Tips For Guys How To Compliment A Girl Correctly

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Tips For Guys How To Compliment A Girl Correctly
Tips For Guys How To Compliment A Girl Correctly

Video: Tips For Guys How To Compliment A Girl Correctly

Video: Tips For Guys How To Compliment A Girl Correctly
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Compliments to the girl in your own words
Compliments to the girl in your own words

Women, as a beautiful and weak half of humanity, love to listen to words about their appearance, character and inimitable personality. Each has a princess like characters from Russian and foreign fairy tales. Girls are accustomed to accepting courtship, hearing only the most sensual confessions. It's no secret that they love with their ears, and men with their eyes.

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This is nature: a guy sees the object of adoration and falls in love with the image. Then there is a chemical reaction that everyone calls love. This manifests itself in care, courtship and efforts to protect the beloved from prying eyes. After all, the appearance of the chosen one is of great importance for a man: everyone has an ideal of beauty, a standard for a set of character qualities and manners of behavior.

Girls try to meet the standards of society, keeping an eye on their appearance and figure. And it is quite logical when young people seek to compliment a girl in their own words, in order to note their features, express praise or say about feelings of conquest.

Compliment as an expression of feelings

Any girl expects to hear only beautiful words about her person, be it an emphasis on the figure, expressiveness of the look or appearance in general. As a rule, men try to express their admiration only in those moments when a woman dresses up for a meeting, visits beauty salons or a hairdresser. In everyday life, she appears as an office worker in a work suit, gathered hair and neutral makeup.

Sometimes, in order to emphasize her merits, a woman resorts to the services of professionals. It is understandable, trying for a loved one. And what about free girls? They are in search of the one who will not lose sight of the “queen of green waves”. However, not all compliments emanating from men can be called adequate comments.

Words to words strife2

Guys, due to their age or inexperience, sometimes do not know how to express in words the beauty they see. Often all the exclamations are reduced to shouts and whistles, which resembles a society of ill-mannered aborigines. Women diligently bypass such creatures, otherwise you never know, the abnormal will stick and whip. The manner of communication, ways of expressing feelings among young people are not always proportional to what they see.

Young people still need to learn how to filter thoughts, and successful men should not go too far. After all, no one is obliged to throw themselves into their arms after said compliments. However, many people forget about this, and to a ton of beautiful words addressed to a girl who did not reciprocate or the expected reaction, men add unflattering statements about bad manners, showing her true face.

Compliments to the girl
Compliments to the girl

To put it right, you don't have to fit a school of skill. This is either inherent in the essence of a man, as a breadwinner, or comes with experience from communication with the opposite sex.

There are unspoken rules that will help you compose a compliment and present it in words correctly:

  1. A man tries to pay a compliment and immediately declare his intentions. The girl will consider such statements hypocritical. For example, “you look divine, let you melt in front of me”.
  2. The guy is trying for a tick. "You are beautiful, let's go to the store, I need to buy groceries." This is a false statement, and the girl takes it for granted. I would like to emphasize, add sensuality to the saying.
  3. He will follow his goals. “You look perfect, cool figure; we go to the cinema, there is an interesting film”. The compliment is made so that the girl agrees to his proposal. Moreover, it can be not only about cinema, but also about an intimate meeting.

Compliments to a girl in your own words are not difficult to compose, the main thing is not to use formulaic phrases and not to indulge your own selfishness. Pen sharks, masters of phraseological units can sometimes say such nonsense that, it would seem, it would be better if he read a poem somewhere. Young guys, taught by bitter experience, put in the effort.

Compliments to a woman
Compliments to a woman

When expressing a compliment, they try to look into the eyes as if before them the goddess of beauty. This is alarming, since maniacs behave this way: they look out for the victim, peer into the face and try to win over them.

It is also worth remembering about sincerity. Any words should reflect the present. If a girl is beautiful, she will receive compliments all the time. There is no need to invent something about her character, especially since at the first stages of acquaintance this is unknown. You need to be gallant: not suck up, but show interest just like that. Complimenting to please is tantamount to a failed exam. And yet, everything should be in moderation: when beauty is natural, a man tries to describe in words too much than it really is. This is depressing and leads to the idea of excessive interest in a woman.

Gain effect3

When words are not enough, a man resorts to gestures such as giving flowers. There are a lot of bouquets now: from flowers and plants, sweets and toys. Variety helps to express feelings in words when the effect is amplified. It seems that a woman hears, but also sees how her beauty is associated with the beautiful things created by nature. This is a psychological move, and the guy is advised to find out in advance what colors are acceptable in creating a bouquet, what else can be presented to the girl in order to indicate his position. Psychologists also recommend that some compliments be accompanied by a beautiful design.

beautiful compliments to a woman
beautiful compliments to a woman

For example, a simple birthday card can be decorated not only with ribbons, but also with balloons. A special mood, atmosphere is created, and in such a situation any words are perceived on a positive level. The same thing happens with men - they are happy to meet new people, but when a girl noticeably tries to look divine on a date, a "click" is created: this is the only thing for me, she tried to impress.

