How To Learn To Manipulate A Man? Psychologist's Advice

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How To Learn To Manipulate A Man? Psychologist's Advice
How To Learn To Manipulate A Man? Psychologist's Advice

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How to masterfully manipulate a man
How to masterfully manipulate a man

Even ancient folk wisdom teaches us that "the husband is the head, and the wife is the neck." It turns out that even in those days when they did not hear about manipulation and hearing, and a man was both a husband and a master for a woman, everyone understood perfectly well who was in control of everything in the house. How to manipulate a man so that he doesn't guess anything and continues to consider himself the master of the house - this is the main female wisdom and witchcraft.

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  • 1 The main female commandments
  • 2 Be active, beautiful and do not expect mercy from nature
  • 3 Shortest road
  • 4 An old song about the main thing
  • 5 Confess your love first
  • 6 The most charming and attractive

This wisdom is actively passed on from generation to generation by older and wise women, the main thing is to be able to hear, listen and take into account. For a long time, the “word of mouth” method has not been considered sufficiently reliable, the transmission of information has been put on stream and is designed for a large audience using the main weapon of mass destruction of all times and peoples - cinema.

The main female commandments

Surprisingly, the main principles of manipulating a man have been known to everyone for a long time, moreover, they are described from the point of view of management. Remember, in the Soviet film "The Most Charming and Attractive", a psychologist teaches a friend what to do to fall in love with a man? The most interesting thing is that everything that Susanna taught is pure truth. The lesson of manipulation was taught so unobtrusively that not everyone thought to take advantage of it.

What principles were announced:

  • Do not be born beautiful, but be born active.
  • The way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Never tell what is made of what.
  • Do not expect mercy from nature.
  • Sing praises.
  • Confess your love first.
  • Everything he needs should be with you.
  • You are the most charming and attractive.
How to discreetly manipulate a man
How to discreetly manipulate a man

Some principles can be combined and considered in more detail.

Be active, beautiful and do not expect mercy from nature2

It has long been not a secret for anyone that “a man's mind or is it or not, feminine beauty is different, it’s a profitable thing,” but for some reason many do not use this knowledge and all the opportunities offered by the modern beauty industry. Not everyone is lucky to be born with the appearance of a beauty queen, however, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Of course, I want everyone to appreciate the rich inner world and mind, and not external data. However, when it comes to the relationship between the sexes, this desire does not work. Unfortunately or fortunately, we still largely belong to the animal world and perceive the attractiveness of a partner, first of all, from the point of view of external attractiveness. Unfortunately - because a beautiful appearance requires effort, and fortunately - because the way to achieve the desired result is clear.

Why do the most attractive women we see on TV or in the pages of a magazine always look so dazzling? Although not all of them have supermodel figures, they are always well-groomed, attractive, active and beautiful. Their appearance and attractiveness is the result of painstaking work on their own image and style.

How to manipulate a guy
How to manipulate a guy

A spectacular bbw or an adorable slender woman is already a woman's private affair, but it should be spectacular or adorable, and not slovenly or confused. There are many tools to achieve the desired result - clothes, accessories, cosmetics, services of various specialists. Need to use!

Activity is also a very important factor. In the modern world, a woman cannot afford to sit idly by and wait for a handsome prince to appear and fall at her feet. Her task is to track him down, lure him, tame him and lay him on his shoulder blades on his own. But there is no need to do it rudely and frankly, no one canceled the female softness and cunning.

Here other women's secrets come to the rescue.

Shortest road3

No matter how the representatives of the strong half of humanity argue, they all value home comfort and delicious food. The truth is that every person needs it, but women know how to create ideal conditions for themselves on their own, and men prefer to get them ready. This must be used.

How to masterfully control a man
How to masterfully control a man

You should not focus the attention of others on how much delicious things can be prepared from simple ingredients or how many methods of cleaning an apartment are known. It is enough that from time to time those around you will witness successes in the culinary and economic fields. There are enough photos on social networks and rare opportunities to taste something.

Remember that the forbidden fruit is sweet. But do not be zealous, showing everyone how much time and effort are taken up by economic and culinary feats. Remember about being active - everything should work out by itself, jokingly, that's when it gets respect. For those who find it difficult to wash a couple of plates after a meal and cook dumplings for dinner, it is enough to delight from time to time to taste pies with meat or watch how quickly the table in the office is put in perfect order. He will appreciate it, believe me.

The main thing: you don't need to read long lectures about how to simply keep order or tediously talk about the method of cooking borscht. It is unlikely that this will be applied in practice, and the magic effect will be blurred. The main thing is that you can do it!

An old song about the main thing4

In general, they say that a woman loves with her ears, but long-term observations show that flattery is the main weapon in the struggle for a leading position, regardless of gender.

How to control a man
How to control a man

You can prove as much as you like that everyone should have responsibilities in the family, and carrying potatoes, cabbage, onions, carrots and beets, and in addition to them a couple of kilograms of meat, bread and "something tasty" from the store for making dinner is a saint a man's duty. As a result of long disputes, to drag everything in a couple of visits by herself, while the knight pumps up muscles and builds up appetite in the gym.

