How To Become More Decisive On The Way To A Lady's Heart?

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How To Become More Decisive On The Way To A Lady's Heart?
How To Become More Decisive On The Way To A Lady's Heart?

Video: How To Become More Decisive On The Way To A Lady's Heart?

Video: How To Become More Decisive On The Way To A Lady's Heart?
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How to become more determined
How to become more determined

Have you had situations when you communicate nicely with a girl, she smiles at you, and it seems to you that it is time to move on to active actions, but you fall into a stupor? Do not be afraid, you are not the only person with this problem.

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  • 1 Love yourself
  • 2 Practice more
  • 3 Realize that you have already seduced a woman
  • 4 Compliments
  • 5 More touches
  • 6 "Kamikaze"

\ You can find many forums where men complain about themselves for lack of determination. However, you should not blame yourself for all sins, because determination, like many other qualities, can be developed throughout your life. There is another option - to mask the lack of determination. So how do you get more decisive?

Love yourselfi

Insecurity comes from a bad attitude towards yourself. Overweight, not the prettiest face, bad clothes - if any of these make you feel like an inappropriate or unworthy guy, then you need to slap yourself in the face a couple of times. If you can solve any of the problems, then solve it as quickly as possible. Yes, you cannot correct your face, but losing a few pounds is not a problem. At the same time, there is a clan of men who do not take care of themselves at all, but they are successful with women.

You know such people - they are over 40, their belly reaches up to the knee, the hair on their heads is almost gone, but they are funny and interesting with them. They accept themselves as they are, which allows them to be desired. What prevents you from doing the same?

Practice more2

The more often you flirt with girls, the easier it will be for you. You don't have to meet women on the street or on the bus if you want to flirt. Social networks and dating services will help you. During communication on the network, you can show yourself from the best side, and by the time of the meeting, the girl may already agree to everything. In this case, your determination should manifest itself in its purest form, because you have already done all the work.

Realize that you have already seduced a woman3

Experienced men need only one glance to understand how to seduce a girl. Of course, this is also a matter of practice, but even a beginner in love affairs should receive signals from a lady. If you don't get very subtle hints, you can start talking to a girl about sex. The more openly she speaks to you, the better. You need to come in from afar, after all, the phrase "do you like to fuck?" hardly suitable for such a situation. When you realize that a woman wants you, the level of adrenaline in your blood will decide everything for you.

the guy needs to be confident
the guy needs to be confident


If compliments make you feel confident, then get her to say them. This does not mean that you need to hold the gun to her temple (if you do this, then you are already determined enough). Chat, find common topics, give small compliments. In the modern world, compliments “such bottomless eyes” and other vulgarities sound strange, better say that the girl has good musical taste. Exchanging compliments is a tactical move that will boost your self-confidence.

More touches5

You can't seduce a girl with just conversations, you need to touch her as often as possible. There is nothing scary and frightening in touching (if you do not grab her chest 2 minutes after meeting). You can stroke your shoulder without any sexual connotation. Many years ago, very wise men invented dancing. During the dance, you and the lady touch each other, which opens up new horizons for you. No dance opportunity? Sit so that you can at least pat the girl on the back. Watch the reaction, and if you think that the girl is already yours, then you have to use an old technique that many men use.

girls love touch
girls love touch

Kamikaze 171187

If you think that all men have a very subtle sense of the female nature, then you are deeply mistaken. Most often, decisiveness is manifested in a kiss. The kiss delimits the communication that was before him with a new round of relationships between people. If you see that the girl reacts well to your touches and looks at you without disgust (at least), then just kiss her. Many soldiers fell in this war, but the most courageous received their reward. Don't think about the consequences, otherwise it won't work. Yes, this method does not teach you decisiveness, but it masks its absence.

The question "How to become more decisive?" very popular, but the answer is very simple. Decisiveness is an important male character trait that is highly prized by women. It is important to understand that determination is closely related to self-confidence. Various complexes and grievances very often pass just because of communication with women, so do not miss your chance. Each successful act will be more tempting to do everything more decisively.

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