What Hugs Mean To Girls And Boys

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What Hugs Mean To Girls And Boys
What Hugs Mean To Girls And Boys

Video: What Hugs Mean To Girls And Boys

Video: What Hugs Mean To Girls And Boys
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How to hug a girl
How to hug a girl

All living things on the planet interact with each other in various ways. But there is one wonderful and harmless method of communication between people, which allows not only to achieve balance in communication, but also to help physically and emotionally another person.

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  • 1 Scientists on hugs
  • 2 Psychics about hugs
  • 3 Why does a person seek hugs
  • 4 How many times to hug
  • 5 What happens if a person does not hug
  • 6 What are the types of hugs
  • 7 How to hug a girl to say "I love you"
  • 8 How to hug a girl usefully
  • 9 How to hug a girl without breaking the friend zone
  • 10 The meaning of various hugs in a dream
  • 11 Pose "Lian"
  • 12 Pose "Spoons"
  • 13 Hand on the pulse
  • 14 Back to back
  • 15 On the edge

Hugs are one of the oldest and easiest ways to transfer energy between people. What good is a regular hug for a man? How to hug a girl usefully? And how often should you hug?

Scientists on hugs

Carnegie Mellon University, which has repeatedly conducted research in the field of psychology, recently published the results of another experiment, during which very interesting facts about hugs were revealed. Thanks to the participation of 400 volunteers, it was possible to establish the following:

Regular hugs increase immunity and help the human body to more easily tolerate various viral attacks, and further prevent them. Also, thanks to timely "hugs", the interlocutor or friend can help a loved one to more calmly endure the stress of social conflict, or quarrels with a loved one.

Thanks to hugs, the human body again and again experiences the release into the blood of oxytocin, the hormone of attachment, devotion, the hormone of the instinctive sensation of another person. Among other things, oxytocin lowers blood pressure and promotes muscle relaxation.

And the most interesting thing is that the effect of the hugs continues even the next day.

Psychics about hugs2

Specialists in the field of magic and esotericism claim that hugs can be very useful for a person, and sometimes even healing. For example, a person emotionally charged to a positive wave, embracing another, triggers the work of the solar plexus chakra, which in turn activates the production of blood leukocytes by irritating the thymus gland.

And also, psychics, in terms of their benefits and effects on the human body, compare hugs with laughter and even meditation, since this elementary gesture unites all systems of the body in a single impulse, and breath, and heart, and feelings. Thus, stabilizing your personal balance.

But the main thing that practical magicians note is that it is quite easy to influence a person with the help of hugs, since at this moment a powerful energy exchange takes place, which is able to calm, quench pain, and calm fears.

how to hug a girl
how to hug a girl

Why does a person seek hugs3

At the end of the twentieth century, in the blood of a person and his nervous system, scientists discovered morphine-like substances - hormones, today called endorphins. The action of endorphins on the body reduces the sensation of pain, improves mood, and sometimes provokes a feeling of euphoria. Roughly speaking, endorphins are a natural auto-drug that is produced during bodily contact - hugs. Therefore, a person tends to hug again and again.

How many times to hug4

In addition to researching the benefits of hugging, scientists have gone further. Since the process of contacting bodies has almost a healing effect, then it must be applied literally by prescription.

Louise Hay, an experienced psychologist and psychoanalytic specialist, believes that four hugs a day is the minimum amount a person needs to survive. To maintain and fully function all organs and systems of the body, you need at least eight approaches for hugs. And in order to move forward, to realize plans and dreams, you need twelve or more hugs a day.

What happens if a person does not hug5

How to hug a girl
How to hug a girl

Scientists of anatomy and physiology have proven that there is a brain area that responds and actively recognizes tactile sensations - touching human skin. If the child is hugged little or not at all, the part of the brain that is responsible for tactile senses atrophies or simply stops developing. As a result, the nervous and immune systems in general suffer.

