6 Things To Consider Before Moving In With A Girl

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6 Things To Consider Before Moving In With A Girl
6 Things To Consider Before Moving In With A Girl

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before living together
before living together

Modern couples develop relationships at high speed: fall in love, meet and, after a short period of time, move out. Living together two doves seems joyful and promising. After all, this is daily contemplation of a beloved face, gentle words in the morning, affectionate kisses at night and a lot - a lot of sex!

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  • 1 Household responsibilities
  • 2 True face
  • 3 Finance oppresses romances
  • 4 Joint society
  • 5 sex more than enough
  • 6 Love will endure everything

Young people move into one apartment and after a while feel some disappointment. Someone comes to the idea of ​​a hasty decision to live together. To prevent such situations from happening, you need to carefully consider: is it worth continuing the relationship in the new status of "roommates"?

Household responsibilitiesi

Home care is an individual matter. Some are accustomed to being in a comfort zone, similar to the cleanliness of the Mausoleum, while others, entering an apartment, take off their outerwear, scattering them with delight on the sides. When planning to live in a place, a man and a woman should understand that everyone has their own rules for caring for the house. Perhaps the guy was used to the fact that a caring mommy would pick up dirty socks, candy wrappers and crumpled beer cans for him. Or the girl, leaving the parental home, is not adapted to some household chores. She is fluent in cooking scrambled eggs and croutons, and the guy expects rich borscht and stuffed peppers. These important questions need to be discussed in advance and help each other in every possible way. Complaints and dissatisfaction with a partner can easily turn into offensive nagging and disappointment.If the couple is not ready for such stresses, it is better for them to postpone living together.

True Face 2

At home, the girl has to take off the mask of a well-groomed and ideal princess. She has to walk without makeup, wake up sleepy in the morning and (no matter how awful it may sound) cope with a small and large need for a toilet, with the daily presence of a loved one in the house. Sly tricks "I urgently need to go home" or "Go to the ice cream store" undertaken for imperceptible privacy in the ladies' room, will at least become irrelevant. In turn, the guy will reveal his little secrets in front of the darling: how fragrant in the morning from his mouth, how often he changes his swimming trunks and how relishly he lets gas in his sleep.

Finance oppresses romances3

The question of money is of great importance when young people decide to live together. A woman can turn out to be a hopeless squander, and a man - a stubborn redneck. The total budget will survive many cataclysms and resuscitation.

what to consider before living together
what to consider before living together

Unpleasant clarifications of the situation will begin: "And where did the 200 rubles that I put on the refrigerator go?", "Where did you spend all the money?", "Darling, can you not smoke such expensive cigarettes?"

Joint society4

Free time will have to be divided in half. Family relationships, friends and acquaintances require a joint analysis: when to go to whom, whom to take at home, and who is better to avoid. If a man does not have a relationship with the girl's mother, or the girl gets annoyed at the sight of her beloved's friends, the couple will have difficulties.

Respect for each other's privacy is an important aspect of building a serious relationship. Cohabitation should not affect bachelorette parties on Saturdays, stag parties on Fridays and visiting grandmothers on Sundays. If a couple wants to maintain and increase love and respect, they must reckon with the wishes of the partner.

Sex is rife5

When the boy and the girl were dating in a more limited way, they couldn't wait for minutes of solitude. Sex seemed desirable, long-awaited, passionate. Joint everyday life transforms the attitude towards intimate life. Somewhere the desire to drag a loved one to bed disappears, a certain exciting spark disappears …

what to consider before moving in
what to consider before moving in

On the one hand, there are plenty of opportunities to make love as you want and where you want, but on the other hand, the desire itself is gradually extinguished. A woman wants to lie in the arms of her beloved while watching an interesting series, and a man, instead of an affectionate foreplay, turns the lady onto his back with a habitual gesture and calmly does his thing. And, before, somehow everything was different, at the dacha of friends, in the park on a bench, at home, in the absence of parents …

Love will endure everything6

Living together is a powerful test for those who are eager to enter into a marriage union. Loving and patient couples with dignity go through a lot of everyday difficulties and troubles. They are happy to kiss on the lips of a sleepy partner who has not brushed his teeth or washed his sour eyes; do not swear about an uncooked dinner, accepting lovingly prepared instant noodles from the hostess. People in love will not be afraid of saving the family budget, the arrival of an annoying mother-in-law or a non-closing rim on the toilet. She is ready to endure each other's shortcomings, bad habits and "critical days". Love is power.

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