How To Invite A Girl To Date? TOP 50 Phrases

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How To Invite A Girl To Date? TOP 50 Phrases
How To Invite A Girl To Date? TOP 50 Phrases

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Video: How To Invite A Girl To Date? TOP 50 Phrases
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how to propose a relationship to a girl
how to propose a relationship to a girl

It's not the first day (week, month) that dreams of the same girl don't come out of my head, and you still haven't done anything to get closer to her. Your "track record" in sports, programming and in something there can still go on for a long time, but I still haven't figured out how to offer a girl a relationship. To begin with, you should figure out what is stopping you in this, and then, gradually overcoming fears and doubts, completely take control of the situation.

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  • 1 Fear has big eyes
  • 2 Why does fear arise?
  • 3 How to look and what to say
  • 4 How to invite a girl to date: TOP 50 phrases
  • 5 The manner of your behavior
  • 6 What not to do?

Fear has big eyes

Such is the nature of men: they are endowed with courage, courage and physical strength, but in matters of the heart they have a difficult time without a good counselor. Often, self-confident guys, at the sight of the chosen one of the heart, lose their composure and cannot connect a couple of words. Moreover, some individuals prefer to suffer alone, watching from afar how others flirt with the girl they like. And this is only because they themselves cannot find the courage to come up to speak. The situation needs to be urgently taken under control, otherwise the problem in relationships with the opposite sex will only worsen.

Why does fear arise? 2

  • The popularity of the chosen one ("She's probably called out every day. Why did I decide that she would even want to talk to me?").
  • Low self-esteem ("She is a beauty, and the last time I pumped the press in physical education in the 8th grade").
  • Previous failures in love affairs ("I'll disgrace myself again").
  • Fear of being ridiculed ("What if she will discuss my" tackle "with everyone she knows?").
  • Insecurity in personal feelings (“What if she falls in love with me, and I’m disappointed in her in a week?”).

These fears need to be dealt with, which, in fact, is even exciting. The main thing is to know what key points you need to pay attention to.

How to look and what to say3

Presentable appearance. It is not necessary (moreover, not desirable) to dress according to the latest fashion of pop stars, but a stylish shirt, watch and a neat haircut in this case are required. After all, they are always greeted by their clothes

How to invite a date
How to invite a date
  • … And they are escorted to the mind. It doesn't hurt to find out in advance what the girl is interested in (for sure, you have already monitored her pages on social networks more than once) in order to keep the conversation going.
  • Be interesting. You need to be able to tell about yourself in a few words, without going into too small details. She will ask herself what will interest her.
  • Start a dialogue with a positive attitude, be cheerful. You need to cultivate a good sense of humor. No vulgar jokes and anecdotes from your parents' youth.
  • Nice perfume. This is perhaps one of the main trump cards with which you can conquer a lady. Girls are very sensitive to smells, and therefore a properly selected perfume is half of success.
girl with pigtails
girl with pigtails

How to invite a girl to date: TOP 50 phrases ___ 50

  1. The time spent with you was the best of my life. Let's meet?
  2. You Belong With Me. If we start dating, you will be convinced of this.
  3. With you I become happy. And I'm ready to make you happy. Let's meet?
  4. I have been waiting for you all my life and I do not intend to waste any more time.
  5. If we start dating, I will do everything to make you happy.
  6. For a long time I was in search. Finally they were crowned with success. You will be a my girlfriend?
  7. I want to introduce you to my friends as my girlfriend.
  8. Do you like me. I like you. Isn't it time for us to move to the next level?
  9. I'll tell you straight - I like you very much. I would like you to be my girlfriend.
  10. We spent many pleasant moments together. I want to see more of them in the future. Let's meet.
  11. I liked you at first sight. And when I got to know you better, I realized that you are the one I was looking for.
  12. We feel so good together. You agree? Then why aren't we dating yet?
  13. We would be good friends. And just a delightful couple.
  14. I can talk to you about anything like my best friend. But friendship with you is not enough for me.
  15. You are one of the most important people in my life. I want us to become closer to each other.
  16. I would like to be your boyfriend. Would you like to be my girlfriend?
  17. Everyone says that we would be a great couple. I agree with that.
  18. Be my girlfriend.
  19. You deserve the best. And I will do everything to put the whole world at your feet.
  20. I've always wanted to date someone I knew very well. To whom I could trust, with whom I would feel an emotional connection. I don't know anyone who fits this description better than you.
  21. So, are we dating or will we continue to communicate as if nothing had happened and restrain our feelings?
  22. What I feel for you defies description. It's more than just sympathy.
  23. You said that you would like to date a guy who would understand you perfectly and was ready for anything for you. You found him. You found this guy the very minute we met.
  24. Friendship is great. But let's leave it to others and start dating.
  25. I realized two things: I am ready for a serious relationship; I want to build them with you.
  26. I would like to fall asleep and wake up with you.
  27. I want to invite you there as my girlfriend. You agree?
  28. I want to be your boyfriend.
  29. You want a caring guy. And I want a girl to take care of. Do you understand what I'm getting at?
  30. I wanna be with you. You agree?
  31. I see you in my future. You are as my girlfriend. I am in the role of the guy who makes you happy. How do you like that?
  32. So, are we all official?
  33. I'm sorry, but I don't want to be your friend. I want to be your boyfriend.
  34. Before I met you, I thought I was not ready for a relationship. But you turned my world upside down.
  35. A friend of mine asked why we are still not dating. And I don't even know what to say to him. Because I have no answer to this question.
  36. When will we finally get each other out of the friend zone?
  37. I believe in friendship between a man and a woman. But something else is happening between us.
  38. We feel good together, we have fun, we can talk to each other about everything. Is that what couples do?
  39. If you don't mind, I will introduce you to my friends as my girlfriend.
  40. I want to invite you to meet before someone else does.
  41. You treat me like a friend. But if we start dating, I promise you will change your mind.
  42. I recently lost a friend. It happened the very minute I realized that I love you.
  43. We should be together. I feel. You agree?
  44. You're strange. I am weird. We need to unite.
  45. I will show you how happy and harmonious relationships can be.
  46. I cannot promise that we will not have fights. I cannot promise that everything will be smooth with us. But I am sure that we will be good together.
  47. This morning I woke up and realized what I lack in life for complete happiness. Relationship with you.
  48. I want to date a beautiful, intelligent, funny and interesting girl. I want to date you.
  49. You are not like the other girls I hang out with. Doesn't look like my friends and acquaintances. You look like the girl I would like to date.
  50. Today is exactly … a day since we met. I believe the time has come to start a new countdown - from the beginning of our relationship.

