How To Attract A Man's Love And Attention To Your Life?

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How To Attract A Man's Love And Attention To Your Life?
How To Attract A Man's Love And Attention To Your Life?

Video: How To Attract A Man's Love And Attention To Your Life?

Video: How To Attract A Man's Love And Attention To Your Life?
Video: 9 Proven Ways To Attract The Man You Truly Deserve | ATTRACT MEN The RIGHT Way 2023, March
How to attract a man's love
How to attract a man's love

Loud statement? Agree. But the topic that we will consider is very loud - how to achieve success in your personal life with the help of visualizations, meditations and other psychological and esoteric practices.

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Recently, the world has literally gone crazy from various ways to improve oneself and the world around with the help of spiritual practices. Let's consider this topic using the example of one of the most popular YouTube channels on the topic of relationships: “how to attract a man into your life”, “how to make a man think about you”, “how to make him call”, etc. - these and other topics are easily "googled" on the most popular video hosting on the Internet.

Down to earth

If you have so far avoided playing with the subconscious and the power of thought, you will have to start from scratch.

  • Learn to relax. Even if nothing comes out of the idea with the involvement of a man, the ability to throw out a bunch of unnecessary thoughts from your head will help you not to catch a nervous breakdown and join the ranks of antidepressant lovers.
  • Visualization is impossible without a developed imagination. Quite frankly, without a rich imagination, you will have a very difficult time in the world of meditation. If you cannot heed the voice on the headphones and imagine yourself in an unearthly paradise, as you will be distracted by the cat screaming outside the door and thinking about dirty dishes in the sink, meditation will bring irritation and a desire to eat half of the cake that is set aside for tomorrow.
  • A rich imagination will be useful to you at work (if your profession is related to creativity), and when organizing a creative bachelorette party, and in bed with a man whom you, God forbid, attract.
  • One of the most wonderful thoughts actively promoted by various coaches is that you don't have to get stuck. There is no need to shake over the phone and wait for its call, message, like, forgetting about yourself and your life.
  • According to the laws of the universe, this will reduce your chances of successfully translating what you want into reality. According to the laws of Life, this will deprive you of time that you could spend more productively and happily.

Email me2

So, the channel called Power in Thought offers us a meditation that will allow us to attract a message from the right man in a short time - from three minutes to three days. One important condition is that you must be familiar with this man, and he must be on your contact list.

How does it work? 3

For three to four minutes, you don't need to do anything other than breathe deeply and try to free your mind of unnecessary thoughts. This is called "going to alpha". According to the owner of the channel, it is in such a relaxed state that we have access to the subconscious and the forces hidden in it.

How to attract a man
How to attract a man

After you've relaxed, pick up your phone. Now you need to visualize the notification of a new message from a man to the smallest detail - imagine the sound with which the phone notifies you of a new message, imagine the name of your loved one, you can even dream up the beginning of the desired message.

No pink hearts and kissing birds - draw an image of the message in your head as if you see it with your own eyes. You should try to fantasize this "picture" by first looking at the empty notification window on your phone, then closing your eyes.

You need to do this for about a minute, and then "connect emotions" - imagine your delight and happiness when you see the desired message. Feast on these emotions, taste them. And then give thanks - Higher powers, your subconsciousness, your imagination.

The girl advises to do this practice in the morning and in the evening, from one to three days.

How to attract a woman
How to attract a woman

The hardest part, in our opinion, is to take it seriously and not beat yourself up for your stupid behavior. After all, it has been said more than once about the power of the subconscious and the fact that thoughts are material, so why not try to take advantage of the benefits of the Universe?

Reviews were left by real women, and there are many of them, and all of them (women) of different ages - from ten to fifty. Some thank the girl and share their experience, others lament that they, as always, have everything through one place.

Attract a specific man4

Another meditation promises not only to attract a man, but also to make him think of you at the moment you practice. An important condition is that no one should disturb you. Unplug your phone, feed the cats, and get into a comfortable position.

The comments, of course, are motley, but this is captivating - if the comments were full of praise, it would look like a lie, … deception and provocation.

What are the ways to attract a man
What are the ways to attract a man

Meditation (if done correctly) is truly relaxing. Even if the answer to the question "How to attract a man's love" is not found, you can free your head from unnecessary thoughts and rest.

Or maybe you will become another of the happy commentators, who knows?

Execution method:

  • Get into a comfortable position and relax. Breathe deeply and drive away unnecessary thoughts (2-3 minutes).
  • Imagine that the light of "divine energy" is passing through you. Feel the warmth running down your spine and your whole body relaxes.
  • When everything is in openwork with the second point, imagine another ray of light that passes through the chest and fills you with its healing light.
  • Imagine that your reality (and the deplorable situation in your personal life) is changing here and now. Right at this moment.
How to attract a guy
How to attract a guy
  • Imagine that you are already in a happy relationship with the right man. Of course, you don't need to fantasize before a joint mortgage and scandals due to unwashed dishes. Imagine holding hands and looking tenderly at each other.
  • Connect positive emotions. Rejoice in your fantasies as if it were all coming true.

Think about me5

Now let's take a look at the general advice that most channels about working with the subconscious are generously supplying girls with.

Stop thinking about what he doesn't think of you

Again about the materialization of thoughts. The more you think that he does not need you, and he has forgotten about you, the sooner it will come true. Stop focusing on negativity and despair. By the way, it is good for the nervous system and self-esteem of any woman.

Release your grip and distance yourself

Which man to attract
Which man to attract

Don't dwell on it. Do not take this man as the only possible option for improving your personal life. Love yourself, keep yourself and your time occupied with something useful - from self-development to meeting with girlfriends. “Yours will find you” and everything like that. Also, here we are talking about a long-noticed fact - if you forget about someone and breathe calmly, this person is right there.

  • Pay attention to other men. “Open up the world of other men,” as they say. Even if you are crazy about Him, try to take off your rose-colored glasses and look around - there are much more worthy men than you think
  • Concentrate on your merits. Self-love, self-respect and self-confidence - it has always been sexy, it is sexy now, and it always will be. Pale phlegm that cannot imagine life without a man is not sexy.

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