How To Start A Conversation With A Guy: Five Easy Steps

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How To Start A Conversation With A Guy: Five Easy Steps
How To Start A Conversation With A Guy: Five Easy Steps

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start a conversation with a guy
start a conversation with a guy

For some people, just starting a conversation with a stranger is difficult. At the same time, even the thought of “how to start a conversation with a guy you like?” Is terrifying. What if you walk up and make a fool of yourself? What to do if dead silence reigns? What if you say something stupid? This can be confusing. How can you get the attention of your love, how can you show that you like him? For some people, starting a conversation may feel natural, while for others it can be hell.

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  • 1 Preparation
  • 2 Introduce yourself
  • 3 Go into real conversation with a common theme
  • 4 Ask a question
  • 5 Use a name

Luckily, there are a few easy steps you can follow to start a conversation with your boyfriend and avoid those unwieldy emotions getting in the way of your potential love interest.


It is very important to prepare yourself before starting a conversation with a guy, both physically and emotionally. Wear something that you feel confident in and make sure you are in a positive mental state. Investing thoughts and effort into your appearance may seem futile, but it will give you confidence. Attention to your dress is a way to show your personal style and uniqueness. First impressions can last for a long time, and you want to be sure to do your best to get ahead.

If you believe that you are interesting and attractive, then you will exude confidence. However, if you are having trouble achieving this goal, try spending some time with yourself to gain the confidence you need. Sometimes, past rejection and other experiences can shake you. Talking to a therapist can help you overcome this insecurity.

Introduce yourself2

Now that you are ready, you need to get up and introduce yourself. It's pretty straightforward. Just go to him and say hello. You don't need to be smart or funny right away. Say something like, “Hey, I've seen you here a few times.” Simple and straight to the point! The first step to self-introduction shows that you are confident, and that can differentiate you from girls who are just waiting for a guy to come to you first. Try to be yourself. Trying to find some sophisticated path will likely just show you stupid and awkward.

how to talk to a guy
how to talk to a guy

Transition into real conversation with a common theme3

You don't know much about him at the moment, so the topics of discussion that you may relate to will be rather limited. Fortunately, you already have one thing in common: you are both in the same place! Thus, talking about the environment (the atmosphere of the institution, discuss the situation (not the weather, by no means the weather, but if a tornado is raging on the street, then you can also talk about the weather)) is a good starting point.

Look for similarities that you two may have, whether there is a common interest that brings you to the same place. If one theme doesn't work, try moving on to another. Usually, if a guy is interested in you, he will also help conduct a conversation with you.

Ask a question4

Once you have established what he is talking about, go ahead and ask him a question. People love talking about themselves, and it shows your interest in them as a person. Be sure to avoid questions with a one-word answer, "What's your favorite drink?" You should ask open-ended questions like "What are you doing?" This opens the door for additional questions and further conversation. If you answer yes or no, it will lead to limited answers that will not get you going.

conversation with a guy
conversation with a guy

Asking questions about him usually leads him to ask questions about you. Try not to brag or talk too much about yourself. You want to show your best qualities by not only telling interesting things about yourself, but also showing that you are a great listener who is not involved in yourself. This keeps the conversation going, and it's a good sign that he is also interested in you. Smile as you continue to ask the question and engage in conversation, he knows that you are still interested and that the conversation can continue. Try to go back to what he already told you about himself. This is another way to let him know that you are a good listener and to show your interest in him.

Use name5

Using his name multiple times during a conversation is a great way to establish a more personal connection. In fact, it has been proven that using a person's name when speaking to them makes them feel special. This shows your interest in them and increases their chances of remembering you. But don't overuse. Saying the name at random times will be just weird. Instead, you can try to pronounce his name by commenting on what he has shared about himself. People will remember how you feel about them and how you listened to them.

how to start a conversation
how to start a conversation

If you follow these five easy steps, you can start a conversation with just about any guy you see. Just remember that you are amazing on your own, and when it comes to conversation, remember, this is just conversation. Even if things go badly, this is not the end of the world. There will always be a chance next time!

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