Is It Possible To Keep A Man, What Efforts Need To Be Made For This

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Is It Possible To Keep A Man, What Efforts Need To Be Made For This
Is It Possible To Keep A Man, What Efforts Need To Be Made For This

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How to keep the man of your dreams
How to keep the man of your dreams

Social norms and needs of people push them to create families, cells of society, in which peace and harmony reign. If only both partners understand the importance and significance of their union. In other words, if the interest in a long-term relationship is mutual. The first years of the life of lovers do not have a shadow of doubt about the correct choice of a life partner.

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But, according to scientists, female love lasts about five years, male love even less. After, the lady begins to wonder, does she need this man? Is he the hero of her novel? There is a downside, girls are wondering how to keep a man?

After all, over time, both partners have become far from being so mysterious and attractive to each other. The gloss came off both of them and showed the whole essence of an unattractive life, and there were more problems in mutual understanding at times. The chill on the part of the chosen one begins to be felt in everything. What is the reason for the cooling of passion and how to keep the relationship warm?

Male and female troubles

The essence of all frustration lies in the inability of men and women to assess the situation soberly. The creation of ideals and the environment of a partner in the halo of a deity makes you bitterly mourn your dreams and hopes after.

Before starting a serious relationship, each of the partners should ask themselves the question: "Do I need this at all?" or "Do I want to stop my search for the ideal on this particular person?"

It's very simple: yes or no!

Falling in love is a very deceptive state, it plunges into a trance and forces people to do things that were previously unusual for a person and to commit dubious acts.

But what happens after a year or two of constant communication or living together? A man wakes up in the morning and realizes that next to him is not She … her breakfasts are insipid and tasteless, her hair is terribly disheveled, and this awful shuffling of slippers on the floor drives you crazy! Everyone … arrived, the Crisis stop. Not many men cope with the problem of everyday life and everyday life. Why be with a disgusting person when there, outside the window, is a whole ocean of attractive fish, you just have to hook it! And the hook has long been looking towards the tempting bite.

How to keep a man
How to keep a man

Bitter, painful, but He decided so. The loved one leaves and the woman, bursting into tears of despair, tries to collect her broken heart and put her life in order.

This scoundrel took with him the rest of his confidence. And how much effort was spent on his conquests … But wait a minute … before, it was completely different. The chosen one carried his lady in his arms and blew dust particles from her. So what's the deal? Is male love so short?

Every woman should look into her past and draw certain conclusions from it. Perhaps her next "prince" did not leave for nothing and not all men are traitors and cowards?

Millions of couples live to a ripe old age together. Of course, building a relationship is much more difficult than breaking it. Crises happen to everyone, and only an intelligent woman can overcome them or even get around them altogether. It is not difficult to lure a “male earner” into your nets, any girl is capable of it! But how to keep the man of your dreams?

15 rules for women who don't want to live with cats

Delicate and magical creatures often forget about their nature and take on unbearable burdens. The stronger sex received such a designation for a reason! Women often forget about the role of the male in the family and about who should provide comfort and well-being. And the ladies complain: "he lies on the couch for days and does nothing!" Of course it doesn't! After all, the chosen one does not provide such an opportunity! The conclusion is simple: a woman should know her place in a man's life! This may sound rude, but weak women can remain so only "behind" a man, not in front of him.

Ways to keep a man
Ways to keep a man

In addition to the fact that it is worth protecting your femininity in yourself, girls forget about many other things. Here is a list of fifteen basic rules for those who do not want to live out their days with cats.

Rule one - saw in a locker

Nobody likes constant brain drain. It is categorically contraindicated to constantly grumble and be dissatisfied with the actions of your man. Anyone will run away from this! And he will run wherever his eyes are looking - to his former lover's best friend, to a neighbor or employee.

Oppression of a man's personality, insults, and eternal discontent are the lot of klush from the hinterland. If a young man does not neglect his duties and tries his best to make life and living conditions better, then he needs to be encouraged and encouraged, and not turn on the "chainsaw" mode, eating away his brain with a teaspoon.