Also, it is a well-known fact that children who grew up without a proper amount of love in childhood, and at a very early age, it is expressed precisely in the tactile sensation of loved ones nearby, grow up unable to love. About which, neuropsychologist William Priscot tells in more detail, according to whom such children in adulthood may be prone to murder, an asocial lifestyle, and reclusive behavior.

And deeper expert opinions even testify to entire societies that become more aggressive and alienated if hugs are not accepted in them and people have little contact with each other in this way.

What are the types of hugs6

There are many types of hugs, and each of them has its own emotional color and energy message.

How to hug a girl with a hint
How to hug a girl with a hint

Formal hugs

Embrace of the official type, have their own energetic and psychological overtones. This is a type of bodily contact that could have been avoided, but a light touch of the shoulders occurs between people as a sign of their special affection and respect for each other. Applicable for business partners and work colleagues.

Friendly hug

A friendly hug can be very different. Most often, they happen as if between things, do not carry a special emotional coloring. Usually a hand with a friendly hug is placed on the shoulders of the interlocutor. However, hugs from friends may be different. By patting, stroking or hugging oneself, the interlocutor can express a feeling of support, understanding, sympathy.

Hugs of spouses

The hugs of the spouses are very diverse. But most often they are longer. People do not hesitate and stay in close contact for a long time, look into each other's eyes, touch their heads. They are like-minded people, support and support of each other. A woman's head on the shoulder or chest of a man, and his hand under her shoulders, in a prone position, testify to the patriarchal lifestyle of the family, she is under his wing, he is her protector.

how can you hug her
how can you hug her

Lovers hug

Lovers in their arms are very unpredictable. Here you can find varieties of both friendly shades, and passion, and notes of family hugs. The feelings of lovers often play with different colors, hence such a range. However, more often than not, lovers look into each other's eyes. The guy hugs the girl around the waist, she around his neck, as in a slow dance. Inexperienced young people, avoiding the gaze of their beloved, resort to hugs from the side or from the back.

The embrace of parting

Hugs when parting with loved ones for a long time are almost bearish. Most often they are silent, but the interlocutors seem to hear each other's thoughts. Despite the relationship, be it a relative or a friend, this type of contact is very close and long-lasting. People touch their cheeks, almost intertwining their necks.

Embrace of reconciliation

Reconciliation hugs are a lot like the bear hugs of parting, except for the look. When trying on hugs, faces do not touch each other. More often the gaze runs between the eyes and lips of the partner, the interlocutor, as if in search of confirmation of the world.

how can you hug a woman
how can you hug a woman

Hugs after a long separation

A characteristic feature of hugs after a long absence is that the interlocutors practically throw themselves into each other's arms. They interrupt for a short glance and again nestle closely. Further, the nature of the meeting depends on what kind of relationship people are in.

Embrace of support

In order to support someone, people often use techniques such as patting on the back or shoulder. This technique means rather an attempt to cheer up and show your participation. Stroking, more often means a desire to calm and regret.

Formal hug

Formal hugs are somewhat similar to the hugs of officials. But unlike the latter, such contact does not carry a warm message of affection and trust. It looks more like the handshake of opponents in the ring after the fight. When no one and no one wants to hug, due to wet bodies and rivalry, but this is the way it should be according to etiquette.

But in addition to the main types of hugs, contact and tactile communication with the female sex in a separate text. By nature, representatives of the beautiful half of society are empaths. Which means that most of them intuitively capture and recognize information hidden from them.

about how to hug a girl
about how to hug a girl

For example, the true attitude of the interlocutor, his feelings and intentions. Body language can be considered particularly frank in this context, in particular the use of hugs as a way to express any emotions.

How to hug a girl to say "I love" 7

First of all, it is important to know that the female sex is much more jealous of the male about her personal space. And the key to the success of the hug event largely lies in the guy's ability to timely and delicately perform all the maneuvers. An intimate hug can easily be started by stretching out your hand to your companion, and taking her palm, put it on your chest.

