10 Super Ways To Forget Your Ex

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10 Super Ways To Forget Your Ex
10 Super Ways To Forget Your Ex

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I want to forget my ex
I want to forget my ex

Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you'll get. In the relationship between a man and a woman, everything is exactly the same. It is not known what this beautiful chocolate bar, wrapped in a shiny foil of promises, conceals in itself.

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  • 1 Point one. Suffer
  • 2 Out of sight
  • 3 Do not hope and do not wait
  • 4 The main thing is desire
  • 5 Too much free time
  • 6 Love
  • 7 Mirror
  • 8 Change of scene
  • 9 What to see?
  • 10 What to listen to?

So, the candy is eaten, the aftertaste is disgusting, and the wrapper is torn to shreds.

"I want to forget my ex!" - Is this your only desire at the moment? Well, then it's time to do a detox treatment for a wounded soul.

Point one. Suffer

No, you haven't started hallucinations yet. Fear-let-those. Allow yourself to suffer. No need to pretend like nothing happened. If you don’t experience negative emotions now, this will result in at least a nervous breakdown, at the most - serious diseases of internal organs.

“Pain wants to be felt” - the words of the writer John Green. If you don't believe writers, trust at least psychologists - it is necessary to throw out negative emotions. Especially in such a matter of how to forget a former man.

There are periods of despondency in the life of any person, but it depends only on you how you will live them - put it off "for later", thereby prolonging the period of being in an emotional coma, or burst into tears, eat up a forbidden, but mind-blowingly delicious food and get drunk, and then, having climbed out of the dump of paper handkerchiefs, you will go towards a new relationship.

Remember all the good things that happened between you. Re-read correspondence, revise photos, look at his profiles on social networks to the holes - then, when you are in a new happy relationship, you will no longer be up to it. An important point - remember not only the good. Go through all the quarrels and resentments, all the painful moments in your head. Anything that made you doubt that "happily ever after" is about your couple.

Out of sight2

Here is a more difficult job waiting for you. You've seen enough of your photos together, right?

I want to forget the ex
I want to forget the ex

Delete all shared photos and videos. Tear the photos and burn them - such manipulations (with a competent approach that does not contradict fire safety rules) have a positive effect on your psycho-emotional state. You can throw away your ex-partner's things or return them (it is better to do this through mutual acquaintances, especially if you are afraid to wake up in his bed in the morning).

Now the hardest part is to stop following him. Remove it from contacts. Do not follow who he likes. Do not monitor his photos. And do not ask mutual acquaintances about him. First, it doesn't help you forget it. Secondly, this kind of spying almost always looks ridiculous. Rest assured, from the outside you do not look like an independent tigress, but like a girl in love with poor acting skills.

Most likely, it will take more than one day. And not even one week. Don't beat yourself up or demand the impossible. This person has been a part of your life for a long (or not so) time. You don't have to forget about him immediately a week after breaking up. But if you really want to forget your ex and start enjoying life, then you shouldn't stretch the goodbye for months and years either.

Don't Hope and Wait3

As long as there is hope in your heart, you will not be able to forget about this person.

If you broke up by mutual agreement, then the differences in your couple were stronger than feelings.

I want to forget the ex-man
I want to forget the ex-man

If you left a man, then over and over again go through the reasons why you did it. Addiction (alcoholic, computer, gambling), betrayal, lies and tyranny - people get rid of such vices for a long time and - this is important! - only of their own free will.

Do not expect that the toad will suddenly become a handsome prince - if a miracle has not happened in six months, a year, five years, then in a couple of months this will not happen at all.

If you weren't the initiator of the breakup, take it for granted. Things that didn't suit your ex can make the other man fall in love with you. Change only if it really prevents you from living and building relationships with people.

It's much harder to forget a man who wasn't really yours. Friendship with constant flirting, sex for friendship, ambiguous jokes - you both did not understand what was happening between you. And while you were pondering who you are for each other, life pulled you apart. You continue to communicate, sympathy is felt between you, but things do not go beyond messages once every couple of months.

You are not sure if a man thinks about you as often as you think about him. You are not sure if he needs you. But you are also not sure that he does not need you. And so you continue to fantasize about a happy relationship with this man, posting carefully selected photos, hoping for his likes and compliments. As if by chance, find out from mutual acquaintances about him and spend months and years on relationships that live only in your head.

when you want to forget your ex
when you want to forget your ex

Don't you feel so sorry for yourself? While you fantasize about him and hope for something, he will have time to find a girl who stands firmly on the ground and does not waste time on dreams.

Here the "treatment" scheme is the same - stop thinking about him and expect something from this guy. Either speed up the process and confess your feelings to him, or let him go in peace. If this is really your person, then he will return to you like a masterfully thrown boomerang.

The main thing is desire4

Answer yourself to the question: "Do I really want to forget my ex?"

It is convenient to be a victim - they pity you and make all sorts of indulgences. But even the most patient and compassionate friends will one day get tired of your constant whining and start coming up with excuses so as not to meet with you and listen to your complaints.

If you still hope to get it back, you won't be able to forget it. You will not allow yourself to do this. Therefore, see the paragraph above about hopes.

The thirst for revenge not only poisons you and spoils karma, but also prevents you from peacefully letting go of a man and forgetting about him.

I want to forget my ex-boyfriend
I want to forget my ex-boyfriend

What will revenge give you besides hatred for this person and for yourself? Nothing.

Too Much Free Time5

Take care of pressing issues, instead of once again looking at photos of girls leaving comments under his photos.

