How To Understand If A Girl Is Lying And Check Her Loyalty

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How To Understand If A Girl Is Lying And Check Her Loyalty
How To Understand If A Girl Is Lying And Check Her Loyalty

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How to check a girl for sincerity
How to check a girl for sincerity

Every couple faces a trust issue. This is the absolute, which is expressed as a percentage of one hundred. There is not a single person who would blindly believe, not burned and did not doubt. There is no "protection" in love, and there is no relationship, neither before marriage, nor family relationships, where a man or woman does not doubt each other. Another problem centers on trust and jealousy.

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  • 1 Psychological methods of recognition of lies
  • 2 Straight Talk
  • 3 New admirer
  • 4 An unexpected gift
  • 5 Social media to help invisible lies
  • 6 Blackmail - a harsh method or hopelessness?
  • 7 Phone acquaintance
  • 8 Polygraph test

Pathological jealousy is defined as a way to initiate a situation in which a partner is wrong. True jealousy allows trust to emerge, but with a grain of salt. Pathologies of relative fidelity include both partners. However, the woman is more emotional. She cannot cope with the “here and now” syndrome, often succumbing to feelings of possessiveness.

Men are more prone to distrust as infidelity. And in their minds, the potential departure of the girl is regarded either as self-doubt, or betrayal, which they themselves have gone to and believe, the woman is also capable of this. People are not judged by themselves, but tested. For trust can be lost on the basis of any suspicion or rich imagination.

But how to check a girl for "lice" and sincerity of feelings - psychologists will answer. They developed a series of non-verbal indicators that indicate lies. It is only worth remembering that each person deceives and embellishes the circumstances of actions during the day several dozen times.

Psychological methods of recognition of lies

There is a separate branch in the science of observing human reaction. She is engaged in the analysis of behavior, identifying symptoms of lies or understatement. You can apply the technique during the conversation, asking leading questions, or taking specific actions. In the first case, there will be a reaction of facial expressions, in the second - behavior and non-verbal gestures. One should proceed from the opposite. If there is a reason for jealousy, the girl will not blame the guy for finding a convenient reason for quarrels.

There were cases when partners checked each other using a supposedly found page on a dating site. The young ladies, knowingly aware of the jealousy of the boyfriend, quickly found confirmation that this was his handiwork. And the situation changed radically: suspicions arose among the weaker sex. Either the man wanted to humiliate the woman, or to put it in an indecent light, or to part, but not on his own initiative.

How to check a girl for sincerity
How to check a girl for sincerity

Straight Talk2

It can be not just a conversation where a man asks tricky questions, but a special dialogue built in such a way that a girl can be provoked to give an unspoken answer. You need to pay attention to the following points:

Sight. When asked how her day went, she looks up and to the left. This speaks of the truthfulness of the words. Looking up and to the right indicates an understatement. It's too early to draw conclusions. Perhaps the girl does not say some unpleasant moments for her: embarrassment, a reprimand at work, an unpleasant client.

Facial expression. During a conversation, the voice trembles, the corners of the lips are lowered, the smile is forced, unnatural. This speaks of a lie. There is probably something to hide. It cannot be argued that the beloved is cheating. But there is definitely a reason for mistrust and loyalty.

Gestures. When a partner cheats, he unwittingly tries to hide facial expressions by twisting his fingers. Can pull on clothes, straighten hair. One of the gestures does not say exactly about cheating, but the complex of these movements and reactions makes you think about honesty.

Sincere girl or not
Sincere girl or not

If in a conversation the girl is doing well, it was not possible to recognize the deception, you should not blindly believe. More sophisticated methods help to dispel doubts.

New fan3

Before hiring a volunteer to play the role of a fan, it is worth considering whether the end really justifies the means. Such a distrustful attitude towards a spouse, with whom there is something to share besides the bed, is permissible. Everyone can blame, but after unsuccessful attempts to convict a lie, it is worth explaining and apologizing. After all, the “victim” is unlikely to trust the inspector, because the undermined self-opinion comes from the closest one.

According to statistics, married couples without children more often resort to the verification method with the help of third parties. Men hire acquaintances, and there are only 48% of them. Of the remaining, only 2% do not try to find the skeleton in the closet. The other half are inclined to believe their own considerations without proof: it seemed that she had cheated, which means that it is so. Now it is her task to refute the prevailing opinion. Women from this type of men not only leave, but also divorce at the first opportunity, citing unbearable jealousy.

The situation with the "sent Cossack" unfolds according to the standard scenario. The guy's friend agrees to play love, simulating feelings for the object. Throughout the month, signs of attention appear without pressure, conversations are held. You cannot immediately accuse her of indecent behavior. Too superficial and looks like a reason to leave.

Girl check
Girl check

When sympathy becomes mutual, a woman will more often look in the mirror, use perfume and wear beautiful outfits. This speaks of interest and a desire to please, to attract attention. Not yet treason, but the relationship is under threat - through the fault of the man. He risks losing both his beloved and his friend. After all, relationships are not toys; people are not iron, and feelings can flare up in anyone.

An unexpected gift4

Presenting a bouquet of flowers to a woman anonymously, she still thinks of her beloved. If she has another boyfriend, she will definitely find out if he was involved in the gift. And only then will she express gratitude to her man.

