Girls With Whom You Should Not Connect Your Fate. Throw Her, She's Crazy

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Girls With Whom You Should Not Connect Your Fate. Throw Her, She's Crazy
Girls With Whom You Should Not Connect Your Fate. Throw Her, She's Crazy

Video: Girls With Whom You Should Not Connect Your Fate. Throw Her, She's Crazy

Video: Girls With Whom You Should Not Connect Your Fate. Throw Her, She's Crazy
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crazy girls
crazy girls

Some people, for some inexplicable reason, consider crazy people to be the best people. In fact, a "madman" is one who is not friends with his head. Crazy in the truest sense of the word. Such a person has certain oddities in his behavior, character and thinking, which can be dangerous both for him and for his environment. If a man comes across a crazy girl, then he should not associate his life with her. Of course, if he is not a masochist.

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  • 1 Why avoid crazy people?
  • 2 How to recognize a mad woman?
  • 3 Fanaticism
  • 4 Self-obsession

Why avoid crazy? I

In the first place, it is dangerous to have a relationship with someone who has mental problems. Dangerous in every sense of the word and for all aspects of the life of a partner of such a "special" personality. First, it will be dangerous for the mental health of the "healthy" member of the couple. If he truly loves such a girl, then often in return he will not receive anything like that. Only tantrums, discontent, coldness, callousness, or something else.

He will feel sorry for this girl with problems, try to take care of her. If his feelings are especially strong, then he will be ready to sacrifice his time, health and money. And in most cases, such men are not professional psychologists, so all their investments can be compared to pieces of paper thrown into the wind. They just fly away to nowhere.

Secondly, some kind of relationship with a crazy person only brings problems. Moreover, the range of these difficulties is not limited only to those listed in the previous paragraph. A girl with mental disabilities will harm the life of her partner in all aspects. Because of her whims or "cockroaches" a man can get into a situation where she makes him choose between her and friends, between her and work, between her and family.

She can waste money thoughtlessly, she can be bad about her partner's personal life. Very often, such girls are extremely emotionally unstable, and the fact that their boyfriend is not spending time with them pushes them to various manifestations of their discontent.

Thirdly, it will be dangerous for life and health. Who knows what kind of things a crazy person can go for? If for some reason it suddenly seems to him that he was cheated, or he was deceived, or he is not given sufficient attention, he may well use violence. If it comes to this, then this is an extreme case and a person cannot be helped without special training and means.

Many people believe that their love and care can fix anything. This is an illusion and self-deception. A person with mental problems absolutely does not care about everyone around him, even if he tries to say otherwise. Of course, a man may want to devote his whole life to helping and raising this defenseless creature, but then the question arises about his mental health.

A healthy and adequate man does not need to take on the role of caring for a crazy girl. For this, there are her close relatives or, in extreme cases, special medical institutions. Linking his life with such a person, a man risks not only not helping her, but also driving himself into a swamp, from which it is very difficult to get out without outside help. Of course, we are not talking about relatives who have gone crazy. But even they cannot be helped without specialists.


How to recognize a crazy woman? 2

There are various forms of madness and forms of mental deviations that all people, including girls, are subject to. If serious problems are rare and easily detected, then minor but rather dangerous forms of deviations are quite difficult to notice. They can manifest themselves in the most unexpected things that a stranger simply does not know about. But when a man enters into a relationship with such a lady, then everything becomes clear to him. However, it is too late to run.

Do not be afraid - any form of deviation can be detected with the naked eye, you just need to show attention to detail and patience in observations. Most crazy women look normal on the outside. But modern means make it possible to understand their mental structure. And the most important weapon of a young man who is looking for a partner and wants to make sure of her mental health is social networks.

Almost everything is reflected on the social media account of a potential partner. According to many of the data that people voluntarily post on the pages, you can make a rough psychological portrait and then confirm your guesses during communication with this person.

You should not get close to them, just find out about tastes, views on certain things, about hobbies and everything else that you can learn. And if at least on any of the points there is a coincidence, then you should immediately break off contacts. It is necessary to analyze the interests of the girl. List of communities to which she is subscribed. What kind of music he listens to. What kind of photos does he post. What he writes on the wall. Often, mentally unhealthy people spread dirt on themselves, without even realizing it.

crazy girl
crazy girl

There are several fairly simple forms of madness, to which almost all girls in Russia and the CIS countries are subject to one degree or another. They are quite common, because they are common, but from that they do not cease to be dangerous for adequate people and the surrounding society. A man who wants to build strong, healthy relationships that will not only bring two people under the same roof, but also improve their lives, needs to get acquainted with these forms of mental disorders.


