TOP 6 Reasons Why Men Leave Women

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TOP 6 Reasons Why Men Leave Women
TOP 6 Reasons Why Men Leave Women

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Video: TOP 6 Reasons Why Men Leave Women
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the girl was thrown
the girl was thrown

If a girl does not have a relationship with the opposite sex and the man runs away one after the other, you should think about whether the reason lies in the woman herself. Namely, in her actions and words. Consider the answers of the guys themselves to the question "Why do men leave me?"

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  • 1 Already unbearable to marry
  • 2 Lost interest
  • 3 Sexual experience
  • 4 Overly intrusive
  • 5 Beauty turns into a monster
  • 6 Plays a role
  • 7 Doesn't see a happy woman nearby
  • 8 Different life goals
  • 9 Trying to change a man

Already unbearable to marry

When a girl has an obsessive desire to make a man hers according to the law and does not hide it. And, on the contrary, by hook or by crook she makes you connect your fate with her - this alarms men. Often they cannot withstand such a pressure.

Lost interest2

No matter how boring the stereotype may sound, a woman should always be a mystery to a man. He is filled with energy from her. If a girl is not versatile, there is simply nothing to talk to her about, and there is monotony in bed. It's not about the IQ level, but about the ability to conduct a conversation, interesting activities and, of course, openness and desire to experiment in sex. The man is simply disappointed and packs his suitcases.

Sexual experience3

Men adore capable ladies and happily make love to them. But after the passions have subsided, they rush to change the object of admiration. If you talk about hundreds of your sexual partners (even about ten), then this is repulsive and does not fit in any way with the image of the future wife or mother of your children.

Overly intrusive4

Such a woman simply does not know how to be silent, she devotes her partner to all the nuances: where she was, what she saw, with whom she talked, how she went to the store, and here you can safely put an infinity sign. A man is not a girlfriend and he cannot withstand so much information. But he can find a more silent companion.

why do men leave
why do men leave

Beauty turns into a monster5

This is just the classic pattern for most relationships. A man meets a woman who looks amazing. For each date, she thinks through her image to the smallest detail, follows the figure. But as soon as the relationship becomes permanent, the girl relaxes and stops taking care of herself, puts on a dressing gown, a stretched T-shirt and no longer attracts a man as a woman.

Plays a role6

It is natural for a guy to like it, the girl shows her best side. She creates the image of a girl's share, admires a man, praises him and fulfills his whims. He says phrases to him: “What an amazing lover you are!”, “You drive a car so professionally!”, “You are such an interesting man!”. According to psychologists, these women conquer the man's heart, because it acts on his most erogenous places.

But after establishing a relationship, she takes off the mask and becomes herself. She turns into a capricious, selfish person who begins to demand, ignore the interests of a man. He understands manipulation and breaks off relationships. The guy wants to be recognized. If he does not feel needed and in demand, his life becomes meaningless.

why men don't like
why men don't like

Doesn't see a happy woman nearby7

Every guy's need to be needed. When an unhappy lady is next to him, it is unbearable for him to be with her. A man should feel significant in the life of a partner, this stimulates him to develop. When a relationship is filled with negativity and eternal problems, it weighs on him. The woman is constantly whining: the weather is bad outside, the colleagues are unbearable. Many of the fairer sex love to take offense and sulk, play the role of a suffering victim. And wait for him to understand everything himself. But the man does not understand and no longer wants to delve into the reasons for the eternal discontent. Constant lamentations scare off men, they decide to withdraw. Guys like positive, funny and light ladies.

Different goals in life8

In the beginning, relationship building, falling in love and physical attraction fills the entire space, and essential moments are ignored. When emotions pass, people realize that they disagree and are moving in different directions. This is one of the most common reasons for a breakup. If partners at the initial stage do not discuss their values, then later it becomes a stumbling block.

Trying to change a man9

When a woman enters into a relationship with a man in the hope that later she will change him, next to her he will become different. She begins to condemn him, push him in the right direction and classically cut. A man does not feel his own space, let alone the admiration he needs. A woman should stop giving advice. The girl wonders why men leave me, I do it with the best intentions to motivate them to change. The man, on the other hand, feels worthless and leaves in search of a more satisfied woman.

change a man
change a man

Finding a soul mate is not an easy task. Of course, sometimes the reasons for parting defy logic. Everything is important in a relationship: compatibility of characters, common interests and values, respect, attention, the ability to compromise. But a smart woman, having answers to the question "why do men leave me?" can find real female happiness.

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