Since husbands rarely give flowers to the office or other institution, the woman tends to hesitate. The truth is that the faithful will refuse flowers or immediately thank her husband in surprise. The unfaithful will pretend that she does not know from whom the gift is, but will never think about her man.

The conclusion can be made in two ways: the girl never received signs of attention. The guy did not bother to teach the chosen one to beautiful gestures and actions. It often happens that a man begins to sort things out, already knowing the truth in advance, or trying to reveal it.

Checking a girl for sincerity
Checking a girl for sincerity

Social networks to help invisible lies5

In the modern world of the Internet, any person dines with an account on a social network. This is not only a way of self-expression, but also communication, at times, with the opposite sex. And since there are sites specifically for correspondence and dating, the idea of ​​having a virtual fan still creeps in. Checking a girl using this method comes down to creating a fake account in the name of a non-existent person. From here, communication is conducted:

  1. The man first fills in the profile in such a way as to hide any connection between “himself”. There should not be mutual friends, acquaintances. Institutions and schools where young people studied are not indicated.
  2. Then there is a study of the "victim" account. It should also be noted that the number of men and women in the friends section does not mean maintaining communication. Perhaps some pages are just distant friends or classmates with whom communication is not maintained.
  3. Next, you need to strike up a conversation. If the girl gives in, you can already proceed.

An important point in correspondence is the truthfulness of the words. It is rather difficult to check whether a woman is telling the truth. The only wording can mean her lies - if she informs the interlocutor about her status. Free or not in a relationship at all. This can be understood from different angles: either the person wants to just flirt without obligations, which will not go beyond the screen, or is trying to lead a double life.

Sincere girl or not
Sincere girl or not

To expose the girl, young people make an appointment in a cafe, restaurant, where they themselves then come. This helps to keep all the dots above the i.

Is blackmail a hard method or hopelessness? _8212

A more sophisticated way to point out to a person his secret life is reduced to exposure under the guise of a certain acquaintance. This behavior amounts to blackmail. The woman is told that her secrets have long been known to everyone, and her actions are ugly. As proof, they send a photo where she is depicted with another man.

It is noted that 68% of couples resolve such suspicions of infidelity by creating fake evidence. Unfortunately, the beautiful half of humanity is led to this. But this only speaks of meanness, since not everyone can actually conduct third-party relationships.

Much depends on the psyche of the interlocutor and the degree of pressure. Only her boyfriend can confess to something that does not exist in reality. Therefore, if someone wants to rudely dilute the young lady, to slander, the woman will first of all inform her lover about this. The situation will be discussed between two lovers.

Girl cheating
Girl cheating

Acquaintance by phone6

This is a kind of communication using special methods. If your method is described through social networks, then here we are talking about a telephone conversation. Knowing the woman's number, a man can introduce himself as anyone in a conversation. And the best friend of childhood, about whom he knows enough information from the words of a woman (most importantly a proven one), and a courier, and just a fan.

It is also possible to strike up a conversation with those who belong to the type of a creative profession. Girls willingly make contact with artists, photographers and writers. If you manage to get to know each other, it is important not to play too much, as in the film “I Love My Husband” - the wife tries in every possible way to influence her husband, takes her away from the family to herself, and then proves her importance in family relationships.

Whether the comedy could become a prototype for a verification method is unknown. However, such situations arise when a young man is not sure of his suspicions, he is afraid to inform the girl about the conjectures that have arisen. The older and the more experienced come to a consensus together.

The girl is lying
The girl is lying

Polygraph test7

If a man does not know how to check a girl, it is enough to start a serious conversation about getting a polygraph. Couples who live together for a long time or have been married for several years come to this method. Both should understand that this method is aimed at sorting out the relationship with the involvement of a third party. In this case, the woman agrees to be checked when the man explains his position. It will be difficult to convince her.

But if a couple values ​​the relationship, wants to help each other in a difficult situation, the girl will hear the man's arguments and will not be offended. A possible refusal should not be taken as an excuse to hide vicious ties or infidelity. The psychology of the question lies in sincerity, and when a man makes such a proposal to his wife or bride, he must be ready to prove his loyalty.

Polygraph testing is the use of sensors that help recognize lies and truth. It is worth compiling a number of questions that are of interest to a man. Wrong wording can provoke the subject, which will affect the correctness of this answer. In return, a man can also take a test, answering questions about why he decided to contact a polygraph examiner, what prompted him to make such a decision, and why he is tempting fate.

According to statistics, married couples in 79% of cases are ready to go to any loyalty checks in order to maintain a relationship. As a rule, the majority of this number are women who want to prove their innocence to their spouse. Men rarely refuse. This is the only way to understand some of the behavior.

The girl is not sincere
The girl is not sincere

If the spouse does not want to hear about testing, it is probably so convenient for him: to live with the thought of betrayal, albeit not even proven. Of course, there are alternative ways to find out the circumstances that suggested a possible betrayal. This is a heart-to-heart talk.

But, as practice shows, both parties are afraid: the woman is afraid to tell the whole truth, the man does not want to listen to the reasons that led the girl to such an outcome, since part of the blame is on him. Therefore, you need to learn to listen to each other in any difficult situations so as not to push the relationship to the limit.

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