A Man Does Not Help With Money Or How To Properly Dissolve For Money

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A Man Does Not Help With Money Or How To Properly Dissolve For Money
A Man Does Not Help With Money Or How To Properly Dissolve For Money

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A man does not help with money
A man does not help with money

Not often, but situations when men behave like the last misers are encountered. And then women ask themselves why their man does not help with money?

The content of the article

  • 1 The main reasons for male miserliness
  • 2 Should a man provide material support to his beloved woman?
  • 3 Why is it hard to ask a man for money?
  • 4 How to ask for money correctly
  • 5 Why don't men help with money?

The main reasons for male miserlinessi

The woman initially showed her independence. This happens if the lady likes to demonstrate her independence. Such people especially like to pay for themselves even on dates and do not accept any gifts from men, considering them as handouts or a kind of bribery of feelings. After a man agrees with such life principles, it is unlikely that he will continue to show his gentlemanly qualities

The male consumer does not see the point in excessive wastefulness. When there is everything necessary in his relationship with a woman: attention and care, as well as regular sex, he stops making material investments. However, men, most likely, do not see such ladies in the role of future wives, unless, of course, these are very rich persons

The grief suitor simply does not understand that the material component is an indispensable element of love courtship. At the same time, he looks like a very romantic admirer, constantly talks about his feelings, wants to be constantly nearby, etc. Many women believe that the more a man values ​​relationships, the more generous he should be. Therefore, the miserliness of the gentleman against the background of a relationship full of romance baffles them

Some women do not know how to beautifully hint to a fan that they want to receive small gifts or even financial support. They believe that their gentleman himself should guess about this and literally read their thoughts. Ladies do not take into account that men do not have natural intuition and understand direct requests better than vague hints

Should a man provide material support to his beloved woman? 2

The problem through the eyes of a man

Some women, entering into a relationship, believe that their new boyfriend should overwhelm them with gifts, and provide all kinds of material signs of attention. But a love relationship is not yet the stage at which it is worth putting pressure on a man and demanding financial expenses, because in fact, he does not owe anything to his new passion.

A man does not help with money
A man does not help with money

He is an illegitimate spouse to provide for his partner and raise her standard of living. Therefore, if a woman bothers her gentleman with monetary requests and demands, then, most likely, he will try to end such a "disadvantageous" relationship in which he is perceived only as a wallet.

Female opinion

Absolutely any woman is pleased to accept gifts, go to restaurants at the expense of her gentleman, go to resorts, etc. In addition to the fact that such signs of attention can significantly save on the purchase of expensive things and a pleasant pastime, this is a kind of indicator of a man's attitude to his lady.

After all, as you know, men like to take care of their beloved women, feel their importance, be a hero and consider themselves the main earner. If he invests money in his beloved, it means that he hopes for a joint future and sees her in the role of a potential wife. They understand that in the future these investments will pay off: the wife will create comfort, do housework and raise children.

The man does not give money
The man does not give money
  1. Should men help their women with money? Experienced psychologists, when asked whether it is possible to ask men for money, authoritatively declare that this is not only possible, but necessary. As evidence, they put forward the following arguments:
  2. An overly independent and financially independent woman loses her femininity in the eyes of a man and prevents her partner from taking care of her.
  3. Since ancient times, women have been financially dependent on men, so the independent behavior of a lady seems to show the man that, in principle, he is not particularly needed, since it is quite possible to do without him.
  4. If a woman refuses material support, then the man will find another more grateful object and will “bash” money in a different direction.
  5. If a woman wants a man to consider her really his life partner, then you must definitely ask him for money. All people, especially men, most of all value what they dear. After all, this "acquisition" costs them a tidy sum, which they have earned by hard work, denying themselves the rest and pleasure.
  6. Men love to create. He assesses any woman he likes as a project, according to the principle "if I invest in her, what will I have as a profit?" Therefore, the more money he spends on a woman, the more valuable she looks in his eyes and the more difficult it is for him to part with her.
Why does a man not give money
Why does a man not give money

Why is it hard to ask a man for money? 3

  • There are financially secure women who simply do not need other people's money and gifts. They are able to acquire anything they want for themselves, so they simply will not think of asking for something from a man.
  • Problems in asking men for money arise in women with a certain upbringing. They could have inherited such a model of behavior from their mother or grandmother, who had an unflattering opinion of the stronger sex and preferred to do without their handouts.
  • Many mothers from childhood try to instill modesty in girls, therefore they forbid asking for anything from men and taking, even if they persistently offer them something. Only this behavior matches the image of a "lady".
  • Often women do not dare to ask their men for material signs of attention, realizing that their relationship does not have a solid foundation and the gentleman is not going to invest in such a short-term "project" as another lover.

How to ask for money correctly4

It is worth starting with the fact that the man is normal and he has some money, then he will gladly spend part of it on his beloved woman. However, you need to be able to correctly formulate your request so that a man does not form an opinion about her as a notorious bitch.

How to ask a man for money
How to ask a man for money
  1. For requests, you need to choose a suitable time when the man is full, in a good mood and has no problems at work.
  2. Men do not understand the hints very well, so you shouldn't tell him about what beautiful shoes his friend bought, he may not understand that his beloved so wants to buy a new pair of shoes.
  3. A woman should ask confidently, without constriction, and not as if she was put on the porch to ask for alms.
  4. You need to justify your request. Explain what the money is for, how it will be used, how much is needed and what will be the result of the purchase.

If the gentleman answered in the affirmative, you need to thank him from the bottom of your heart and say that you expected a positive answer, because you did not doubt his generosity and care.

Why don't men help with money? 5

If, in response to a request, a woman is refused, then this is not a reason for offense, you just need to analyze the reasons for such a decision:

Perhaps a very large amount was requested, which the man does not have at the moment, or he has it, but he expects to spend it with greater benefit

The guy does not give money
The guy does not give money
  • If a girl too often asks for money from a gentleman and at the same time still ineptly spends it, then, most likely, he was tired of letting money go down the drain, and he decided to limit her requests.
  • Very often, men do not take into account the wishes of their ladies, perceiving them as another whim that will pass in a couple of days.
  • A cavalier is just a stingy guy and it is unlikely that something can induce him to spend extra money.

If a woman often turns to her partner with a request, she should understand that he is also quite a sensitive person, and he may be offended by such a consumer attitude. In addition, it is worth comparing his desires with his capabilities, it is quite possible that he already takes off his last shirt only so that the tenth pair of shoes decorates the legs of his beloved.

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