to please a woman

Leave room for heroism. Yes, yes, and now he has a place in life. To translate grandmother across the road is super. To remove a kitten from a tree is excellent. Help the aunts from the neighboring office to drag heavy furniture - five points. Even if all this is deeply lazy and disgusting to you, it is necessary. Believe me, even if the same girl is not around. The earth is round, the rumor about your heroic deed will certainly reach the right place. Especially if there are many such actions. She will not resist

By the way, you also have to work. After twenty years, sitting on a parent's neck is already an irreparable damage to your image. Even kittens won't help you fix anything.

Less is Better3

Youth fashion leaves less and less difference between boys and girls. Everyone can dress in almost the same clothes or be touchingly funny in some particularly fashionable things.

You like to be in trend - flaunt blue legs sticking out from under your trousers in winter, or go in trousers with a place clearly left under a full diaper at the fifth point.

tips on how to please a girl
tips on how to please a girl

But all this rolls to a certain age. After twenty years, blind adherence to fashion no longer touches. After thirty - it's already funny. After forty - just deadly, evokes suspicions about the beginning of early senile marasmus. The exception is show business, the world of art, music, in which people can express themselves as they want.

A win-win is the classic. It doesn't have to be a three-piece suit or a tuxedo. Just classic style. Although, to be honest, a good costume looks extremely sexy.

Another point is the quantity and price of clothes. A man whose wardrobe is bursting with things bought at a sale and who for two days in a row does not appear in the same one - a little … eccentric. Better instead of ten things to buy one, but relatively expensive.

Footwear. Here you cannot save. It doesn't matter what style you prefer, shoes should be of excellent quality and always clean.

Girl, what's your name? 4

Okay, with general questions, it's clear, the image has been created, but how to please a girl? If you work together or systematically intersect in some common companies, believe me, she has long made her opinion about you and made a decision about whether you are suitable for her or not.

How to please a girl
How to please a girl

This is once again to the question that the transfer of grandmother across the street works for you, even when she is not around. She knows a lot about you.

If she sympathizes with you, even if she doesn’t show anything of this, then there is little to do - to find an excuse to meet in private. Invite for a cup of coffee or lunch, give a ride home, help bring something heavy. If she likes you too, she will gladly take the opportunity. If he refuses, it’s difficult, but not hopeless.

After you have flown by with coffee, or if you cannot decide to offer it, you can use the tactics that have long been known to all winners - a long siege. Just do not confuse the siege of a fortress with the aim of complete conquest and begging for alms.

A siege is dignified behavior, while everyone around you gradually learns that you are not indifferent to her, but she does not give up yet. It is always to be there, if you need help, an emphasized respectful attitude, both with her and behind her back. Let him catch your pensive and somewhat sad look, and, do not rush to avert your eyes, overpower yourself and smile a little.

Don't overdo it! You don't need to look at her with the eyes of a hungry crocodile. You can try to use a ram: for example, let him find a flower or a favorite chocolate on the table every morning (do not forget to find out what she likes!). It will take different time to cut the gap, but not a single fortress can withstand.

How to please a woman
How to please a woman

Begging for alms is a utopian activity. This includes stalking with the proverbial coffee at least once a week, staring at a battered dog, and whining to each and every one about how much you love her. Such enrage every day more and more. Unpromising.

The main thing is not to spoil everything

Well, you got your way, and you went to lunch, dinner or drink coffee. Wonderful! The first step has been taken, but now you must not spoil what you have been striving for for so long. It's pretty easy to give up on joy. Pay attention!

The fact that she agreed is a very good sign, but not yet a victory, so there is no need to run ahead of time to buy wedding rings. It's just coffee.

Wrinkle your mind and remember everything that your mother taught you in terms of good manners and how to please a girl. Don't fuss!

Help to take off or put on your coat is a must. To move or move a chair - depending on the circumstances, can sometimes be overkill. Help carry a handbag - never! Whatever happens, you hold this item in your hands while she dresses or in some similar case, but you never wear for her. Only trained dogs or suckers do this. You are not one of them.

tips on how to please your sweetheart
tips on how to please your sweetheart

Do not go with hugs! The maximum is a light touch to the hand (not to other parts of the body!). But it is necessary to touch, only unobtrusively, during a conversation.

Conversation. The most dangerous thing. To seem stupid, talkative, or uninteresting is to spoil everything that has been so hard to get, so watch your language like a sapper for mines. Topics should be neutral. Hobbies, free time, new movies. Not suitable: clothes, work colleagues (you are not a girlfriend, do not gossip!), Sports and cars (unless she has a category or a license with more driving experience than you).

Good anecdotes and funny stories in which you may well be the main participant are also great. It is too early to indulge in memories, but if you studied at the same university, then remembering your youth is quite permissible.

The main thing is that she is not bored or embarrassed. She should see how interesting and fun it is with you. It is quite acceptable at the end to thank for the meeting, but you do not have to repeat all the time how glad you are and wag your non-existent tail with happiness.

Don't forget to pay your bill! No matter how independent a feminist she is. If she protests very actively, translate everything into a joke and say that she has a return coffee.

If you can get me home, great. No, it doesn't matter. When parting, look into your eyes, just do not curry favor! Thank you again for the meeting. You may well ask about the next meeting.

tips on how to please a woman
tips on how to please a woman

If you agree right away and you agree on the time and place - victory! If any uncertainty arises, this is fixable, just buy tickets later and invite her to the cinema, theater or concert. If he refuses … reread the article first.

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