I Feel That A Girl Likes Me: How To Understand It - Signs

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I Feel That A Girl Likes Me: How To Understand It - Signs
I Feel That A Girl Likes Me: How To Understand It - Signs

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A romantic relationship is like a little fairy tale. Couples in love seem to soar over the world with its problems. There is only they and their love. Passers-by look back at them and remember their relationship. Especially their beginning. For many, everything was quite awkward: glances, touches. Most of the men came up with the thought: "I feel that the girl likes me, but I'm afraid to admit reciprocity."

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The fear of being rejected is inherent in every representative of the stronger sex. It is very difficult for them to be in uncertainty. Especially with a girl. It would seem that it is difficult here, because women themselves very often give signs that cannot be deciphered incorrectly. As it turned out, it is possible.

Male thinking is arranged somewhat differently, and where, it would seem, things are obvious to a woman, he will not see absolutely nothing. It is this fact that complicates the process of the transition of friendship into closer relationships. To help men a little, psychologists conducted a thorough analysis of female psychology and identified several types of behavior that clearly indicate sympathy for a man.

Me and my shadow

If a woman likes a man, then she will try with all her might to attract his attention. And for this, you must often be close to your object of sympathy. "Accidental meetings" can be very surprising for a representative of the stronger sex. And many may even think that this is a sign from above and finally risk getting to know the girl better.

Of course, there are times when such behavior scares the potential guy too much and the girl remains in his memory only an annoying acquaintance. It is very important for women, resorting to such tactics, not to cross a certain line. Everything should look like a coincidence.

Men, having repeatedly noticed the same girl next to them, can act boldly. After all, from the female side they are given the green light.

I like the girl
I like the girl

Eye to eye2

You can also notice a girl's obvious sympathy for a man in a personal conversation. As a rule, an interested woman will seek eye contact, and having caught it, will not let go until the last. In a big campaign, her interest will be even more noticeable, because when telling something for everyone, she will certainly not take her eyes off the same man. It may seem that the whole story is addressed to him alone.

These obvious signs are hard to miss. The guy should throw away all fears and doubts, come up and strike up a conversation. This will be the first seed of future relationships.

Hair 3

For any girl, trying to get attention is a huge stress. In order to somehow calm herself down, she unconsciously begins to wind her hair around her fingers or fiddle with an earring. This is especially noticeable when talking tete-a-tete.

I feel like I like
I feel like I like

This behavior is a clue to the guy for further action. All that remains for him is to decode her signal correctly and in time. Having invited her on a date, he may well expect a positive response. And a great evening together can be a great start to a romantic relationship.


People in love are among the happiest. The girl, being in such a wonderful state of mind, will smile all the time in the presence of the guy of her dreams. It may seem pretty silly at times, but that's how human nature works. During the state of falling in love, a large amount of endorphins - hormones of happiness - are released into the human brain. That is why it is almost impossible to control this process. As soon as the object of adoration appears in the field of view, a treacherous smile itself appears on the face.

Feel like a girl likes me
Feel like a girl likes me

There is one big plus in this behavior of a woman - her love is hard to miss. If a man has reciprocal feelings, then it's time to act.

Tactile contact5

As a rule, a woman interested in a man tries tactile contact. Naturally, this happens as if by accident. And sometimes it is so accidental that the man simply does not understand that it was a hint. If a girl during a conversation now and then touches the guy's hand, strokes his shoulder or even his head, this is the most obvious hint from her. Naturally, she is a little embarrassed at this moment. The fairer sex thinks that all her actions resemble a large red sign with the inscription: "I like you!"

In this situation, a man should take the situation into his own hands and finally take the first step. Well, the girl will be happy, because her efforts were not in vain.

Female hints
Female hints

Sincere interest6

Each girl, trying to stand out from others, will show genuine interest in the man she likes. She will be sincerely interested in how he is doing, and most importantly, she will memorize every word. It doesn't matter what such a welcome interlocutor will talk about. The woman will listen to every word. Men, as a rule, are very flattered by this interest, and they gladly share new stories. Moreover, when the girl is also not indifferent to the male heart.

Every man should understand that if he found an excellent interlocutor in the person of a beautiful girl who is ready to listen for hours about his affairs in the garage, it is not casual. In most cases, the girl is not interested in new stories, but in the time spent next to the object of sympathy. So it's better not to delay and invite her for an evening walk along the river bank.

Man likes
Man likes

Sometimes women are perplexed due to the fact that a young man simply does not notice their hints. However, as it turned out, not all men know exactly what this behavior means. Even if the sympathy is mutual, it is difficult for a man to take the first step, so they are very afraid of defeat. The girl's refusal strongly affects their self-esteem and in the future it is very difficult for them to cost the relationship.

Such men can only wish to gain confidence in themselves, and not take defeat to heart. Psychologists say that many men often doubt their abilities. “I feel that a girl likes me, but I don’t know what to do next” is the most common admission that sounds in the office of a specialist. Uncertainty and fear of responsibility for their words and actions literally drive a man into a stupor. But after just a few therapy sessions, confidence again becomes the eternal companion of the stronger sex. And then new opportunities will open up in life that they could not even dream of before.

But after just a few therapy sessions, confidence again becomes the eternal companion of the stronger sex. And then new opportunities will open up in life that they could not even dream of before.

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