How To Attract A Man's Love: Conspiracies, Horoscope, Fortune Telling, NLP

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How To Attract A Man's Love: Conspiracies, Horoscope, Fortune Telling, NLP
How To Attract A Man's Love: Conspiracies, Horoscope, Fortune Telling, NLP

Video: How To Attract A Man's Love: Conspiracies, Horoscope, Fortune Telling, NLP

Video: How To Attract A Man's Love: Conspiracies, Horoscope, Fortune Telling, NLP
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girl in flowers
girl in flowers

At all times: from the ancient - hairy and wild, to modern - independent and emancipated, women are interested in the same question: how to attract the love of a man. Interestingly, time passes, but advice does not change. On the contrary, if we say that good advice was inherited from the great-great-grandmother, who whispered it herself, standing at the cradle, it would simply be torn off with her hands.

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  • 1 Fortune telling on coffee grounds, cards, Onegin, the Master and Margarita
  • 2 Love potion, conspiracy for love and removal of the celibacy crown
  • 3 Drawing up a horoscope of your compatibility and a forecast of family life
  • 4 Psychological trainings, NLP programming and gestalt therapy
  • 5 Another way: dubious, risky and without a written guarantee

It would seem: at a time when people fly in the sky without an airplane carpet and can communicate with those who are far away, practically without resorting to the help of a liquid apple, they are still looking for a love potion or a particularly effective spell. The most amazing thing: all these magical things are and work!

Fortune telling on coffee grounds, cards, Onegin, the Master and Margarita

Before attracting a man's love, you want to know for sure that your efforts will not be in vain. But how to do it? There is only one way out - you need to guess. If there is a trustworthy fortune teller nearby, then, of course, there are no problems, but what if she is not there?

The classics come to the rescue: fortune-telling on "Eugene Onegin" or "The Master and Margarita" are recognized favorites, especially among educated women. It seems like it’s not ashamed to admit that you’re guessing. It is possible to bring under this a whole philosophical line that all aspects of human life are covered in these books, so that the question to the classics is the right thing.

Some try to turn to Lev Nikolaevich and the immortal War and Peace for help, but the abundance of military battles nullifies the usefulness of describing a peaceful life. You ask this question about love, and in return they will describe the formation of the French troops. And how is this to be understood?

Literature is, of course, a good thing, but good old fortune tellers are still more reliable and interesting. Although, to be honest, they are not so old now. The fortune-telling business is actively developing, very young witches go to the courses of fortune-tellers with pleasure, and men do not shy away from this craft. The Inquisition did not take root with us, so there are a dime a dozen advertisements about hereditary fortune-tellers in the tenth generation in newspapers and on the Internet, choose for every taste.

If no fortune teller was found nearby, there is an easier way: the Internet. Search engines will offer hundreds of sites that tell fortunes in all possible ways at once, and some of them are quite altruistic and do not ask to be gilded.

How to attract a guy's love
How to attract a guy's love

Tarot, runes, fortune telling on coffee grounds and sleeping tea - the Internet can do everything. By the way, he will also offer a list of books for intellectual fortune-telling. And even he himself will find the desired page and line. Still, progress and knowledge is a great thing.

After it has been told about the imminent love and wedding, you can take on the next stage - seduction.

Love potion, conspiracy for love and removal of the celibacy crown2

If the fortune-teller said that the wedding is not far off, and the betrothed is still on horseback, it's clear - someone has jinxed. Or spoilage. It's time to go to grandma again, or to a girl with a diploma hanging on the wall confirming the completion of courses for young hereditary grandmothers. As she looks with a piercing witch's eye, she will immediately say that the damage is directed. Neither more nor less - to death.

While she has just begun her action, there is still no man. Any woman can waste away from this. In fifty years - most likely, but in seventy - for sure. Because the damage is fatal. And in general, someone threw the crown of celibacy. In general, everything will be removed for a quite acceptable amount, even a guarantee with a seal will be given. If the damage returns within a year, they will be removed for free, the company guarantees.