Finally go to the doctor and carry out a complete examination of the body. Conquer your fear and make an appointment with your dentist. Finally, join your friend in a Spanish course or yoga class - how much have you promised her?

Do everything that you previously wanted, but put off until later in order to spend more time with the chosen one. And also what your ex told you not to do. Put on a dress that he didn’t like so much and write to your friends who have already begun to forget how you look without a faded look and puffy eyes.


Start a new relationship when you are ready for it. Nobody signed up to be your vest and antidepressant. Would you like it if it turns out that the new acquaintance is trying to forget the ex with your help?

I want to forget my ex
I want to forget my ex

A healthy relationship involves two adults who are willing not only to receive love and care, but also to give it back. We don't need an unhealthy relationship anymore, right?


Look at acquaintances and girlfriends who forgive their boyfriends for betrayal, lies and harsh possession of brains, coupled with inhibitions and mistrust - do you really want such a relationship? Perhaps it is better to jump with a parachute or ride a roller coaster than to look for vivid emotions in a relationship of dubious quality?

Chat more often with girls who delight you with their strength of character and ability to stand up for themselves. Charge from them with optimism, thirst for life and love for yourself.

Change of scenery8

If you have no money or time to travel around the world, go on at least a mini-vacation, visit a friend or relatives.

Psychologists often advise people who are in a difficult life situation and do not see a way out to go on a short trip. No problems with a visa and other documents, no suitcases and bulky luggage - just go to another city.

The "therapeutic dose" is 100-500 km, that is, about 4-8 hours of travel.

if you want to forget your ex
if you want to forget your ex

Choose the mode of transport according to your taste - car, train or bus.

During the trip, you calm down and plunge into a kind of trance - the sound of wheels, the rustling of tires, a flickering landscape outside the window. The problems left at home begin to move away from you little by little. You seem to be watching yourself from the side. It can be compared to a ball of thread. As the distance from home increases, the problem begins to decrease, and your attitude towards it changes.

You can use the time on the trip to think about the situation, or completely disconnect from the outside world - put headphones in your ears, turn on music and relax.

Enjoy your mini-vacation, chatting with loved ones. Alternate at-home gatherings with walks around the city - both in company and alone.

Plus, your journey can attract interesting new acquaintances to your life. Don't resist it and let change come into your life.

What to see? 9

Films that will help you to fulfill the first point with dignity (to put on snot and sob for several hours on end) and return faith in love.

Titanic (1997)

ways to forget your ex
ways to forget your ex

To burst into tears. You can also take with you a friend who likes to cry, or even ten, over a romantic movie, order a pizza and uncork a bottle of wine.

In a hurry to love (2002)

ways to forget your ex
ways to forget your ex

To cry even more. And get rid of the thought that love does not exist.

Memory Diary (2004)

effective ways to forget your ex
effective ways to forget your ex

Contraindicated for those who hope to return the ex rather than forget him. Everyone else is welcome.

Ghost (1990)

effective ways to forget your ex
effective ways to forget your ex

Classics of films about love. Full of emotions and feelings, it is not in vain that this film left such a noticeable mark on the world cinema.

Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind (2004)

effective ways to forget your ex
effective ways to forget your ex

An article dedicated to the topic of "erasing" love from the heart and memory would not be complete without this film. Lovely blue-haired Kate Winslet and unusually serious Jim Carrey deserve your attention.

Amelie (2001)

what to do to forget your ex
what to do to forget your ex

Charming Audrey Tautou will color the world not only of the heroes of the film, but also your own.

Dirty Dancing (1987)

what to do to forget your ex
what to do to forget your ex

Perhaps this beautiful film will finally make you sign up for dance classes and stop putting off life until later.

Atonement (2007)

what to do to forget the ex
what to do to forget the ex

Good actors got together and made a good movie. The all-encompassing love and happiness of being loved - the picture is saturated with strong emotions.

The Fault in the Stars (2014)

about how to forget the ex
about how to forget the ex

We warn you right away: the film causes profuse lacrimation. But we all sometimes love to watch drama. It is even useful - to once again realize how valuable life is and what happiness it is to be healthy.

See you (2016)

about how to forget your ex-boyfriend
about how to forget your ex-boyfriend

Emilia Clarke is a miracle how good and without a shock of white hair. Sam Claflin is good on his own. And together they give us an irresistible desire to be happy and to give happiness to a loved one.

Bridget Jones's Diary (2001)

about how to forget the ex-man
about how to forget the ex-man

A very feminine comedy about how “it is important to find a nice traveling guy and stop having romances with the following types: alcoholics, workaholics, runners from responsibility, lovers of peeping, megalomaniacs, insensitive fools, perverts, and even more so to stop indulging in dreams of a specific person. possessing all of the above qualities … ".

And also that the first impression is deceiving, and the desired candy appears before us in a strange wrapper.

What to listen to? 10

During the general cleaning and clearing the space of the things of the former, during a run or get-togethers with friends, we listen to songs about strong and self-confident women - in relationships and in free swimming.

  • Sam Brown - Stop
  • Cher - Strong Enough
  • Madonna - You'll See
  • Britney Spears - Stronger
  • Celine Dion - All By Myself
ways to forget your ex
ways to forget your ex
  • Florence + the Machine - Shake it Out
  • Robyn - Dancing On My Own
  • Kelly Clarkson - Miss Independent
  • Taylor Swift - Blank Space
  • Katy Perry - Love Me
  • Hilary Duff - One In A Million
  • Miley Cyrus - On My Own
  • Selena Gomez - Who Says
  • Pink - Fucking Perfect
  • Gloria Gaynor - I Will Survive
  • Beyonce - Run The World

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