Understandable Without Any Words: How To Seduce A Man With Gestures

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Understandable Without Any Words: How To Seduce A Man With Gestures
Understandable Without Any Words: How To Seduce A Man With Gestures

Video: Understandable Without Any Words: How To Seduce A Man With Gestures

Video: Understandable Without Any Words: How To Seduce A Man With Gestures
how to seduce a man
how to seduce a man

What woman has not dreamed of conquering hearts with one glance, gait, fleeting gesture. What envy are caused by women who are fluent in this art. However, everyone can learn this. It is enough to develop the right attitude, learn the signal system and practice a little.

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  • 1 Thoughts shape reality
  • 2 Gymnastics, dance and yoga: how these activities help seduce
  • 3 Simple techniques, understandable gestures
  • 4 Lip accent
  • 5 Smile
  • 6 "Erotic" look
  • 7 Hip gait
  • 8 "I look at you like in a mirror"
  • 9 Stroke and touch

Thoughts shape reality

The process of seduction is an action, the success of which largely depends on the right attitude. How often it happens that a woman who does not at all shine with beauty attracts men, and a delightful beauty is used only as a work of art - it is pleasant to look, but I do not want to approach. There are two "big secrets" at work here.

First, a woman should simply radiate confidence in her feminine attractiveness. This can be achieved by simple self-hypnosis: "I am attractive", "I drive men crazy", "All the men I meet want me", etc. There can be a lot of options. The main thing is to find a suitable formulation.

The second secret is that an unapproachable view seriously reduces the chances of successful seduction. To seduce - a woman must exude desire herself. To do this, it is not at all necessary to hang on to all men, just the attitude: "I agree to get acquainted, I am ready to continue communication" and everything in the same spirit.

Gymnastics, Dance & Yoga: How These Activities Can Help You Seduce2

When the desired attitude is developed, you can proceed to "physical" training. This is not about going to the gym and working on centimeters of the waist and hips. It is much more important to awaken natural grace, plasticity of movements, the ability to feel and control your own body.

For women in this matter, indispensable helpers can be called dancing, yoga, gymnastics. You can study at home on your own, you can go to special classes - this is not so important. Another thing is important - the desire to "make friends" with your own body. In addition, all these activities give self-confidence and good mood, give a feeling of happiness and harmony. This is much more important to seduction than a good figure and good dress.

ways to seduce a man
ways to seduce a man

Simple techniques, understandable gestures3

The erotic gestures and postures themselves are no secret to anyone. It is much more important to ensure that they look natural.

Lip focus4

Open mouth, licking and nibbling - all these manipulations give an emphasis on one of the erogenous zones, which remains accessible to the eyes almost always. If you use them during a conversation with a man you like, his degree of sexual arousal will gradually begin to increase.


For some reason, this simple technique is often forgotten, but scientists have long proved that a smiling person looks more attractive. Therefore, sometimes a fleeting glance and a smile are enough to trigger the seduction process.

how to interest a man
how to interest a man

"Erotic" look6

Much has been said and written about how to seduce a man with a look. "To the corner, to the nose, to the object", look intently from under the eyelashes, etc. However, such techniques usually do not cause anything except suspicion of female strabismus in men. It is much more important to use physiological signals that speak of sexual arousal.

Usually the secret of the "magical" gaze lies in the dilated pupils. This is a direct signal to male libido - dilated pupils are a clear sign of sexual arousal. To achieve dilated pupils is simple: you need to look at an object that is far behind the man's back, and then quickly turn your gaze to the object of desire.

Hip Gait 7

It is this swaying of the hips that attracts attention and drives men crazy. The secret is simple - down with sneakers, ballet flats and loafers. Confident "yes" to the hairpin. Even for a short time, until this gait becomes normal, and the habit of running "headlong" will not disappear completely.

arouse a man's sexual interest
arouse a man's sexual interest

"I look at you like in a mirror" 8

A very simple, but very effective technique is to copy the poses and gestures of the interlocutor. A woman who copies the gestures and behavior of a man gives his subconscious a signal: "You and I are alike."

Why does this technique work flawlessly when seduced? Nobody excites a person as much as he does himself (of course, if everything is in order with self-esteem). But even if self-esteem is "lame" this technique shows that it will be comfortable with this woman.

Stroke and touch9

Touching yourself is a fail-safe technique. It consists in stroking the hands, neck, shoulders, knees as if it were the touch of a lover. Such a simple technique shows the man that the woman is comfortable with him, and she doesn't mind if he goes from talking to stroking.

learn to seduce men
learn to seduce men

Touching a man belongs to the same group of seductive gestures. Lightly stroking your hand, brush away an invisible speck of dust, straighten a lock of hair. All touching should be non-intrusive. Their goal is to show the object of seduction that a woman has a desire to touch him and possibly move on to more daring caresses.

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