Association of beauty with flowers4

The most commonplace way to express feelings in words is a bouquet. It can be homemade, from daisies and wildflowers, bought to order. It was noted that 80% of girls listen to a man, but looking at the flowers - this is how the subconscious association of oneself with a beautiful creation (flowers in bags, boxes) is expressed. The very fact of the accompanying effect is able to color a compliment more vividly if the bouquet is created by a master florist. These professionals know how to combine colors, what tone and shade of flowers to choose for a particular type of girl.

Dark hair and eyes: it is better for girls of the "cold" type to give light flowers, despite the oriental note in their appearance. It creates contrast and not only in the visual embodiment of beauty. Light colors help to express words of tenderness, while bright juicy shades are words of passion and love.

about beautiful and simple compliments
about beautiful and simple compliments

Blond hair and eyes: girls of sensual nature who are full of lightness. This is how the type appears, but this cannot be argued. Beauties with blue eyes look like beautiful creatures, "dolls" that you want to take care of and protect from the "evil eye".

Brown-haired and light-haired are separate types of women. Psychologists who study personality by eye and hair color are called physiognomy. They try to optimally select a set of qualities that are inherent in certain girls. At the same time, character traits, the psychology of temperament fade into the background. It is better to pay attention to such natures not only with words, but with something additional - gifts, gestures of attention due to surprises: fireworks, events and other meetings, where the girl receives not the very fact of the presentation, but emotional charging.

Flowers for them become just an attribute that simply complements their appearance.

Emphasizing merits5

When a guy speaks about a girl, he involuntarily emphasizes her figure. Most often, this is an emphasis on his ability to mark in a woman the art of keeping herself in shape. You can't talk about correctness, because in such situations, men behave like hunters. They love with their eyes, and the first thing that catches the eye is the refinement of the waist, beautiful buttocks, gait and grace. At the same time, talking about eyes and successful hair styling is stupid.

about beautiful compliments to a girl
about beautiful compliments to a girl

If a couple has known each other for a long time, a man often notes minimal changes in his companion: “Today your earrings match the color of your eyes”, “Yesterday the dress emphasized your figure”, “This suit will fit you well if your hair is gathered or styled like this. this or that way."

There is already a connection between the observed changes and what could be compared with them. Therefore, the girl is already listening, trying to match the visual representation of her husband's ideal. And any compliment will be adaptive, serve as proof of the correctness of her actions.

Visual compliment6

Often a man tries to prove his feelings and serious intentions by giving specific gifts. A visual compliment is not words, but, for example, a picture in which a woman is depicted in the best possible light. A caricature is also suitable here if a man appreciates her sense of humor in his chosen one. In other words, in the visual context of unspeakable words, he draws attention to the merits that only he liked. By the way, a companion can be beautiful, attractive, intelligent, but that very character trait hidden from prying eyes is visible only to the chosen man.

beautiful compliments to the girl
beautiful compliments to the girl

He can say this, but it is better if the compliment is expressed in a subject that reflects the dignity that he would like to talk about for years. An example of such a relationship is the Ford couple. The famous creator of the Ford brand has always expressed his gratitude to his wife for support in any endeavor. In return, he thanked her not with words, but with the dedication of new inventions. If she inspired him to discover, he devoted his creative successes to her.

You can compose compliments to the girl in your own words yourself or ask for help on the Internet. If poetry is not a person's forte, there will be someone who will help to compose a verbal portrait of the chosen one. As a rule, men rely on ready-made texts, addressing them to girls, not suspecting that all the sentences are completely "licked creativity" of an unknown writer.

“I remember the day I met you in a long dress. You were (epithet), (relative) reminded me. Then I realized that you are the one with whom I want to connect every minute of my life. " Such a compliment expresses the guy's associative desire to see a specific person next to him. The girl can regard this as a way of influencing. If she agrees, then she likes to be someone for him, but not to be a separate person.

Often fathers say, “you look so much like a mother,” and for this they love their children even more. It would be correct to structure the sentence like this: “I remember the day when I met you in a long dress. You were (epithet), reminded me of (a life situation). Then I thought, what if I tell you about my feelings."

Compliments to the girl in your own words
Compliments to the girl in your own words

Here we are talking about the intention to tell the girl about his observations, not associations.

“You are wonderful and I would like to invite you to meet in a cafe / restaurant. May I spend the evening with you? " A man addresses a woman with respect, “you”. This speaks of high feelings and serious intentions. In addition, an invitation follows - it allows her to choose whether to show a reciprocal sign of attention and let the man enjoy her beauty, or not. It does not oblige to anything, the woman makes the choice herself.

"You are a very attractive person, I want you to know about this." Such compliments are common on social networks, where offers are accompanied by virtual gifts, images of smiley smiles. In fact, this is an open fact to the audience, and women rarely take such words seriously. Perhaps a man, like a child, could not resist and decided on such a frank conversation, an act in the hope that the woman would melt and appreciate his observations.

Advice for men: you need to emphasize the dignity of a woman when she really attracts with her beauty. But it should be borne in mind that statements should either be supported by something, or continue with a meeting or a moment to reinforce words, probably not thrown to the wind.

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