  • The most popular hug in love is when a guy stands facing a girl, both of his arms embrace and pull her around the waist, while the girl's hands lie on his shoulders or close around his neck. A particularly sensual form of this hug is the contact of the foreheads, or noses.
  • Young people who are embarrassed can successfully use an intimate hug from behind. She's a guy's hand can be in the area of her neck, the main thing is not to overdo it with pressure, and the second is in the waist area. Or, both hands clasp her from behind completely fixing her hands, as if trying to warm her. This position eliminates eye contact, and at the same time gives the girl a sense of care and security.
how to hug a girl
how to hug a girl

How to hug a girl profitably8

  • For the interaction of bodies to bring health benefits, you need to cuddle tightly in order to slightly squeeze the chest, remembering that such an impact stimulates the thymus gland and the production of protective blood cells.
  • But more often than not, girls have emotional benefits from hugging a guy. To provide support and not violate personal space, you need to hug correctly. Standing with his face to the interlocutor, one man's hand is placed on her neck or head from behind, the second on her shoulders or on the area of the shoulder blades, then smoothly, without sudden movements, is attracted to herself. Her head fits the guy's shoulder or chest.

How to hug a girl without breaking the friend zone9

Among other things, it is important to remember that any touch to a girl should be soft, gentle, neat. Even if it's about a friendly pat on the shoulder, don't do it the same way as a wrestling buddy.

how to express feelings through hugs
how to express feelings through hugs
  • The most harmless hug is with one hand. The guy puts one hand on the girl's shoulder, not pressing his torso too much against her. Variations are possible in which the hand is placed on the waist, or the area of the shoulder blades, if the man passes the lady forward, and makes an accompanying gesture with a touch.
  • Bear grip - a slightly tighter hug. However, it is quite suitable for bodily communication with a friend. It is performed in the position of a young man to the side of the girl. With both hands, he grabs her so that she cannot touch him back with her hands.

The meaning of various hugs in a dream10

The most honest hugs in a dream can rightfully be considered. When consciousness ceases to control body movements, and the true attitude of a person to a partner comes to the fore, one can easily judge the degree of his attachment.

Samuel W. Dunkell, a family psychologist and psychotherapist practicing in New York, in his book Sleep Positions, reflected 25 years of experience in observing married couples, in particular the importance of postures during sleep.

Pose "Lian" 11

how to hug a woman with a hint
how to hug a woman with a hint

Plexus of hands, plexus of legs, all of which can be plexus, facing each other, a pose typical for lovers, or for married couples who have been together not so long ago. This situation in a dream characterizes the complete interdependence in a relationship.

Pose "Spoons" 12

With their backs to their partner, tightly snuggling, couples sleep in which there is a desire to always be there. This tactile contact gives people a sense of calm and security.

Hand on the pulse13

A pose similar to the pose of spoons, it is distinguished by a relatively large space between partners. However, with one hand or foot, they try to touch. This means that despite the self-sufficiency of each of the couple, he needs confidence that the partner is nearby.

how can you hug a girl
how can you hug a girl

Back to back14

Obviously, in this position, people sleep with their backs to each other. But this does not mean their indifference at all, on the contrary, each keeping his personal space, nevertheless demonstrates the need for a partner in close proximity.

On the edge15

At the edge of the bed, with their backs turned away, either very tired spouses most often fall asleep, without waiting for the second half. Or after a quarrel, when the conflict outside the bedroom was not resolved. In this case, hugging in a dream is a great way to wake up already reconciled.

Thus, many forms and methods of hugs allow not only knowing how to hug a girl, but also understanding how to convey this or that information to her. By using hugs as a communication method, you can often convey more information to loved ones than verbally. This is especially true of emotional participation in human life.

how to hug a woman
how to hug a woman

Hugs magically help people not to get sick, to be more successful and happier, and apparently for this it is enough just to take this medicine constantly and in a timely manner. As the doctor ordered)

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