The second rule is the treasures of a man

It's not about the belongings in the pants. More on this later. The personal space of the chosen one should remain inviolable. His belongings, desk drawers or bedside table will always be populated with many records and all kinds of details. The fact that the lady is forbidden to move there does not mean that the partner is hiding there something that compromises him. It is better to leave all these boxes, boxes and so on where they are, and not require a man to break through them under vigilant supervision. Perhaps there were some notebooks with the phone numbers of exes or photos from student parties. But, the past must remain in the past.

What are the ways to keep a man
What are the ways to keep a man

The third rule says: causeless jealousy leads to dissonance of personalities

Greer Germain also said: “A man is jealous because he loves himself too much; the woman is jealous because she does not love herself enough. " There is truth in these words. A jealous man is as unhappy in the family as a drinking woman.

But the unfounded jealousy of a lady can absolutely exhaust anyone, even the most patient person. She harms not only the object of suspicion, but also the jealous herself. Ultimately, the chosen one will not stay for long and will run away at the first opportunity.

Moreover, the representatives of the stronger sex are far from stupid. And even if a woman notices the absent look of her man, and he is systematically delayed at work, there is still a very small chance of guessing who he is interested in. If the relationship is not going to break, then perhaps it is worth paying more attention to your chosen one, please him with a practical gift or try a new position in sex.

The fourth rule: a hobby is sacred

Fishing, hunting, soccer or collecting LEGO minifigures are a man's hobbies that need to be respected. The hobby was before the relationship and will be after it. A girl should treat such weaknesses of her chosen one with patience and understanding. Under no circumstances should you rant about the fact that his rods take up too much space or be interested in "when will you play enough?"

Fifth rule: do not encroach on his money

The funds that a young man earns belong only to him, this is first of all. To force persuasion and whims to buy a girl something means to beg. Such ladies do not cause delight and her intentions become very clear.

To keep the man of your dreams
To keep the man of your dreams

But, at the same time, the chosen one should not be greedy, and if he systematically allows the girl to pay for purchases in a supermarket or a bill in a cafe, then it is better to get rid of such a guy right away.

Sixth rule: do not force

Shopping trips and gatherings in companies in which the guy is bored will alienate partners. If a young man is not inclined to a long shopping, then it is better to overcome all the difficulties of choosing a new thing on your own. Later, you can meet in neutral territory and discuss how the day went. And at home to demonstrate a new thing, if it is lingerie or a sexy new dress. A man will undoubtedly appreciate such a game.

The seventh rule: do not take over the entire bathroom space

Jars, flasks, bottles and vials with unknown substances and liquids put men into complete daze. Why so many funds, because his beloved is so beautiful! Ah, men … if not for all these wonderful creams and scrubs, one could hear about female beauty only in legends.

If a couple has decided to live together, then in order to maintain balance and understanding, ladies need to leave space for the man's things. Otherwise, domestic quarrels cannot be avoided, and they can instantly develop into a real scandal with the excavation of each other's past.

Eighth rule: women's secrets

In no case should it be possible to reveal all the cards to the chosen one. It is better if he does not even know that the lady is cleaning the skin or removing the antennae. Regarding the menstrual cycle - definitely taboo. During this period, a girl may feel weak and painful, but you should not complain to her chosen one that she forgot to buy personal hygiene products.

How to keep the man of your dreams
How to keep the man of your dreams

Men appreciate the mystery in their beloved ladies. A woman shrouded in a haze of mystery is always desirable and interesting. Lovers do not need to know about any latex allergies and other nuances. The guy can only guess that the girl is shaving her legs. Moreover, you need to do this only with your own machine. If a man sees that, having been seduced by a floating head and five blades, his beloved's hand reached for his brand new razor, then embarrassment is inevitable. This is an insult for all years, men do not forgive this! How to keep a man? Simply - not to touch his things and not reveal to him your earthly origin.