The manner of your behavior4

And so, you are fully armed (at least, so it seems to you). It's time to move on to immediate action. And yet, how to start a conversation with a girl in order to offer her a relationship?

  • Take an interest in her affairs. The girl should feel that you are really interested in how she defended the term paper, what her cat got sick and how she plans to spend the summer.
  • Offer assistance. A difficult seminar ahead? Offer to go to the library or internet cafe together for preparation. Does your chosen one need support in a new endeavor? “Why don’t we plan joint training? I also want to do badminton for a long time! " And women also love it very much when men take it upon themselves to solve their problems. Well, how can you not understand about the seriousness of your intentions, if on Saturday morning you crawl out of bed and rush across the city to her to help pull heavy bags from the supermarket to the 5th floor or to accompany a basket with your favorite pet to the vet?
convenient moment to offer to meet
convenient moment to offer to meet
  • Invite somewhere. The classic option is to dine or drink coffee in a newly opened summer restaurant. Your serious intentions will make the lady understand the proposal of a joint trip on an excursion to another city. Does the girl understand what she is “signing up for” in this case? This means planning general leisure activities, going to a sporting goods store for new sneakers, backpacks and sleeping bags. Do you agree? Fine! You have every chance.
  • Start a conversation about a serious relationship. But not about yours specifically, but in general. She will take the hint and, if you are not interesting to her, she will directly make it clear that here she is (well, for example), it will not soon be ready to get close to someone. If the girl replies that she has long been moved by the sight of couples in love and she herself would not mind starting dating someone, then you can safely invite her on a date.
  • Demonstrate concern. But in moderate doses. In the literal sense, it is not worth blowing off the dust particles from her, but expressing concern about the fact that she comes back from class late in the evening is just right. ! " will lead the lady to emotion.
nice to invite a girl to date
nice to invite a girl to date

Give cute and necessary gifts. You just don’t need to buy expensive presents, so you put the girl in an awkward position, thereby obliging her to make a return gift. If a girl collects something (for example, books of her favorite writer), you can present her with a brand new printed copy, from which she will be delighted. Even if she has a similar one, believe me - it will come anyway! Or, for example: “You just signed up for training? I thought that a protective mat (gloves, bandages, etc.) will come in handy. Take care of yourself!". Isn't it really cute?

Do something for her. Option 1: “While I was reinstalling Windows for you, I took the initiative to download a couple of programs for organizing files. It will be easier for you to work this way. Option 2: “I heard you're going to legal? I decided to help you and made a selection of electronic resources with cool preparatory courses. "

What not to do? 5

Just please do not lose your composure, hardly noticing that the lady is disposed towards you. Don't say “I love you” on the first date. Firstly, this is not serious, and secondly, it is quite banal. At a meeting and during dinner, you can make a couple of compliments, but you don't need to "fall asleep" with diminutive words. For some, this quickly becomes annoying.

When to suggest a relationship
When to suggest a relationship

Don't put a girl in front of a choice here and now. “If you refuse me, I will certainly understand you. Do not worry, I myself will survive this pain and depression and will never appear in your life again. " It's stupid to press on pity. At least - nothing can be proved by this. But it is quite possible to spoil your reputation and be known as a whiner. And you shouldn't trumpet about your relationship at every corner. After all, she hasn’t agreed to become your girlfriend yet.

The main thing is not to overdo it in hints that girls perfectly understand. They are generally able to understand even what you thought about, but did not say. So, be patient and watch the reaction of your passion and the development of events. If this is really "yours" and the relationship is, she will definitely let you know about it.

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