How To Find A Beautiful Girl And Build The Perfect Relationship With Her

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How To Find A Beautiful Girl And Build The Perfect Relationship With Her
How To Find A Beautiful Girl And Build The Perfect Relationship With Her

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how to find a pretty girl
how to find a pretty girl

In the life of every young man, probably, there has been a moment when there is a need to equip his personal life. The state of "active search" can be associated with various reasons - shyness; a past breakup, which greatly affected self-confidence; stereotypes, etc. It doesn't matter what status, position or age a man has, everyone has questions about how to find and meet a beautiful girl. The knowledge that there is the very person who will calm down in difficult times warms the soul.

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Who can be considered a beautiful girl? I

Before answering the question, you need to find out who can be considered a beautiful girl. Beauty is subjective. For some, a certain eye color, certain facial features, height, weight, body, amount of makeup are signs of such a girl. If they are, then the man is ready to close his eyes to the flaws in the appearance of his beloved. Finding such a person is also difficult due to the fact that the beauty of a girl changes from time to time - during the day, at different times of the year. But this situation is compensated by a large number of female representatives.

According to statistics, the chance of finding the perfect girl, suitable in all respects, is approximately 90% after 7-10 dates. Not such a small figure. But at the beginning of such a search, the percentage is several times less - up to 25. The main variables influencing this are a small experience in communication with the opposite sex, a man's attractiveness, his taste preferences in appearance, sympathy, external parameters, etc. Most of them, if they are flaws, are easy to hide through experience - in the ability to communicate, in charisma, confidence.

Everything is easier than it seems 2

So how do you find a pretty girl? There are many different recommendations, tips, even books have been specially released for this. But in fact, there is nothing here to devote so much time. For example, you can use the advice of David DeAngelo, a renowned American writer, creator and founder of Double Your Dating, a relationship between people. He combined these recommendations into “rules of seduction”, the general essence of which is to leave the comfort zone. David believed that for the most part social behavior is influenced by the natural essence of a person, including marriage habits. This explains the need to find the perfect relationship.

DeAngelo's 5 Steps 5

Don't make finding a girl your main goal

As strange as it may sound, it is true. The obsession with the need for relationships causes real fear in the opposite sex, they often refuse to communicate. Refusal only makes the man more interested, in some cases even anxious. Therefore, it is best to maintain a balance, the principle of "natural development of relationships".

where to find a pretty girl
where to find a pretty girl

Don't be ahead of the curve

A common mistake that leads to the breakdown of relations at the beginning of their appearance. The first weeks of love with a beautiful girl often turn off a man's mind to such an extent that all attention is focused only on the beloved, which is fundamentally wrong. Reciprocity, especially at the beginning, should not be built on blind love, but on intelligent choices combined with pleasant pastimes. It is worth giving vent to your emotions in cases of a long relationship, when there is trust in your partner and confidence in his reliability.

Personal acquaintance with a beautiful girl

Probably the most important point of any acquaintance, which is the need for contact with women. For this, you can use special places where there are many girls; in the age of technology - sites, chats, where the chances increase if a man is shy in communication. Acquaintance in reality and on the Internet is different. In the first case, it is important to establish the first contact. Be honest. This is important not so much for the girl as for you. This means that you love yourself for who you are. They strive for such people, they are set as an example to others. Acquaintance on the Internet depends only on communication, so it is much easier. Interesting tips for calculating a girl in active search in the article.

Be at ease

Any contact with a beautiful girl is built only from two-way communication, when both are interested. Women are the same people with their own problems and attractions, so a man can easily have an interesting conversation with any of them. You can start with the simplest questions - favorite hobbies, hobbies, last book read, movie watched.

How to find a beautiful woman
How to find a beautiful woman

Show your sympathy

An interest in a beautiful girl should be decent and understandable. This is necessary so that a new acquaintance can understand your goals of communication, so that later not "beat around the bush", constantly get lost, etc.

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