How to attract a man's love
How to attract a man's love

Well, if you probably need to act, the same certified grandmother will make a conspiracy for love or cook a love potion - this is the client's choice with payment according to the price list. The potion will be poured into a disposable plastic bottle, ordered to be stored in the refrigerator.

Next, you will need to go through the quest to mix the potion into the food of the constricted. The betrothed, however, does not yet know what happiness awaits him, but as soon as he takes a bite of the soup with the potion, he will immediately fall in love. Still would! Who else can cook such a soup for him! The hardest part in this business is to lure him into lunch.

Drawing up a horoscope of your compatibility and a forecast of family life3

In the twenty-first century, you only need to act for sure, so while the love potion is doing its noble cause, you need to run to an astrologer and draw up an accurate plan of life together.

The astrologer will download all the data about your and his place and time of birth to a computer and give an accurate schedule and description of your life together for years to come. Now you will know exactly when and how many children you will have, when to plan a wedding, and when there may be critical moments in family happiness.

For a completely correct forecast, you can once again run to a fortune teller. Then you can compare the versions of the astrologer and the fortuneteller and choose the one you like the most.

girl on the grass in flowers
girl on the grass in flowers

When everyone has confirmed that a happy family future awaits you, you can grab the betrothed, drunk with the potion, and drag him to the registry office. He will not give up his happiness! If anything is possible and predictions on the printer printed out under his nose, he will not get away from such obligations. Your children are registered there. As many as three: two boys and a girl.

Psychological trainings, NLP programming and gestalt therapy4

Some will snort contemptuously upon learning of fortune telling and conspiracies. It has long been known to everyone that the matter is not at all astrology and witchcraft, but in psychology and the correct mood. You just need to solve all the problems inherent in childhood, and then pump yourself up with the right attitude and love will not be slow to appear. In the meantime, you can choose the direction to your liking.

You can go to a psychologist for an individual appointment. The method is, of course, expensive, but accurate. The psychologist will quickly find the root of the problem: it turns out that at the age of one, your mother said a few wrong words, after which literally your whole life went awry.

Now we need to remove psychological blocks, return to our one-year-old and fix everything. After all the problems have been successfully handed over to the mother, you can begin with a clear conscience to set yourself up for a relationship. They say that if you are psychologically properly prepared, then love will appear literally the next day.

the girl in the siren
the girl in the siren

You can choose teamwork: find psychological trainings, after which the result is again guaranteed. If necessary, they will issue a certificate. It is possible with the postmark "paid". As a team, it’s fun to prepare to meet love.

Perhaps, games, funny tasks, constructing role-playing situations will be offered. You will work out all the options for attracting men and love. There is a chance that the one and only one will meet at the training.

If an object for love has already been chosen, but he still resists and does not want to see his destiny in you, you can familiarize yourself with NLP programming. This is such a modern analogue of conspiracies and love potions. The unsuspecting victim will only need to be carried away by the conversation and he will not go anywhere - it will be programmed. A very useful skill, by the way, is programming people. It will definitely come in handy in life.

Another way: questionable, risky and without a written guarantee5

For those who are completely backward from life and do not follow modern trends, there is another way how to attract a man, difficult, full of ambiguities and risky steps. And the final result is not known to anyone. So this barbaric way: to be yourself. Yes Yes Yes. Just be yourself. Be ready for a relationship and wait for someone on the horizon who will love you.

attract a guy's love
attract a guy's love

In the meantime, you can have a great time reading good books, for example, "Eugene Onegin" and "The Master and Margarita", going to the theater, meeting friends. Perhaps, somewhere in good company, the same one will meet. Then you don't need a love potion or fortune telling. Both of you at once and so everything will become clear. And you will be able to build the future yourself, without a preliminary plan and horoscopes.

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