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What To Do If You Are Being Blackmailed With Intimate Photos?

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What To Do If You Are Being Blackmailed With Intimate Photos?
What To Do If You Are Being Blackmailed With Intimate Photos?

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intimate blackmail
intimate blackmail

Stories about how another hacker posted intimate photos of celebrities on the network no longer surprise anyone. But not always famous people become victims of such cases. Once in the hands of intruders, your erotic photos or videos can become a tool of blackmail. The blackmailer will declare that he will post these materials online and send them to all your friends and family if you do not comply with his requirements. What to do in this situation? Let's figure it out together.

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  • 1 It's your own fault, there was nothing to photograph your naked asses!
  • 2 And who are these intruders?
  • 3 How to be?

It's your own fault, there was nothing to photograph your naked asses! I

Before moving on to the main topic of the article, it is worth saying a few words about this "argument", which is a typical example of victim blame. Like, behave "decently", do not take pictures in an obscene form and nothing will happen to you. Do I need to explain that the level of argumentation of such applicants is not higher than that of grandmothers pouring mud on everyone in a row at the entrance?

Statistics say that among young couples, there are practically no ones who would not share intimate photos at least once. And each couple at least once filmed a "hot" home video, and sociologists suggest that the real number of couples who have practiced such filming is much higher, since not everyone is ready to admit it. Sexologists do not see any pathology in such practices, this is just a form of manifesting sexual interest in each other and heating up passion. Having intimate photos and videos in your personal life is absolutely normal.

Problems begin when these materials fall into the hands of intruders …

And who are these intruders? 2

Most of the villains who blackmail intimate photos can be divided into two categories.

The first is the people who directly had access to your personal materials. At first, happy relationships do not always end in a long and happy life, people tend to part. And in the desire to return his ex-girlfriend or ruin her life, a seemingly decent young man suddenly turns into a blackmailer.

Blackmailing a girl
Blackmailing a girl

It would be fair to call him a moral monster for this, but this will not solve the problem, because your personal photos are in his hands and he is going to use them against you. However, it will not always be your previous partner, because some of your friends or relatives can also get access to your personal correspondence if you are not serious enough about its confidentiality.

The second option is for outsiders who, according to your plan, should not have seen these photos. The hackers who posted photos of nude Jennifer Lawrence on the network did not know her, which did not stop them from committing a crime. Unfortunately, the information transmitted over the network does not always remain confidential, although most often it is not the vulnerabilities of digital protection that are to blame for this, but the errors of the user himself, which we will talk about later. And now you receive a letter from an unknown address, in which you see several of your personal photos and a threat to spread them if you do not pay a certain amount …

Blackmail intimate photos
Blackmail intimate photos

How to be? 3

First of all, you shouldn't be led by the blackmailer. Do you really think that if you fulfill his requirements, he will honestly remove your intimate materials and never use them again? Already now you should understand that you are dealing with a low and vile person who, by the very fact of blackmail, crossed out any opportunity to trust his words. And the statistics are not at all on the side of the victims: in most cases, if the blackmail was successful, the blackmailer after some time will again use the materials he has and put forward new demands. Yes, he will "milk" you again and again, because once you have already succumbed.

The victims of the blackmailers who have survived this confrontation are sure that the best defense against them is to completely ignore their messages and demands. And the statistics are on the side of the victims - in 99% of cases the blackmailers do not fulfill their threats if the victim is not afraid of them and ignores any letters with threats and demands. Just by not contacting the blackmailer, you actually leave him no chance.

What if the photos do get on the web? Just declare that you are not in the photo. In the age of photoshop fakes, your confidence will have a much stronger effect than dubious photographs, the authenticity of which no one will check with the help of an examination.

How to survive blackmail
How to survive blackmail

And don't forget that in this case the law is on your side. The blackmailer violates Art. 163 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation "Extortion" and Art. 137 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation "Violation of the inviolability of private life", and criminal liability under these articles will cost him several years in prison. So if you still want to respond to blackmail, tell them that you are already writing a statement to the police. And write in fact, because by sending at least one villain to prison, you will make the world a better place.

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