"Has Laid Eyes" On A Married Woman. How Not To Become The Hero Of An Anecdote?

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"Has Laid Eyes" On A Married Woman. How Not To Become The Hero Of An Anecdote?
"Has Laid Eyes" On A Married Woman. How Not To Become The Hero Of An Anecdote?

Video: "Has Laid Eyes" On A Married Woman. How Not To Become The Hero Of An Anecdote?

Video: "Has Laid Eyes" On A Married Woman. How Not To Become The Hero Of An Anecdote?
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"Laid eyes" on a married
"Laid eyes" on a married

The situation "my husband returned from a business trip" seems anecdotal only from the outside. There are more sad endings of adultery in real life. Let's turn to statistics: 25% of women admitted that they are cheating on their husbands. Note that these are only those who have recognized this fact. Most likely, the polls showed only the tip of the iceberg.

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  • 1 Men see many advantages in such a romance
  • 2 Cons of such a connection
  • 3 How to avoid trouble?
  • 4 Maybe not change?

If a man has his eye on a married woman, we will not throw stones at him and talk about the immorality of the act and the licentiousness of modern society. Much more interesting, why should men? After all, there are enough free and even single women in our country.

Men see many advantages in such a romance

Most importantly, and well-known: on a trip to the registry office, a married lady will not insist. At least until the lovers are caught.

A married woman is unlikely to be intrusive. There are too many other interests and the light did not converge on the lover. Again, you need to hide the relationship. So, a man can be relatively calm: his mistress, most likely, will not track him down on the street, endlessly call and throw messages.

No responsibility, no broken promises, nothing to share when parting. It seems so simple.

Married means experienced and liberated. Amazing sexual emotions can be considered guaranteed? The stereotype, although widespread, is false. Emancipation and behavior in bed can depend on anything, and last but not least on the length of family life with another person. Apparently, the men who created this myth were just lucky.

Has an eye on a married woman - you get some "buns" and no trouble? No matter how it is.

Cons of such a connection2

In vain, many men believe that exposure is the only disadvantage of dating a married woman. Those who have had more than one such mistress know very well that there can be no less trouble than in any other relationship.

laid eyes on married
laid eyes on married

The need to keep a secret at first makes the relationship of lovers more exciting and emotional than meeting people who are not burdened with obligations. The novelty of sensations dulls quickly and over time begins to irritate. Constantly be on your guard if a mistress - the wife of a friend, neighbor, colleague, or boss - is necessary. And this is immensely tiresome.

Hardly anyone managed to keep a complete and absolute secret. We all live in a society. And those who like to discuss someone else's personal life are more than enough. If the husband is the last to know everything, as he is supposed to, there are relatives and friends who "accidentally" found out about everything and who want to give friendly advice, warn, condemn. Needless to say, how unpleasant such "attention" is?

The hero-lover should be prepared for the fact that his passion will spend weekends and holidays with his family. The rest of the time, he will also not run to a man when he has a desire to meet.

The situation can take on a sad turn if a person becomes truly dear to you.

Unexpectedly, the happy lover of a married lady may find that the woman is in love. Into it. Approximately 7% of girls really fall in love and are ready to destroy their families in order to create a new one. If this was not part of the man's plans, he can only sympathize.

While adultery remains only an exciting game, it is relatively easy to avoid serious troubles, especially tragedies. No feelings, no problems.

laid eyes on married
laid eyes on married

The opposite is equally likely. The guy falls in love with a woman with whom he wanted an easy affair. How pleasant is it to share your beloved woman with another man and at the same time be on the sidelines? There are many options for the development of events, but a happy ending for such stories is rare.

How to avoid trouble? 3

Answer: "do not change", does not suit you? Well, in this case, it is necessary to give some general recommendations on the topic "how to change and not get caught in it."

Show up with your mistress in public places, even if it seems that they are far enough from home and "safe", is not worth it. The secret of the lovers was also revealed after a chance meeting with an acquaintance in another city.

I don’t want to talk about coming to a woman’s house and having sex with her on the matrimonial bed. It's just a taboo, complete and absolute.

No messages at all and no calls, if there is no certainty that she is now alone and can talk calmly. It is also not recommended to look for her in social networks, to come to her work.

It is necessary to protect yourself, even if a woman is taking contraceptives.

fell in love with a married woman
fell in love with a married woman

Maybe not change?

He laid eyes on a married woman, dreamed, flirted. It is wiser to limit it to this. Maybe a full-fledged relationship between two free and loving people will bring more pleasure and happiness?

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