And you can declare with admiration in his voice and an exalted gleam in his eyes that only he is able to bring such a burden at one time, without even getting out of breath. There should be a place for heroism in life. So let it happen, and do not forget to admire the strength and endurance.

In general, they moved mountains, performed feats not for the sake of those who demanded them, but who knew how to admire them from the heart. Women's business is not to compete with a man in strength and dexterity, but to be near him fragile and defenseless. Those who master this art are always next to a man, behind whom it is like a stone wall.

Do not hesitate to show your weakness - only next to her, even the most ordinary man looks like a hero.

Confess your love first5

This idea is not new, Tatyana Larina has tried this method, though not very successfully. In order not to repeat her mistakes, you need to act gently and for sure.

How you can manipulate men
How you can manipulate men

You need to confess your love not head-on, to an unfamiliar and clearly uninterested person, but to someone who is well aware of all your advantages (it is better to hide the disadvantages for the time being), shows interest, but somehow slows down with decisive actions. This is where the confession would be quite appropriate. And let it not come from your lips. Rumors may reach him or he will accidentally read or see something.

In this matter, delicacy and caution are important. Show your imagination and ingenuity. This is an extremely interesting activity! The best sport for a woman: tones, stimulates adrenaline rush and awakens excitement. In addition, it produces a rejuvenating effect, disperses blood, smoothes wrinkles and makes eyes shine.

Just don't dive into his bed right away. That's for sure: if you hurry, you will make people laugh. Sex should be the culmination of feelings and play, not an intermediate step. In general, the easier a woman gets, the less she is appreciated. No matter how many people say that now are not the times, that relationships should be free, but any man will appreciate the unapproachable, hard-won girl, and not the one on which "there is nowhere to put samples." Nobody says that there is nothing to think about before the wedding, but there is no need to rush.

The most charming and attractive6

But now, you are together. This does not mean that you can relax and rest on your laurels. Feelings should always burn with a blue flame! And for this they need to be warmed up and fed.

How to manipulate a man
How to manipulate a man

Relationships are built by both partners, so you need to work with yourself and with him. It is very important for yourself to repeat that you cannot find more beautiful and desirable. Love yourself! Continue to groom and cherish, take care of yourself. After the man is conquered, the matter is not over, but just beginning. There are still many, many years ahead!

And a man, seeing that a woman is interesting in all respects next to him, will feel, firstly, strong and successful, and secondly, he will understand that he must always correspond. This is a kind of group therapy that helps to maintain feelings and interest in each other. Only a woman should play the first violin in such a case.

In addition to appearance, you must also remember about the psychological component of the relationship. It is very important to continue to sing the praises of your man! Remember that each winner owes a large part of his achievements to a strong and reliable rear. The more you talk to him about how strong, smart, handsome and lucky he is, the more chances he will become!

In general, criticism and hurtful words are the most likely to kill. Never, under any circumstances, allow yourself to criticize your knight, especially in front of strangers. On the contrary! Praise. Without ceasing. For all. Show off his accomplishments, even the smallest of them should arouse your sincere admiration.

How to manipulate men correctly
How to manipulate men correctly

Do not forget to be weak, ask for help and be sure to thank for it! It will not wane from you, and your man will have a strong feeling that you will disappear without him, that he is responsible for you, that you are a fragile and gentle creature that you need to take care of. Never demand - this is not a feminine method, too rough and straightforward. Ask, hint, ideally it should seem to him that every important action is his decision, and not your desire. Remember, in the advertisement: “And if I said - to my mother! So, to my mother!"

Now very often you can hear that a woman should be strong, should not be inferior to a man. Believe me, this only leads to loneliness. Nowhere and never does a woman feel so happy as in the company of a man who considers her weak. She can be the general director of a huge holding, her subordinates can turn pale at her glance, but at home she must feel weak, beautiful and desirable, and for this she must allow a man to feel like a man.

The strength of a woman is in her weakness, this must always be remembered and this secret must be used not only to manipulate a man, but also to strengthen relationships and family. Arguing, trying to insist on your own, to convince you of your competence and rightness - the path to nowhere. It is possible to convince you that you are a bigger man than he can, but never to become happy and keep him close.

Separately, it is worth mentioning only one version of the relationship in which you can not subtly manipulate, but command: if your chosen one is a mama's son. Unfortunately, there are many of them now. This does not mean at all that you cannot be happy with them. You just need to know how to handle them correctly. Here, frank custody in everyday life and direct leadership in the rest are suitable.

How to masterfully manipulate a man
How to masterfully manipulate a man

These people are used to obeying, it is not difficult for them, moreover, they do not know how to live differently. Praise, love, patronize and instruct - and you will be happy.

In general, a woman's ability to manipulate a man is not a sign of her cunning or consumer attitude. This is the guarantee of family happiness, a long and prosperous life together, a man's success and realization. Her humble place is behind him. From there you can see everything better and in the calmness of its shadow a woman can afford to be a truly beautiful, beloved and precious treasure that will be cherished, cared for and cherished. Remember, you can only be a queen next to the king! Place him on the throne and reign on health.

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