This is what almost all young ladies who can be observed in our country sin. In varying degrees, but still each of them is dangerous. Why? Because such a woman will not be able to adequately and sensibly assess the events taking place. She will perceive everything through a view of life or its individual aspects imposed by an idol or phenomenon. And it is precisely this limitation and dependence on something that will not allow relationships to develop.

What are the most common targets of female fanaticism and what can be observed on social networks? First, it's money. Money is undoubtedly important. But only as a resource for achieving goals. Many women, due to their upbringing, perceive money not as a means, but as an end. They are truly mercantile, capable of meanness, deceit and lies in order to grab more crisp bills.

And they often do not hesitate to demonstrate their interest in a rich life on social networks. With such a woman it will not be possible to build strong and healthy relationships, she will always look for a richer man in order to go over to him if something happens. It is very easy to detect this - the pages of persons with a similar deviation will be replete with photographs of expensive cars, restaurants, inspirational travel posts. They can pass off their rejection for anything, but not for commercialism.


Secondly, children. Yes, kids, this is definitely good. But only if their birth is treated adequately and without fanaticism. Many young ladies are simply obsessed with the idea of motherhood. They do not care that they do not have their own apartment to support these children. They don’t care that they don’t have the money to provide for their families, dress their children, pay for their needs and for education. They just want a baby because my mother said so and everyone around has already given birth. Such an irresponsible attitude towards their offspring leads to the emergence of impoverished families in which an atmosphere of hatred reigns. It is not hard to guess how these children grow up.

Unfortunately, in Russia there is a real cult of the child, when children become the real final goal of life. Nobody thinks about the need to prepare for their birth, to create all suitable conditions. After all, this is done in Europe and the United States, there you can rarely find a woman who gave birth before 30-35 years. But this is not the case in Russia. All, obeying natural instincts, strive to give birth sooner. What for? Some of them know.

Thirdly, this is someone else's opinion. Oh, almost everyone has experienced this. The desire to wear expensive clothes, have expensive phones, have a bunch of likes and followers on social networks. Everything in order to expose herself in front of other people as the person she really is not. Many women are very hypocritical, but some just “break the bottom”.

They cannot do anything without approval, without praise, they are offended by any criticism or remarks, they are completely unable to move forward without showing the way by someone from the outside. It is simply impossible to build strong relationships with such a person, he will always be like a ballast, who is not even able to decide what dress to wear today.

crazy girl
crazy girl

Fanaticism leads to the fact that the perception of a person changes. Under the influence of certain objects of his adoration or hatred, he replaces his own values with those that are imposed on him. And such crazy girls are simply not able to think for themselves and be truly happy.


This is also a form of fanaticism, but it requires separate consideration. Often people meet online and in life with such a lady declaring that everyone owes her and, first of all, men. A man must pay, a man must give up his seat, a man must carry weights. No no! A man doesn't owe anything. No one owes anything to such a person.

But, it so happened that her parents just missed their education. Since childhood, this sweet little darling has been extolled with all his might, called her the best and most beautiful, and now she has a cognitive dissonance from the fact that, it turns out, no one cares about her.

Therefore, such a girl decides to forcibly attract attention to herself. Singers, actresses, bloggers, gamers, models and just provocative personalities. Few girls, as well as guys, are truly talented people. But there are a lot of those who want to become famous and promote themselves. Not to share your thoughts and creativity with others.

And for the sake of the amount of attention that will be riveted on them due to the fact that they somehow stand out. Everything is used - from provocative behavior and unusual appearance to very serious work in order to achieve fame. And all for what? So that she, the princess, will again be paid the attention that she was gifted in childhood. Well, and so that money would be paid for it, how could it be without it.


Often, when communicating with various people, you can hear someone speak, elevating yourself above others. In most cases, this will be a joke and irony. But here the crazy girls really elevate themselves above the rest. They believe that the whole world owes them. They float with the flow, waiting for a prince on a white horse or some other kind of "bone from the master's table."

From here comes insane jealousy in a relationship. "How is it that he dared to pay attention to someone other than ME?" Unhealthy egoism and fixation on one's own person is an obvious mental deviation, but for some reason among society it has almost become something normal and even common.

Such a girl is incapable of showing love. Everything positive that gets to her, she takes for granted. It will be fair to say that there are enough young men with a similar worldview among modern youth. Still, being a "princess" is a historically female prerogative.

Such an arrogant look at people around is not new. Such persons existed a hundred and two hundred years ago. Unfortunately, not all parents understand that it is wrong to praise their child. And they grow up spoiled to the present pathological extreme children.

Any form of insanity, however mild, is an almost insurmountable obstacle to relationship building. Often it is impossible to convince girls with mental disabilities, and men simply leave them to find "normal". And rightly so! But some still continue to stubbornly extol "crazy" people as some kind of unusual and misunderstood personalities. They should think better, because these are just people with real problems who need appropriate help.

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