TOP 7 Things A Girl Shouldn't See In Your Apartment

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TOP 7 Things A Girl Shouldn't See In Your Apartment
TOP 7 Things A Girl Shouldn't See In Your Apartment

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7 things a girl shouldn't see
7 things a girl shouldn't see

Every person is a little scared when he brings his new partner to the bachelor's nest. Some people feel complex because of the renovation, someone continues to live with their parents, although their age already speaks of the need to move. Those who live alone do not always think of putting things in order in their home before a new girl arrives.

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  • 1 Medicines
  • 2 Toilet literature
  • 3 Inheritance from the former
  • 4 Portraits of your beloved
  • 5 Dried plants
  • 6 Century-old sports equipment
  • 7 Sex toys

It is believed that most men pay minimal attention to order and cleanliness in their home. Even if you are not like that, and all things are laid out in their places, many little things simply slip out of my head. Today we'll talk about those items that are best removed from the field of vision of a new beloved at her first visit to your home.


You should always keep your medicines in a separate cabinet or drawer. Visitors to your house, especially curious girls, will be able to compose a complete portrait of a potential boyfriend using bubbles and packages.

Imagine she sits down on the bed in your bedroom and the first thing that catches her eye is a remedy for diarrhea or an ointment for herpes. We do not think that this will contribute to the inflammation of feelings and the desire to have sex with you.

Toilet literature2

Women do not understand what the joy of reading a book or magazine is while sitting on the toilet. If there is a pile of newspapers and ironic detectives gathering dust in your washroom, put them away. Even if there is a collection of problems in quantum physics, or an analytical review of a large enterprise, the girl will not be able to appreciate such a toilet design at its true worth.

It is best to avoid tricky questions at a stage when your relationship is still very raw and unformed.

Inheritance from the former3

When you decided to invite a new passion to your cozy bachelor nest, do not forget - there should not be any traces of a female presence there. Excuses that your sister forgot your comb with a memory like a fish's, it is better not to use - they will not believe.

A woman who first found herself on the territory of a potential groom behaves like an agent of the intelligence agency. She will definitely notice long black hair in the bathroom, or a dusty bottle of Chanel # 5, lonely on the shelf.

a girl shouldn't see this
a girl shouldn't see this

Portraits of your beloved4

We will not even focus on the fact that pictures with other girls should not be present in your apartment. A new lady of the heart can only tolerate one or two photos with her mother, grandmother, or at worst her sister.

If you consider the option that you are very photogenic, or even work as a model, you should not hang your best portraits in all rooms. When a girl sees that a guy is overly enthusiastic about himself, she immediately projects this feature onto your future relationship. Selfish and narcissistic macho more often try to avoid than love.

Dried plants 5

If a girl is able to justify a windy piece of smoked sausage in your refrigerator, then withered flowers in pots are a real crime. First of all, their appearance catches up melancholy and sadness. Second, they create a depressing atmosphere. Thirdly, the girl may be overly impressionable.

Indeed, some young ladies sometimes make surprising conclusions. Like, he can't even water the flower on the windowsill in time, but he won't find time for me.

what a girl shouldn't see
what a girl shouldn't see

Century old sports equipment6

If you have a treadmill or impressive dumbbells at home, take care of their appearance before the arrival of the long-awaited guest. Judge for yourself, here the girl sees a heavy inventory, which languishes in the corner under a thick layer of dust. Or, in your living room, an old treadmill huddles lonely with a bunch of clothes hanging on it.

All this will whisper to your chosen one: “He is a lazy weak-willed mattress. Yes, and a noble deceiver. He tries to give the impression of a sporty guy, but in reality he cannot pay due attention to his physical form even once a week."

A woman is unlikely to pay attention to an unreliable man. No matter how kind and charismatic he may be, a firm shoulder and a wide back are what a lady expects from her gentleman.

Sex toys7

Firstly, sex toys lying around without packaging do not look aesthetically pleasing. If a girl comes to your house for the first time, you are still too little acquainted with each other. Do not embarrass her, because then you will definitely not get any sex.

things that she won't see
things that she won't see

The second reason to put your favorite toys on the far shelf is that the girl decides that this inheritance is left to her from your ex. It is logical that she will not continue a relationship with a guy who cannot part with a past life, or has a million visitors in her bedroom.

Got a vibrator to use in games with your new guest? Better put it in your bedside table or table. First, you should discuss such subtle points, and only then shock the darling with a successful purchase from a sex shop.

We hope you will take into account our useful advice and will not get into trouble when the desired lady comes to visit you.

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