Rule Nine: Supplemental Sex

Bed pleasures are required in sufficient quantities. But, everything is good in moderation. You should not overfeed a man with your caresses. In this case, as with lunch, a little curative fasting doesn't hurt.

You should never do household chores naked, make coffee or sit in front of the TV. The hunter must have a constant interest in undressing his playful doe.

Is it worth mentioning the active position of women in bed matters. Embodying male erotic fantasies into reality and conducting sex experiments is a purely female occupation. The partner will be delighted with such a mistress and she will definitely not have to think about how to keep a man.

The tenth rule: a feast for the whole world

"The way to a man's heart is through his stomach" - this statement is partially true. No caress and deep throat skills will help if a man remains hungry.

Ways to keep the man of your dreams
Ways to keep the man of your dreams

If your hands are not sharpened at all to hold the pan, then it will not be superfluous to purchase cookbooks or attend courses to teach the art of cooking delicious dishes.

Eleventh rule: exit mask

On a visit and in public, a woman is a modest creature with a clean reputation and no past at all. This is a magic fairy who came from the world of kindness and purity to decorate the life of a lucky man.

Let everyone around you think so. Modesty and meekness are the main weapons of girls in the fight against competitors. At home, a woman can be a guy-shirt, joke on vulgar topics with her man and not hesitate to use strong words. It all depends on the relationship that has developed and the common interests of the two people.

The twelfth rule: friends of a man

In no case should you criticize your lover's friends. Their actions are another matter. But the years spent with the "bros" made them akin, they went through dozens of relationships with different girls, and never stopped making friends.

If a woman is determined to win the love of her ideal man, then she is simply obliged to make friends with his friends. Do not scold the guy and do not make trouble because of stag parties and going to a bar or fishing.

Thirteenth rule: will there be a mother-in-law?

All people love their mothers. According to statistics, 45% of mothers-in-law do not like their daughters-in-law. This woman should be treated, if not with love, but with gratitude for the fact that she raised and raised such a wonderful man.

Is it worth keeping the man of your dreams
Is it worth keeping the man of your dreams

Conflicts will lead to a cooling of relations in a couple. A rare candidate for the hand and heart of a lady will take her side in case of a quarrel with her mother. After all, lovers come and go, but Mom is still alone.

The fourteenth rule: ex-wives and children

Another wording reads: "Accept and release." The time when a partner was immensely happy in his family with another woman has long since sunk into obscurity. To be jealous and elicit about the tragedy of parting is to stir up the past. A man feels good here and now, and everything that does not concern a new lover does not matter.

Children are very important for any representative of the stronger sex. It is better to make friends with them and keep in touch. A loved one will appreciate this and will be incredibly happy that he has found the perfect woman.

Fifteenth rule: support and support

In the life of every person, unforeseen situations occur that unsettle. Men in such cases are extremely vulnerable and need support. Stress and conflict at work will certainly affect communication with a woman. A loved one will become irritable and constrained. In bed, the partner will also not show great results, if he wants to have sex at all.

A man needs support in everything, up to participation in fights. With a shout: "Ours are beaten!" - a woman should run to separate the zavorushku. The risk of becoming one of the victims is quite high, but a man will raise such a woman to a pedestal.

Protect the man of your dreams
Protect the man of your dreams

But nevertheless, the most acceptable would be diplomatically to avoid skirmishes and persuade a partner not to get involved in such events. This must be done very carefully so that the man does not take offense, because he may be considered a coward!

What is the salt2

So, having familiarized yourself with all the rules of a fighting girlfriend for many years. The girl will definitely know how to keep a man and happily live with him in marriage to a ripe old age.

It is very important not only to please a man, but also not to lose yourself in the process. It is a big mistake to repeat all his habits and completely dissolve in the chosen one. The stronger sex is inherently hunters and they need to seek and lure a woman. Mutual understanding and closeness of souls and bodies are wonderful … but they quickly get tired of them. No matter how trusting the relationship is, intrigue is definitely needed! In the look, in the outfit and always in bed.

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