Discrimination Against Men Or Reverse Sexism. What Is It?

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Discrimination Against Men Or Reverse Sexism. What Is It?
Discrimination Against Men Or Reverse Sexism. What Is It?

Video: Discrimination Against Men Or Reverse Sexism. What Is It?

Video: Discrimination Against Men Or Reverse Sexism. What Is It?
Video: Reverse Sexism? 2023, March
reverse sexism
reverse sexism

The phrase discrimination against men or reverse sexism causes laughter in many people, and in particular among representatives of radical feminism. And really, what such persecutions and restrictions are exposed to the male part of the population? In fact, there are more than enough examples of reverse sexism, you just have to delve into this topic.

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  • 1 Masculinity
  • 2 A real man
  • 3 Reproductive rights and the penal code


From time immemorial, society has assigned gender rights and responsibilities to men and women. The term masculinity itself means a set of physical and psychological characteristics that are unique to men. However, assigning a role to a man does not mean that he will be able to fulfill it. Gender stereotypes force a woman to become “dependent” on a man, while the latter is subject to additional responsibilities and demands. Modern society gives the female half of the population the right to make decisions independently, the right to own material assets, the right to participate in the political sphere.

Real guy 2

So, if you ask a girl what a “real man” should, then you can see the following list:

  • The duty to have high physical indicators in the form of strength, endurance and agility (to be able to lift any weight and transport it carefully).
  • Does not allow the disease to limit their legal capacity.
  • To be able to physically crush the opponent, and, accordingly, not be afraid to get "in the face".
  • Strive for independence, be a leader, have a business acumen, be proactive in everything.
a real man
a real man
  • Have your hands in the right place to fix everything from the sink to the modern ultrabook.
  • Have an income sufficient to meet all the needs of the family. Own an apartment, a summer residence, a car.
  • Work, necessarily at a "prestigious" workplace. Career growth is not discussed.
  • A man should not be self-doubting, hesitant or signs of fatigue. This is all a weakness that the stronger sex is not forgiven.

This is not a complete list of the responsibilities of a "real man". But in sum, these very points can often be heard from some supporters of gender stereotypes. The author's criticism does not mean at all that the guy should be weak, cowardly and non-working. It's just that everyone has the right to choose their own way of life, and for this they cannot be stigmatized.

Of course, not all people take such lists for granted. The most reasonable representatives of society will say that this is nonsense. But the very fact of the presence of people who piously believe in a "real man" makes the picture of discrimination against men even more sad.

perfect man
perfect man

The situation is saved by the female part of the population, who forgives their men for some inconsistencies from the ideal template. For the sake of such girls, I want to try to jump above my head and achieve new successes. But public criticism will be in any case.

Reproductive rights and the penal code3

But what if you ask if there is such an article in the Criminal Code as the rape of a male person? It's simple, even the very wording of rape, concerns exclusively women. Isn't this discrimination against men?

There are some more interesting facts:

  • It is the girl who decides to take contraceptives, which allows her to control the decision about pregnancy even without her husband's knowledge. Male contraception is more limited (condom, surgery, hormonal drugs that prevent spermogenesis).
  • The girl decides on childbirth or abortion.
  • Women can pay for artificial insemination from a sperm bank.
discrimination against men
discrimination against men

It is foolish to deny the fact that nature has endowed the male part of the population with great physical capabilities and psychological stability. So in general both sexes are equal. So it might be worth giving all people complete freedom of choice, at least as a social experiment. See how a guy will feel in the role of a pedicure master, or an electrician girl without stinging attacks from other people.

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